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  1. Yeah, really! It's like, "David, do you know what the word 'hot' actually means?"
  2. Absolutely, I don't think there's a way around that!
  3. No. He had that cast for a little bit and all those times he was out of action due to a WarGames beat down etc. were for storyline purposes, so those wouldn't add anything, so I really don't think he did. He was always there, even when you didn't especially want him to!
  4. "I did, but the skinny little SOB was hardly ever missing time, so it didn't really amount to that much. He was on TV like, all...the...time!
  5. He would still have to wait until Windham, Luger and Sid are picked up, at least, so probably not in a little while, just yet.
  6. If this was the other fed's thread, the first statement is something you do NOT hear often! The second statement, I can see happening, however.
  7. That's actually a pretty good little detail!
  8. There are not very many other NXT superstars that have been pushed or protected more than Cole since his arrival. Also, he has lost enough matches to show that he can still stay over and be a threat with proper booking. The odds are that the idea was for him to put over KOR whether he stays or decides to move on. Now they won't even have enough time to bury him. I'm sure WWE appreciated him telling them what the situation was and he's in really lucky spot at this point, as far as options go. If I were him, though, I would not trust WWE not to punish me severely, if I would decide to stay and sign a new contract with them. They were exposed as completely inept and I'm afraid somehow Cole will be paying for it, even if he tried to do the cordial thing and let them know that his contract already expired. He has been treated exceptionally well up to this point, maybe the best thing for him would be to cash out while he is ahead, and move on to wherever, with his reputation and image well intact. He could indeed show up somewhere else with a couple of tv main event victories from just a few weeks prior under his belt. Not very often people get to do that!
  9. Sure, but the shows themselves and how they come off are there to amuse Vince (he gets enough money from just putting on whatever at this point) and those chants have a tiny chance of ruining his mood for the night. That miniscule chance may be enough for those who like to purchase a ticket in order to hate-watch something in person. The odds of it changing a damn thing are next to non-existant, but maybe he could get so worked up about it, his head (or heart) might explode one of these days?
  10. One would think that a company at this level, with a roster (at least until recently) this huge would at the very least have a damn spreadsheet in which everyone's current deal's expiration dates are clearly marked and someone is getting paid to update it as needed and constantly keep tabs on it, but I see that is not the case. Or if it is, then as was noted before, someone's about to become another budget cut.
  11. That's not a pizza cutter, THIS is a pizza cutter! Yeah, that one would do some serious damage!
  12. If I had to guess, then yeah, absolutely. This is exactly what this is. Time will tell if it actually is or not!
  13. I have seriously only seen Kojima as a young boy, but I am aware that he turned into a BAMF! I think I should be really damn excited about this match, right? This will kick ass , right ?
  14. Remember a few pages ago when I was talking about breaking records and how it is hard at this point? I said I was going to try to do 100 push-ups in a row and got around to 70-75 within a few days but didn't get much further than that, and never updated my progress after that. Well, yesterday, I did 100 push ups in a row. Within 5 sets I did 320 push ups altogether. I thought that was pretty badass!
  15. This is a valuable and very important piece of information, but also, I'm pretty sure this topic is about at what point the other partner started using EVEN MORE gear than their team mate used to do! But still, I appreciate the input.
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