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  1. Yeah, that wasn't near the level of "business exposing" bad as the exploding ring. TV shows use flimsy material to replicate heavy, permanent fixtures and staging on set all the time. I was working on a CW show once (rhymed with Slack Lightning) that had an entire high school set built from balsa wood so guys could go crashing into and through walls. That bump could've been shot better, but for me personally it's not out of the realm of possibility at all that there might be a bunch of cardboard and wood dressed to look like steel. That match was perfect other than that. The IC owed the Pinnac
  2. I’m thinking Spears goes in 1 against Guevara. He and Sammy have been paired off during their brawls. Dax2 & Cash 3.
  3. It feels like Strowman is rapidly approaching that status.
  4. I can't remember which of the youtube triumvirate (whatculture/cultaholic/wrestletalk) podcasts brought it up, but the one way Eva Marie on the main roster could work is if she becomes the anti-4HW. Like, wins the title after gratuitous interference, then brings back the Diva title and only agrees to defend it in lingerie pillow fights & shit. She swears up and down that "this is what fans want to see!" But no one in that writers room can tell a nuanced enough story for that to work the way it should....
  5. Also, I don’t think it bodes well for the health of the booking when I expected Strowman or Lashley to come out and wreck both Gulak and Garza instead of getting a finish. Right now the show seems to be about those two and McIntyre only, and that ain’t good...
  6. The problem is that Eva Marie isnt “over” either. Fans don’t boo her because she’s such a great heel. They bpo her because they don’t want her on screen. Keep caping for the Old Man and Podcast Prichard, though. I guess someone has to tote the water...
  7. Angel Garza is the shit. Firing The Iiconics & Mickie James to bring back Eva Marie is fucking dumb. Shoehorn Charlotte being shoved into another main event is also fucking dumb.
  8. Fucking Podcast Prichard. Multiple Shoehorn Charlotte segments on Raw this week & he can’t find 8 minutes for Ali & Ricochet? Sweet shitseeds those two deserve better. I often talk of a hypothetical list of 5-10 names TK should keep on him at all times of performers he should sign no questions asked if they become available. Those two might be 1-2.
  9. I heard Booker T say once that WWE checked in on him pretty regularly from about mid 1997 on until the purchase of WCW. Someone in the know even joked once that Vince would've spent the 3 million or whatever just to get Booker T. What if he and Stevie Ray come in as Harlem Heat in 1997-98? Do we get the first ever 4 team TLC with the other three mega-worker teams? What would a TLC with Booker doing super athletic shit and Stevie Ray beatin' suckas down even look like? Suckas gotsta know...
  10. Red Velvet is squarely in that "improved their stock 100 fold during the pandemic" camp with Thunder Rosa and Ricky Starks...
  11. I'd like to think that Tony Khan would've talked to someone like Big Swole before committing a single dollar to Tessa Blanchard. Maybe I'm naive, but he's too smart a guy not to have done his due diligence. I'm 100% in favor of someone getting a second chance if they can show change for the positive. TAFKA Big Cass certainly seems to be jumping into his with both feet. If Tessa comes in and is the same piece of shit she was three years ago, she should be shown the door swiftly.
  12. I think I remember a Kevin Nash interview where he said about Bigelow wtte of "Scott was a dick, but he was so good you still wanted him on your team." It would not shock me to find out the Kliq guys put an embargo on working him. Maybe why he turned face, so they could ensure they didn't have to deal with him. Also, as great as Bigelow was, Yokozuna was a cut above, and the fact that Yoko hadn't been around long enough for fans to be familiar with him probably worked to his advantage.
  13. That was fantastic, I won't lie.
  14. I mean, that's basically my top 20, even if the order is different.. I'd try to figure out how to get "Arcade Anarchy" in there, because I really like weird shit like that, but that's basically it. It is crazy how much good shit AEW has put out in 18 months.
  15. Atlanta Braves starter Huascar Ynoa struck out the side in the top of the fourth, then led off the bottom of the fourth with his first career home run. Just shoveling dirt on the Cubbies grave....
  16. Serves me right for not looking and seeing when that ppv actually is...
  17. I'd like to see him at ringside less, but it's probably ok for Dark and Elevation. I think it's wonderful when he comes out with Taya Conti and Silver for prelim singles matches. Does he need to be out there for intense #1 contender tag team matches? No.
  18. You could stick Cage on King & Mox's side and then debut Samoa Joe as their "mystery partner." Makes him a big deal right off the bat.
  19. @S.K.o.S.13:57. I thought that was the most challenging one yet. I look forward to those. Is there somewhere you can go to play more of them?
  20. So, I'm really enjoying Mox and Kingston as a pair, and I hope they do get the Bucks at the next PPV. The only issue I see is that it shouldn't realistically take Mox & King longer than about 47 seconds to dispose of those two dweebs, and we all know the YB are entirely too self-indulgent for that. So I can't decide if I actually want that match to happen or not...
  21. So, I couldn't remember exactly what the significance was, but there was something funny to me about Alexa naming her doll "lilly." Then I remembered something I read once about a figure in some forms of Jewish mythology named Lilith, who was supposedly Adam's first wife. She refused to submit to his authority and then left the Garden of Eden to couple with Samael. Samael, if you remember WAAAAAAAY back to early Bray Wyatt promos in nXt, was the entity Bray called upon to take over Bray's vessel. He even shouts in a very early promo "Samael, he's all yours." Now, ordinarily, I'd chalk all this
  22. Yep, and the first half is shockingly decent before it falls completely off a fucking cliff. Probably why I never finished it in the WWE network thread...
  23. He aint tellin’ you no liiiiiiiiies....
  24. I was listening to the On The Border album, and I forgot the Eagles did a cover of Ol 55 on that record. It got dusty as shit in my office for a few minutes. Also, a couple pages back I saw some people list Spears as one of the folks AEW could get rid of to make room for new signees. Some of y'all need a reality check. Spears isn't going anywhere. He's involved in the #1 angle on the show right now, and the people making those decisions seem to think he's the Barry Windham of that group. He isn't, he's Kendall on his best day, but they think he is. If Cassie comes to AEW, it'll be
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