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  1. Best bet here would be taping Rampage during 9-10, doing BOTB in Rampage's spot live. Doing BOTB AFTER Rampage, both live is going to have that crowd dead by midnight unfortunately. As someone who attended the last BOTB, it'd be worth taking the hit on 9-10 competition live for Rampage because no matter what you'd have them tuning in for BOTB at 10.
  2. I swore I saw a post stating it was being shifted.
  3. They're actually going to air Rampage at 9 and Battle of the Belts at 10 in the normal Rampage spot. Bold (and smart) play!
  4. it would've gone to Bandido/Jericho but Willow/Hayter really brought it
  5. Get a super sized version. Riho Grande.
  6. That triple threat tag might've been one of the best tag matches AEW has had that didn't feature Best Friends/Bucks/Lucha Bros in any form.
  7. I want the match too for what it's worth.
  8. Vile I don't want to argue with you but you might be conflating your dislike of Nese with him being a bad signing because I've got to disagree. He has really settled into a nice gatekeeper to the Midcard and the team with Josh Woods has definitely increased his stock. I have to agree that the first month or two of him being there though he was lost in the shuffle.
  9. I agree with you Zakk, all things considered. I liked everyone coming out, lets you see people who show infrequently all at once to refresh the watcher who only watches Dynamite/Rampage and not the Youtube shows of who've we got. It's a start to get more than one or two women on. We should be farther along but this is fresh staff in creative and they're finding their footing.
  10. It did have some ROH Unscripted II vibes (that was the event on Long Island where we got hit by a blizzard and CM Punk was able to show up somehow for a one off return after the Summer of Punk)
  11. That world team is aces except for Ivelisse
  12. Miyu Yamashita beat Thunder Rosa in a Championship Eliminator during Rosa's TJPW trip and got her title match on Dynamite.
  13. You know her last run as Smackdown GM was pretty good, she only got fired because Baron Corbin was so bad at his job as RAW GM
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