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  1. Maxx Payne did, in fact, not win the tag titles, as it was Cactus and Kevin Sullivan, who beat Nasties in '94, so your first post was correct!
  2. As far as talking about wrestling to people goes, there are people with whom I talk about it and those that I won't. It's funny that there were some people at work with at least a passing interest in wrestling and I had no idea. In general conversation, I may drop lines like "get drunk and watch WWE Network on my couch", just to probe people out, so to speak.
  3. Should be well worth the drive, I'd suspect.
  4. If I were Xia Brookside and the offer was "Well, you can fight Meiko Satomura next week, or not at all", I'd probably be all like " Can I have 'not at all' for a 100, please, Sid. Thanks!"
  5. Having it define a style instead of a weight limit, like the X-division title on Impact/TNA, is not the worst idea, at all.
  6. That would have been par for the course, but luckily, I only did that internally. There was a bunch of comical flexing going on, when I tried the small clothes on, however. Along with plenty of "See, I...can...still...wear...this...* phew* "
  7. Cleaning out my closet last weekend and had to throw out about 30% of my stuff because they wouldn't fit anymore. Not from the waist, but around the chest, or thighs. This included some of the stuff I wore at our wedding. I was bummed out because a lot of the clothes were otherwise OK, if not the kind of stuff good enough to donate to goodwill (over here, anyway). My wife, trying to cheer me up, pondered the following: "When someone won't fit into their wedding clothes because they gained 45 lbs, how often do you think it's because of gaining muscle?" I was OK after that.
  8. Whoo-boy, Anthony Sincere screwing Pete Dunne out of the victory, letting Carmelo "Michael P.O.S" Hayes retain! Johnny ate the pin and likely will at WarGames as well. Maybe whoever pins him also beats him in a loser leaves NXT the following Tuesday? Well, I guess it could be Bron and that would lead to the obvious rematch against Ciampa. LA Knight switched sides with basically no notice. But if this is indeed New School vs Old Guard, instead of face vs heel, then it doesn't really matter. Gacy vs Strong is a weird heel vs heel stuff, unless Diamond Mine is so cool that they are about to turn face or at least tweener? Cora Jade has beaten a bunch of big names already with an upset roll-up! The 1-2-3 Chick of NXT 2.0?
  9. @Gordberg Thanks for the interest in my dietary habits, I'm not sure if I'd recommend my diet for anyone looking for a long(er) term lifestyle change in terms of their eating habits, but I'll be happy to share, as usual! During my spring and summer diet I simply try to shift into the heathier option in everything I digest all year round and try to cut out the most unhealthy options out completely, for awhile. Things like eggs, chicken breast, tuna, fat-free cottage cheese, low fat feta cheese, kiwis, avocados, salad with all the fresh summer vegetables, green tea, boiled potatoes. Also, in Finland, rapeseed oil is readily available in every food store, and despite the offensive name, it has a wonderful ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 9's. I add that to pretty much everything, all year around. Also, as much as it pains to admit it, significantly cutting back on the times of consuming alcohol HAS had a positive effect in my body composition over the past two plus years. So that can't be stressed enough, if you feel like that's something you can cut back on, it's a huge amount of empty calories, right there! Timing of meals is also important, in so much as doing a cardio before breakfast and eating only after you start getting hungry for real, avoiding snacks and having actual, small meals throughout the day. Checking the labels for healthier options can be a chore, but cooking your own meals with healthy ingredients helps a lot, when trying to maintain a reasonably healthy diet. If you have enough room in your freezer, you can make a bunch of ready to defrost meals, which saves both time and minimizes wasting food. While you definitely CAN have too much lean protein, it's pretty hard to have too much fresh (or frozen) vegetables and greens. Adding those to your diet as much as possible can only help. Protein does keep the feeling of hunger away better than carbs or fat does and body uses more energy in order to digest protein, so you can eat more high protein foods, quantity-wise, but overdoing it is probably not the way to go. I'm trying to not get crazy with that these days, but I certainly overdid it for several years. Between meals, keep active. As much as you can. Take the "harder" option in everything. Even small things add up over time. Also, trying to get enough sleep and maintaining a reasonable stress-levels is very important as far as keeping your cortisol-levels somewhat in check. I have NO room to talk about this, as I'm a giant ball of stress a lot of the time, but I work on it, as much as I can (not CAN, more like "feel like"). I hope this helps. I'm not really the guy to take tips from, as I started out at 140 lbs, being already kinda ripped, but scrawny-ass young adult, when I started the current way of living, long before the working out actually came back into the picture. If you have any more, more specific questions, I will do my best to give you more info. Oh, and whatever you decide to do with your dietary habits, they shouldn't ever feel so strict that you'll go: "You know what? Fuck this shit, I'll go back to eating whatever I want, whenever I want! This shit is not worth it!" Avoid that at all cost.
  10. Damn! Sorry to hear that. Let's hope nothing inside you broke or got seriously damaged due to the fall (physically, obviously). Hope you'll feel better, soon enough! Now is the time to remember the awesome words of encouragement The Hitman himself sent you! This will be just one more thing for you to bounce back from!
  11. The tag line of the movie might as well be "We might have an inner ear problem here!"
  12. This looks like a perfect place for that one meme. "You say I looked like 12, when I was in a Eddie Murphy movie" "I was 25 when Eddie Murphy was in a movie with me" "We are not the same"
  13. GB's not a thing anymore? Damn. Is he still alive, though?
  14. I must have missed the Bluechew logo somewhere in that picture... I didn't realize it was an ad.
  15. Shit, that would be, like, fast approaching the standard level of 2021 global misogyny! And it was probably an outrageous character at the time!
  16. This would have been a spit-take worthy, too bad I wasn't drinking anything when I read it! Top marks!
  17. Now this is some premium long-term planning right here! As for myself, I'm all about intelligent humor (not, classy, mind you) and since I liked the first two Sharknado movies quite a bit and then thought of a shartnado and wondered if someone had already thought of it first? So, I had to use it somewhere, and actually did register as that for a charity biking thingy at work one spring. When I finally decided to register here, I figured it would be as good as anything I could think up, and thus Shartnado was released!
  18. Yeah, Squats and calf raises all the way to hell, as promised. A little bit heavier than last few times, too! Had to bike only half way back and got a ride home by car. Well, all the snow was still waiting for us, when we got home, so that took another 45 minutes to clear up. Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow. Oh, and I made a Black Friday purchase of a bunch of supplements, so I'll be all geared up for next spring well in advance.
  19. Three workouts in, one more to go. I did bench again on Monday. Additional moves were lat pulldowns on the machine, chest flies and light curls. I went up to 286 pretty quickly, warm up pyramid was 3x198, 5x242, 5x258, 3x275. I asked a co-worker who happened to walk by to spot me on 286, so I could do a clean 1, but few others gathered around to peek over the fence, so after I did the one, I just continued. I stopped at 4 or 5 without the actual need for the spotter. The last couple of reps weren't clean, but still pretty good. So, I guess the audience helps, sometimes. Well, after a set like that there was no point in trying anything heavier, so I go back down to 275 and get 4. The same with 264, so the 286 really took it out of me. 253 and 242 go around 5 and 220 maybe 7 good reps. Then some pumping with 11x198 and 17x132. Tuesday was trapbar and since there were two of us with the same idea, it worked out nicely. I missed the first couple of warm-up sets, but I did 15×140 with the kettlebells and jumped in at 275. So, 8x275, 5x341, 5x385, 5x430, 7, 4 and 4x473, 5 and 5x451. As usual, shrugs while unloading. Total of 25 reps with 400+ was pretty damn nice, as I wasn't expecting anything special. I guess the competition helped. Today, I did the dips and reverse shrugs with 66 lbs, 5 sets each. Then low incline dumbell bench press with lat pulldown combos with the resistance bands in between sets. Then plenty of light side delt work and pushdowns with the resistance band. Tomorrow, hopefully the squat machine and calves. I have the Friday off, so long weekend. Next week, I'll have my first sports massage session in about 22 months, on Wednesday. Here's to hoping that such close contact will be safe-ish to resume on a more regular basis again, next year. If tomorrow goes ok, this was definitely a good week. The weather was decent until Thursday morning, as a fucking blizzard (relatively speaking) said "fuck your leg day!" Took me an hour to get to work. Well, I'm still doing the squat machine today, but still, this was a shitty surprise!
  20. Yeah, that was definitely one, and having Bret actually pull off the upset over Dibiase would have been the other.
  21. Wow! Well, if anyone needed one more reason to hate guy...
  22. I feel as if the concept peaked in the 80's. Had Windham and Tully made it to their respective matches, then the '89 Series could have been the pinnacle. 1991 could have been more than it was if Sid wasn't injured OR Savage and Jake weren't removed from the match Sid was supposed to be in. The 1990 version is memorable for a few reasons, but the Ultimate Survivor match ultimately (pun intended) ended up messing a few matches up, as far as more logical or at least satisfying booking, as far as endings go.
  23. Damn, ALL that and the other 4 year stretch, too!
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