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  1. Hehe, being pretty unaware of many things MMA, I always just figured that move was named after Kengo Kimura, of whom I've seen like one match ever and never used a double wristlock in that match. I think he used a move of which you weren't sure whether it was a dropkick or a flying headbutt? So, I learned something new today.
  2. Has there been any news on Keith Lee recently? Is he still getting over the aftermath of his bout with COVID-19 or does Vince still not "get" him, or da fuq?
  3. You don't get to hear THAT every day, that's for sure!
  4. Two weeks into the diet, the new profile pic shows where I'm at. Taken straight after a 30 minute home workout. Water and moisturizer used for shine and photo editor to change the shade to more impressive. No other alterations made.
  5. Billy? Or did you mean actual Grahams? That I couldn't tell you. ...and Mister TV beats me to the punch.
  6. No, and not only that, they expect it back, WASHED!
  7. I'm not exactly sure what a sinus migrane is, in all it's glory, but if wearing a mask seems to help lessen their frequency, then yeah, absolutely!
  8. Or Arn and Ole... and was it Gene or Lars? Only one of the bunch was an actual Anderson, if I understood correctly? But yeah, I see what you ment.
  9. Week isn't quite done yet, but I'll update now, as it will not likely change much, anyway. Jogging and stairclimbing has pretty much turned into running and stairjogging inside one week. What took me 40 minutes (it's about 5km) at the start takes slightly over 30 minutes now. I'm liking it. The weight is at 182 and it's unlikely to go further down this week. Last update I said that jacked has left, but ripped hasn't arrived yet, but this just in: Ripped has entered the arena. Not where it's supposed to be, but obviously heading to the right direction. 4 workouts so far this week, wit
  10. Does this mean her "Third Party" endeavours are finished and she came to the conclusion that unions are bad , m'kay? Very glad to see her get her job back, if that's what she wants, though!
  11. What? Nooooo! I mean Josephus dying was already terrible enough, now you are telling me that Question Mark has also passed. Mongrovia will never be the same again, sadly.
  12. You'd think they still have large enough roster that everyone who "isn't used" could take turns in putting over the pushed talent. In such a way that no one would get beaten on tv every week, but change the guys eating the pinfalls constantly, so that everyone gets at least some screen time every couple of weeks or so. Heyman did it and I thought it was the right move. So, of course, he's removed quickly. Well, the roster is smaller than it was then, I think?
  13. All of that sounds fucked up, but as far this goes, the threat of actual communism was what made Finland try and model itself somewhat similarly to other Nordic countries and thus our strong roots in social democracy were established. Communism is fucked, because no one has ever had any interest in actually trying to make it work. But the threat of it next door sprung up social democracy and with all of its faults, it's definitely one of the more humane ways to run a society. You (The U.S.) could always try and make your own, better version of it!
  14. Welcome to the nightmare! It's not that bad, actually. Not exactly The Good Place, but far, far removed from the Bad Place in any case!
  15. You are right, everything about that screams "DON'T GOOGLE THAT!!!"
  16. Jeff isn't exactly the kind to learn from one mistake, so it does make sense that he would fall victim to exact same thing as before, if you think about it.
  17. I know this to be true and feel the same way about it. Didn't think anything of it when I was younger, however.
  18. He WAS indeed billed at 302 until at least WM V, then maybe in '90 they started billing him 303, just around the time he started actually getting smaller. I don't remember if he was still billed 302 against Warrior, but definitely 303 against Slaughter. It's pretty weird. I guess he had gains at some point? Also to answer Yo Yo's Roomie. I remember Taker at 328, but Savage was billed 243 for at least since Macho King era, 238 before that.
  19. 30 years, eh? Let me count... yup, that's pretty much exactly where I'd want it to be, so great job, Blood and Guts!
  20. Like that South Park episode, where Cartman wins a bet and then rolls in ten one dollar bills all the while moaning "Kyle's money! Kyle's money!"
  21. How about one time former transitional world champion?
  22. I wonder if he took it easy for his birthday as well? Referring to that interview by I forget whom, who said when he asked Taue about his ideas of what he wanted to do in their upcoming match, the answer was "take it easy" (said while smoking a cigarette).
  23. Damn straight! Except for that mohawk guy, fuck him! ...just kidding, but still!
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