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  1. So the discussion doesn't get stuck in this week's Dynamite thread, here is the bracket for the Trios Title Tournament Is Omega ready to return as the Bucks partner or do they opt for Jay White or someone else? The left side is quite a bit more weighted as HOB are the only non-jobbers on the right side.
  2. When they announced a "lucha rules" match between LFI and the Lucha Bros I assumed it was going to be 2/3 falls or at least have leaving the ring count as a tag. Changing it up to a "Tornado Tag" or whatever name they wanted to use as a NHB match right after a coffin match which had pretty much the same stipulation made it less interesting. The main event was the best I've seen Jericho look in a long time. I was kind of hoping he'd use his first WCW theme song though. Post-match angle ruled.
  3. Gable/Ziggler was great and I'd like to see more of Rey/Balor. I can't say I ever cared about Lumis, but a lot of that was probably the absolute horseshit attitude era type comedy storyline he had.
  4. I've always thought they should have stuck with The Narcisist gimmick for longer as that seemed a much better fit for him, especially with Henan as his manager.
  5. Prey was pretty solid, aside form having some Asylum/Syfy Original level CGI and night time scenes that are way too dark. I enjoyed the more primitive design of this particular Yautja and while there's never been that much character development among them in the series, there were some nice parallels done between he and the human lead both being involved in their first hunts/rites of passage. Dodgy CGI aside, the action pieces are gruesomely entertaining and overall it was a nice palate cleanser from the 2018 movie. I will totally die on the hill of Predators being a solid movie.
  6. Was that dumpster match supposed to be a callback to the NAO/Kane and Mankind match featuring a dumpster spot? Ol' Mancer is All Elite. I hope he gets mic time at some point. Are the Bucks supposed to be faces now just by virtue of being attacked and saved by Page? I'm guessing this is the final of the trios tournament or results in one team fucking the other at some point.
  7. With these past two episodes I've gotten the feeling he or his cronies are going to screw up one of their schemes and wind up in prison. Either that or Jeff's mom is going to fear Jeff is getting back into his old habits and call the cops on him, or perhaps discover Gene's true identity via Chekov's laptop. When Jeff previously showed up he had that laconic attitude with underlying menace similar to Lalo and I kept expecting him to be an associate someone Saul/Walt had crossed in Albuquerque but now he's just some run of the mill schmuck. I still wonder if the trouble in New Mexico his mother alluded to is revealed. These Omaha episodes have definitely felt like something that should have taken place earlier in the series and not a few episodes before the finale, but I trust the showrunners enough to see whatever their final vision is. Did anyone else get the impression Gene is broke or at least getting close to it based on that phone call at the beginning? Between his vacuum cleaner bill and making payouts to those he felt he owed (see parallel to Mike paying off his former associates who ended up in jail) he needs a cash infusion. That and he missed running schemes. Maybe he gets arrested and gets to be Saul one more time acting in his own defense?
  8. Between Io/Bianca and Styles/Ciampa there was some good stuff in-ring this week. Maybe it was the interjection of Bayley's new stable but this felt less bland and a re-shuffling of the same couple wrestlers that are there every week. There isn't going to be a complete reboot like that time in WCW when Russo showed up but if the changes this week were HHH's doing then I'm looking forward to it incrementally getting better.
  9. My favorite Dusty commentary was on WCW Worldwide, especially the way he would mark out for the jobbers. The energy Taz has on AEW Dark kind of reminds me of that, in that you could tell they were just enjoying themselves.
  10. As bland as WWE has been for a long time now, I enjoyed this a lot more than I'd expected to. I don't know how much of this was Vince not having his hand in it or what, but this was a step in the right direction. Bianca/Becky was easily the MOTN. There were a few awkward sequences at the beginning, but once the match got going they were really clicking on all counts. The right person won and everyone looked good here. Bayley's return was nice, and things got even more interesting when Io and Dakota showed up (had they been released previously or what?). I don't know what sort of athletic background Logan Paul has, but if you'd told me he was a member of the roster or had been called up from developmental I would have believed it. That was probably the best match featuring a celebrity/non-wrestler that I can remember. Speaking of which, Pat McAfee looked good once again. If he'd decided to go into wrestling instead of announcing post-NFL he could have had a good career. The Usos/SPs have wrestled so many times it's kind of meaningless now. I don't get why the Profits didn't go over as this was what I'd assume was the final match between the two, unless they just want this feud to go on in perpetuity. They haven't heated any other teams up so I don't know what happens from here. Liv/Rhonda was fine. I like the members of Judgement Day and even though Edge has unfinished business with them I have no desire to see him wrestle again. The main event was pretty much the clusterfuck that was expected. It's time for them to heat up someone who isn't Drew McIntyre to finally take the belt off Roman.
  11. Another installment in the V/H/S series (V/H/S/99) is coming out this fall. The last installment was way better than I expected so here's hoping this one continues that upward momentum.
  12. This was a great show overall though putting a themed name on every episode of Dynamite is getting kind of old. If you try and make every episode special then no one is. That being said there was a lot of good wrestling here. I'm not as high on Moxley as most people, but the bout with Rush was a fantastic piss beater of a match. Rush is such an incredibly physical guy and meshed well with Moxley's style. I'd like to see them wrestle in Mexico just to see what kind of reaction Moxley would get there. I hope they save the inevitable Lucha Bros/LFI match for a PPV so they get ample time. Or since the trios titles are a thing now maybe Pac and Dragon Lee get involved. I like flippy shit but Sammy/Dante had almost too much flips for the sake of flips. They hit everything crisp and few people can pull off high flying moves with as much finesse as these guys can. Their partners being ringside brought another dimension to it without taking away from the match. As much as I'd like Danhausen to get to actually wrestle as he's perfectly capable, I get why they booked this sequence the way they did. Is Starks supposed to be the face in all this? They did try and make him somewhat sympathetic with the post match promo and beatdown, but Starks is such a natural douchebag heel it's hard to take him seriously as a face. The women's match started off pretty ugly and got a bit better, but wasn't as good as it probably could have been. That cyclone suplex Miyu hit was nice. Bryan/Garcia was good though I would have liked it being longer. The injury spot kinda made it drag for me but I understand that was part of the story. Earlier today I finally finished watching this year's BOLA and that combined with the end of this match shows just what a future star Garcia is.
  13. Advertised for tonight's NXT: Diamond Mine vs Tony D’Angelo’s crew Apollo Crews vs Xyon Quinn Wes Lee vs Grayson Waller
  14. I respect Tony's ambition but he's just got too many irons in the fire. It also sounds like he's too concerned with being seen as one of the boys and doesn't want to be the bad guy. Unfortunately being in a position of management means that you occasionally have to do just that as far as letting guys know you don't have the place for them that they want, or maybe not a place at all. Having the backstage atmosphere be a positive place people like to be and giving wrestlers latitude to do what they want comes with the price of people wanting spots on the card or angles that just don't work out for the bigger picture. Avoiding people and hoping they'll just stop showing up when you stop paying them instead of just flat out telling them they're future endeavored isn't a way to run things. Tony just needs to put together a committee that shares his vision (providing he has one) for ROH and just step back and concentrate on his other projects. Let them handle the booking and operations and run things by him periodically to sign off or whatever. You've got Sonjay and Daniels there who are well suited to the role and bringing Delirous back is also an option. You know who else I'd bring in for the back end of things? Jimmy Jacobs. He's a veteran who was around for the boom period, was on WWE creative (I don't know what ideas were his, but he obviously knows how to be part of a writing committee) and is a really creative guy. He'd be a good asset backstage.
  15. I'd put this as my best PPV of the year so far as it didn't have near as much filler as the AEW PPVs have had. The main card was a tight three hours and didn't have any pacing issues.
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