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  1. I just watched Part 2 of the Pillman story and it reminded me of how uncomfortable Melanie's interview on Raw was. I remember changing the channel of the second hand discomfort I got from it. She says she wasn't pressured into doing it, but this episode has shown she's not exactly a reliable narrator.
  2. I remember reading through the PWI 500 throughout the late 90s and being really surprised when I saw wrestlers with billed weights under 200.
  3. Meh. This feud should have gone 6+ months and had this as the blow off on a PPV. Half of the match being picture in picture really killed a lot of the heat for me as well. The control segments were way too uneven and I wasn't a fan of the ending.
  4. So they got rid of the Iconics, Chelsea Green, and Mickie James and bring back Eva Marie? That's just....no... I was actually looking forward to seeing Gulak against Angel Garza as I bet they could put a terrific match together, but it ended up being a squash. Garza looked good but Gulak deserves better than that. Speaking of people who deserve better, I thought Humberto was finally going to get one up on Sheamus, but he ends up getting thrashed yet again.
  5. A good question considering he'll probably be defending it against John Cena who is hot off a Royal Rumble win.
  6. That spot isn't any more asinine than the people's elbow or the worm.
  7. End of the above mentioned Dante Leon/Ninja Mack match
  8. What if Mongo didn't go to the NFL or didn't play for as long, and became a wrestler instead? If he gets into the business in the early 80s, does he become a better worker and start in World Class, considering he was from Texas?
  9. The DDP Yoga feature that showed him getting clean was pretty uplifting.
  10. This is awful. He had a huge wealth of knowledge on such a large variety of topics and always had stories to related to just about everything. He clearly had a boundless curiosity and always tried to comprehend other viewpoints, even when they were opposed to his own. I kind of feel bad that I never got around to reading any of his work, even though it struck me as stuff I'd enjoy.
  11. Jason Jordan has been promoted to the lead producer for both RAW and Smackdown, taking over for duties formerly performed by John Laurinaitis.
  12. I'd never seen Ramier before but she was good for being green. Grimes' bits were funny, especially with the Ted cameo. The Way stuff isn't bad but just does nothing for me. I think all the goodwill Gargano had with me is gone from how overexposed he's been the past year or two. Martinez/Kai was solid and the main event was terrific.
  13. If they're going to add a third singles title then either that or the TNT title should be primarily defended on the main event of Dark or Elevation to help establish the standing of the belts. It might get a few more eyes on those shows as well.
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