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  1. Andersson was in WCW for a bit back in '94, but I never saw his matches there, only read about him in WCW magazine. I did see a couple of his matches from NJPW. Those were tag matches. It would have been cool to see him face Tony Halme over there, but I'm not at all sure if they were even on the roster at same time for that to happen. What I saw was decent, but judging by the hype and photos from the magazine, I was expecting more from him. These clips are better that what I seem to recall.
  2. Yes, Mr. Monsoon, right away, Sir!
  3. I like the idea of Valentine & Taylor as a tag team, but as I've mentioned before on the pictures thread, it was a huge dissapointment to me that Taylor wasn't wearing robes at this point, so they indeed ended up looking nothing like a tag team, much less like champions. Many of the WCW PPV's of this era open with a Freebirds match and thusly I usually fall asleep during the opener and end up missing most of the good stuff. The main event shows the tremendeous depth of the face side roster, as you have 5 guys who you could have challenge for any title at any time, and you can see that Dangerous Alliance can hang with them until it's time to send Eaton and Larry in. As good as those guys were, they ended up being no match for the top guys, once the sides evened up. The level of talent in the main event is crazy, but it shows on the undercard, as there are matches that may not have made the card had not most of the main eventers not been jammed into one match.
  4. Totally was expecting that to be happening straight away!
  5. That's very cool, but what is Gorilla Monsoon doing there between Al Snow and Hangman Page? Not that adding a random pic of Monsoon would make anything LESS cool, but still...
  6. I'm still mad at that and would like to fire Canyon Cemen again over it!
  7. To be honest, he also parties way to much, but I think that one was still reserved for the drunk cowboy.
  8. On the topic of themes, today I added the new FTR theme, as well as Christian Cage's one to my Spotify Gym playlists (different playlists, however). Neither one played during the workout yet, but they are there, waiting.
  9. Yeah, guys. I'm just going to give you a heads up, that I am about to get REALLY annoying talking about Ivy Nile and Zoe Stark facing each other, every F'n week, until I get to actually see it! Every week! You have been warned.
  10. Not quite sure if I go tomorrow, but I'm 3 workouts in this week and they have all been good. Monday started with total of 8 rounds of pull-up, dip, reverse shrug combo. Starting with 77 lbs on all. 3 rounds of that, then 55, 44 etc, until 11 lbs remained. After that, chest flies, 3 different grip lat pull downs and pushdowns with the resistance band 3 drop sets of each. Abs, and that's it. We finally got 2 more 55 lb (25kg) plates, so on Tuesday I could finally go heavier than 451 on trapbar. First time since late 2018, I think? So, it went 10×140, 10x242, 8x286, 6×352, 2x396 (without Versas, went for a third, but it would have slipped, so I didn't complete), then 5x451 and 3x5x473. Then a bunch of shrugs, abs and done. Yesterday was off, due to life. Today was bench. We took turns with a co-worker, so we had a spotter. I did a few sets of lat pulldowns to the front with 88, 132, 176, 132, 154, 132 before the bench and some between the sets. My bench was as follows: 3x154, 5x198, 5x220, 5x242, 3x264, 1x297 (and two ugly-ass partials, too) 10x253, 16x220 (went for 17, but needed a spotter to complete) and 21x154. Some curls with a pair 55 lb plates (w/ grip handles) and some more with a pair of 22's. Abs and I'm done. So yeah, good week. A new bench record, a clean rep with 297, and the sets with 253 and 220 also had more reps than (or as many as) I've ever done. Also, the trapbar went wonderfully, as I need to start going up to 473 each time out from now on. Even if I skip tomorrow, this still rocked! ...didn't skip today, but did just light squats on the machine as well as calves and a bunch of preacher curls with the EZ bar doing 12 reps per set with 40, 62, 3 sets with 84, then back down to 62 and 40. Then some side delts and abs to finish off the week.
  11. This was among the best Doink matches I've seen back in the day, although I haven't seen all three of the Mr. Perfect King of the Ring qualifiers.
  12. And Roman doesn't even throw suplexes. Or is he just exorcising Brock's suplexes? What does he chant during it? "The power of the punch compells you?"
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