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  1. Until I have purchased AEW's PPV back catalogue on FITE, I prefer 4 PPV's a year at the moment.
  2. Man, what a sweet episode once again! I get to see Matthews in action, Big Damo comes in, Statlander advances, Toni Storm makes serious threats to Britt's dentures, Bowen's injury explained, FTR vs Roppongi Vice coming up, big brawl with BCC and JAS to end it! Good times. Was Sting written off for a bit? It sure seemed like it last week. Hey, it's good thing that Lambert put the extra TNT-title into a trophy case, so Scorpio can just tell him to fetch that, right? Where is this going, other than a tag match at the very least? Anna Jay getting to challenge Jade again was a bit out of the left field there, but considering how the last match went, maybe she deserves another crack at it? I mean, c'mon! We're getting FTR vs Roppongi Vice now? Considering how hot Bucks vs FTR and Bucks vs Roppongi was, this should F'n rule, too! I mean sure, it's not something you only get to see once in a lifetime if you're lucky, like Brock vs Roman (well, more, if you're not so lucky), but that is still like such a nice gift to the fans! There's just no way you can't at least say that you get some FRESH matches every week! ...Oh, and Hookhausen and Nesterling (?!?) getting ready for their match was pretty grueling, too! I said it's gonna end badly for someone! We'll see which one?
  3. Not that he did it better, but Jobbo B. Ware also had the blond hair (and blue/multi-colored sideburns) from lateish '89 to '91(?) in WWF.
  4. Wow, it's certainly been a week. Three workouts, three jogs/runs and seven workdays (two of which were nights) so far. All workouts were intended to be mostly heavy stuff, but I gave the trapbar a miss this week and opted for squat machine instead, going as far as doing a few sad partial reps with something like 400lbs (using the chains as an extra weight) but doing better stuff with 345 and 320. Early in the week I did 2 rounds of pull-up, dip reverse shrugs with 88lbs of extra weight (but being like 11lbs lighter myself now, that's only 77lbs of actual EXTRA weight) but changed that into the more usual 66lbs after that. Everything else was the usual stuff. Bench was nothing special at all. Seems like anything from 275 and up is not really happening for the time being, but I try to keep it around there for as long as I can. The week has been a disaster workwise, and working the weekend left me with very little progress to show for it, but these were mostly things beyond my control, so I'm just happy with the extra pay. That also means some 25 or so miles of extra biking I did to get there and back, this week. Yesterday morning, after only few hours of sleep, I did start to see the results of the pretty extreme version of the diet this year, so that was fun. In the early hours of this morning I went to the town on the complimentary pizza my employer kindly provided for the weekend workers, so that should take care of that shredded look, but it should also jump-start my metabolism, which I could already feel slowing down only after two weeks into the diet. I should go for a walk now or a bit later, but coffee and Rampage sounds better. The sleep I got after getting home this morning was decent, though! Finally! Tonight, the new work week starts and I'm already spent! This should be fun!
  5. A few bumps on the road, but still, hell of a show, packed with crazy matches. Guy is awesome, but it's rather unfortunate that his name is anagram for "take a shit"! Still, the match was spectacular! Johnny was a good joker, he'll stay over enough, even losing his debut. First time seeing Ito, but I think I've seen the falling head-first onto her opponent as a GIF somewhere before. KOR's chest and shoulders looked like the skin of my back after the squat machine workout today! Both guys looked great. A lot of angles advanced this week. I wonder if Jericho will ever brush his teeth at an arena again? He will probably only use tootbrushes straight out of the box and discard them from now on! Not very eco-friendly, but I wouldn't really blame him! The good guys really got trounched at the end there!
  6. Phew, I've been working an extra hour or two every day this week. I've had one good jog and two workouts this week so far, so now it's time for the first warm meal of the day and busting out All Out 2021 for a bit! Kingston v Miro starting things! I'll go for a walk before bedtime, if I feel like it. Now some relaxation.
  7. Gunn Club and The Acclaimed were trying their best to be overjoyed about an Elevation match. Seems like they are NOT going to be just a DX-ripoff, huh? Nese vs Hook and their partners will end badly, for someone! That was the strongest I've seen Spears look, in more ways than one! Riho vs Ruby could have gone either way. I had no idea who was going to advance! Statlander was a good replacement. I'd think she'd beat Velvet, unless there will be interference by the other baddies! Main event was very solid. That slingshot into a cutter (landing head, not face, first). Also, we found out that Scorpio is a dick, afterall! Well, Sammy's a bigger one, so I don't know who will get cheered, if they will meet again for the title? Death Triangle looked very good, as did their opponents, but c'mon, House of Black needs to wrestle more often! Yeah, good show!
  8. Oops, I guess I should have written my reply outside of the quote box! Oh, well...
  9. Almost ironic that Mox was one save late for Eddie, as he was already burned the previous time, and when Eddie came to save Mox, it was the explosion that was late!
  10. Is that another one of those things that make Daddy Magic's nips hard?
  11. Right, so this week's workouts are now done, as I returned from a run before breakfast. I won't be going to work this evening and the weekend will be some light walking at very best, if that. So three workouts and four jogs/runs. Monday was the usual upper body giant set and the resistance band work, Tuesday was bench with a bunch of short sets within 253-275 range and longer sets within 198-242. Monday took it out of me again, but also my weight is down some 8 lbs since last week (183 at the moment). I took the Wednesday off in order to recover for the trapbar and that seemed to work. I wish I could have cleared the 600 lb mark now, as the odds are not in its favor as my weight keeps (most likely) going down in the upcoming weeks. But I'll keep the trapbar as heavy as possible throughout this diet, everything else can go lighter if it must. The cardio part of things is coming along nicely. I have not reached the point where I was last summer, but I'm definitely moving towards that direction. One run up the hill and three times the stairs is enough of that at this point, but I still have plenty of gas left in the tank to keep running and jogging after that for longer and longer, so I'll probably add the reps to the stairs soon enough. This was a good week. At work, there seems to be a need for me and others to work some weekends before the summer holidays. I'll do my share, that's for sure, but it will be a challenge as far as recovery goes. Anyway, I'm more hopeful about this than I was 10 days ago, but last year set the fucking bar really damn high. You know I'll give all I have to it, anyway!
  12. There will be more detailed edits tomorrow, but today I lifted 568 off the floor on trapbar. Also, two singles with 590, using one inch planks as elevation. I also failed two attempts at 601. I guess that's for next time? New records, yay!
  13. So that's they are so damn hard to come by these days, even used!
  14. Chem-trail eagle isn't real! Chem-trail eagle cannot hurt you!
  15. Hearing about these types of problems at work always have a special way of getting under my skin! I applaud your decision and hope everything will work out for the best in the not so distant future! Good luck!
  16. I had this match on my coliseum video release (of IYH 2). Also, Undertaker vs Kama and Bigelow vs Tatanka (although one of those may have been a bonus match on IYH 1). The IYH 3 match was better, but that doesn't mean that this one wasn't really damn good, as well!
  17. @Gordlow Damn, it seems to be working! Pointing out the obvious, but once you get into the positive habit of doing things, they indeed start getting easier as they become routine and part of your life without thinking about it too much! Great job!
  18. That would be @AxB, whose advice I took, when ordering this year's Revolution early!
  19. Thanks! You know what, I said screw it, and just bought All Out 2021 with cash and Double or Nothing 2021 with those credits! Now I'm basically drowning in great wrestling for the entire spring! But hey, I just put in like three grand worth of extra mortgage payments, I think I can treat myself with 50e worth of enjoyment, as well! I'll get Full Gear 2020 sometime after I'm done watching these 3.
  20. Someone, who will probably stab Jericho in the face before this one is all said and done! Fuck it, Daddy Magic will probably get one, as well! It's probably someone who is just like Trent's? mom? Or is she Chuckie's mom?
  21. For what it's worth (well, 21,99e) I pre-ordered Double or Nothing 2022 on FITE just now, in order to get enough credits to buy some other PPV with those. Apparently, I couldn't get All Out 2021 yet with those, which is a bummer! So, what would be the second best option after that? I have Full Gear and Revolution 2022, obviously!
  22. Very appropriate, indeed! He must have thought "You know, maybe I should just get into the drink business!"
  23. Probably, but I think he assumes that he is doing it for the first time, like a lot of other things that just keep repeating and repeating...
  24. I think there is a saying that has to do with eggs and a basket and not putting them in it, which may apply here, but I'll be damned if Vince can remember how that one goes, at this point!
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