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  1. Welp, Nikki's one week push was nice while it lasted. The Kross/Lee match was fine but neither guy needs to be losing right now. Alexander and Benjamin went from two guys who were part of the best faction on the show and really having their careers look up to complete jobbers within a few months. Breaking up The Hurt Business was such a boneheaded move.
  2. JK Simmons still has my vote for a Vince portrayal. He basically did already as J. Jonah Jameson and already has the gassed up older guy physique going.
  3. Just finished up last night's GCW show, and holy shit the fan reaction before, during, and after the main event was more heated than anything I've seen in years. This was ECW/oldschool southern territory level of a near riot. It's incredible that someone as mediocre as Matt Cardona (who got Muta scale color on his arm) could garner such a reaction. The rest of the show wasn't the best thing GCW has put out but was pretty solid.
  4. Hasn't Punk always been adamant about having no interest in wrestling again? Why do people suddenly think he's coming back?
  5. If they do any serious plunder spots they can just brawl backstage and do them there. Gage is willing to do just about anything and who knows if Jericho does a Great Sasuke/Ric Flair late in life garbage worker transition. I also realized I could go next week's show, but it's the one day of the month I have to work until 7
  6. I popped for the Nick Gage announcement and enjoyed the Andrade/Death Triangle segment. I'm looking forward to Andrade versus any of the three of them, though I wonder if they're going to do a "are the Lucha Bros going to turn on Pac?" angle in there. They need to let more ESL wrestlers just cut promos in their native languages. Regardless of what they're saying, more often than not they come off more confident and have better body language that I'm more into it than watching them fumble putting something together in English.
  7. Tommy End/Cody announced for the August 4th Dynamite.
  8. He and Low Ki can work eachother in the parking lot before the show.
  9. I actually came here to post that Jungle Boy's match with Angelico from last night's Elevation was really good and deserved to be on Dynamite.
  10. When did the piped in crowd noise gimmick start? Goldberg's initial WCW run?
  11. I thought the show was decent enough, though my standards for the WWE's weekly shows is pretty low. As indifferent as I am towards Cena, he sounded legitimately happy to be there. The trope of part time guys thinking they can come back out of nowhere and get a title shot just by demanding it is stupid. While I get they wanted a pop for their post-ppv Raw, him challenging the champion who isn't even on the show also makes no sense. We'll obviously get a response from Roman and company on Friday, does Cena have to go through the Usos first to earn a shot? Yay Keith Lee coming back. Nay on him losing his first chance out, even if he did look good. I'd have rather him come out and actually get a win but there's still time to do something with him. Goldberg has looked like crap in his comebacks and lost quickly and decisively to Drew a few months ago. There's no reason whatsoever he should be in a position to demand a shot or be seen as a credible threat. Is there some rule Elias has to be in one of those instrument street fights every so often? Those matches always bug me because of how expensive instruments are. Kross looked like an absolute chump in his debut. I'm fine with him as a wrestler, but they took away the things that made him interesting in his entrance with Scarlett and his quickly steamrolling/choking people out. Charlotte and Rhea had another good match followed up by one of the better MITB cash ins that made sense and sent people home happy. I hope Nikki gets a good regin out of it, but am not optimistic.
  12. The women's MITB was decent enough and good for Nikki finally getting some shine. Tag matches were there. I kept expecting Kofi/Lashley to end up like Bryan/Lesnar with Kofi eventually getting some offense in but no, it was just a squash. It seemed like a waste of Kofi given how over he is and how much they hyped this match up. Though it does kind of lead into.. Big E winning the MITB was the right move and a great result of an entertaining match. That was one of the better MITB matches I can recall with a lot of fun stuff going on. Ricochet was a highlight and poor KO died for our sins once again. I'm guessing that Big E goes for revenge for his buddy getting ethered by Lashley. That's fine with me if that's the direction they go in as it could be a fantastic program. Rhea/Charlotte was my match of the night though I don't think Charlotte should have gone over. Main event was meh. I can't bring myself to care about Edge and the match was a total over-long forced epic. The comments about Cena confused me as I turned it off after Edge and Rollins brawled out of the ring. Going back and watching, that was a monster pop though it's been years since Cena delivered a non mailed in performance.
  13. Based on the recent General Car Insurance commercials, his coworkers have encased him in concrete and left him stranded in the forest, so who knows what fate has befallen him.
  14. How many Von Erich kids have gotten into wrestling? What I saw of Marshal and Ross in MLW they were total white meat babyfaces, even when they were heels.
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