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  1. What was the deal with the bottle of rubbing alcohol? It looked like it fell out of the cage somehow and Tay tried to pass it through the fencing to Jericho but it either didn’t fit or they spilled it all.
  2. Sammy is someone who’s absolutely willing to die trying to crack the PWI top ten, so I’m glad TK didn’t let him do something way dumber on top of the cage.
  3. I want to see where the program with Rush and his dress shirt goes.
  4. Mrs. Kingston: Edward, it’s nice that you mention my beautiful eyes so often, but could you not swear on them that you’re going to maim the people at your work all of the time?
  5. If Elon’s not dragged to hell for his tiny submarine coffin idea or the slander against the actual rescuers then no buys, Ron Coward.
  6. I know it’s not for everybody, but Ex and Taz being on their bullshit doing Yes And improv on Dark is one of my favorite things in AEW. The mental image of Taz in Amber Nova’s boots looking like Connery in Zardoz will be with me all day.
  7. I didn’t mind the last one. I didn’t mind the Feig one. I just like Ghostbusters.
  8. I think it’s a missed opportunity if Claudio doesn’t start the match ambushing one of the JAS disguised as the cameraman.
  9. I forgot part of Harry’s Code was sexual coercion.
  10. We’ve infantilized ourselves to combat trauma and helplessness, and no one believes that anything is ever going to be better than it used to be in any aspect of culture or the world at large.
  11. “If it’ll make you feel better you can hit me. I’ll give you one shot.”
  12. Derrickson apparently left Multiverse of Madness after having a breakthrough about abuse from his childhood (I’m sure the script disagreements didn’t help) and The Black Phone was his way of processing it. Ironically, Raimi’s MoM has Strange recount a story about losing a sibling at young age in a way that’s similar to how Raimi lost his brother Sander, who was the one who got Sam into comics.
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