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  1. In the Instagram post he said every week he does several sessions of rehab, dry needling and therapy to be able to walk and compete. So in the case of that post he gives them equal weight, which is what I’m going off of. If he’s said differently elsewhere I haven’t seen or heard it.
  2. In the Instagram post he did a the other week he mentioned rehab and physical therapy as well for his back.
  3. Malakai Black posted stuff on his Instagram, and partly spoke about how all the talk about his mental health and him wanting to leave AEW because of it didn’t come from him and wasn’t the reason. If it wasn’t for all the other stuff that’s been happening I wouldn’t think much of it but it’s pretty suspicious. it seems AEW has a big problem in the locker room with people spreading lies or misrepresenting the truth. TK needs to get control of his company because the past few weeks have really shown that the locker room has become a real political mess. I don’t think it’s WCW bad yet but there definitely seems to be people there causing division. I think Punk and the Elite have both acted like children during this situation. And there needs to be changes how the company works if Cody was driven out, the EVPs and the biggest signing of company’s history are literally fighting, and rumors being leaked out to “reporters” .
  4. My local Meijer had a couple Dax Harwood figures last week I could get one and send it to Colt I’d they’re still there
  5. Change SANADA to Shingo and I’m all for LiJ as trios champs
  6. Sports Illustrated has reported that The Bucks, Omega, Daniels, Pat Buck and Nakazawa have all been suspended but didn’t say how long. Ace and Punk, it was said, will be suspended or fired by the end of today.
  7. Wrestling needs more J-Roc’s nawmsayin’
  8. Also meant to add that I think Okada’s run is closing sooner than most think. I wouldn’t be surprised if TK and HHH get into a bidding war for him that NJPW won’t be able to compete in.
  9. The dojo produced Jay White who is amazing and could be the guy after Okada if NJPW is willing to have some on who isn’t Japanese as the guy at least until Shota is ready for the top slot. It’s sad that the booking has been so stale feeling. I was planning on renewing my subscription to World for the G1 but have just been following the results and have not missed it like I thought I would. The G1 has been the highlight of my wrestling year since I could watch it in real-time with World and now my feelings are just sounds alright but I don’t think I’m missing much
  10. That kept me from being a DDP fan for quite a while. I knew he was fun to watch and the diamond cutter was the bees knees but God that was so lame and he kept throwing it out there.
  11. Vince is gonna be booking CYN by the end of the year. EC3 will be stuck in catering (a few bags of old Hardee’s burgers on a card table) again.
  12. Muraco’s Irish whips were a testament to his mighty strength. If he did a full Irish whip he would have sent his opponent right through the ropes
  13. A lot of the younger women could use some more seasoning in Japan or Mexico. Especially the ones who are on the verge like Abadon, Skye, and Anna Jay (who’ve all been mentioned previously). Private Party would be well served in Japan. Varsity blondes to Mexico to learn to be the sleazy heels they should be. Adam Cole to Mexico so he can work guys his own size such as:
  14. Punk was back with the title after 8 days he missed one whole week of tv. I think Tony is much more patient with angles but I’m still not sure of the MJF stuff is a work or not at this point. And really don’t care cause MJF has lost a lot of his shine to me any way and I don’t care if he comes back or not.
  15. White in the three way title match makes more sense cause it would involve the BC/Elite/UE storyline that has been bubbling. But I’d prefer the four possible guys in singles matches cause three ways are lame 80% of the time
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