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  1. I have seriously only seen Kojima as a young boy, but I am aware that he turned into a BAMF! I think I should be really damn excited about this match, right? This will kick ass , right ?
  2. Remember a few pages ago when I was talking about breaking records and how it is hard at this point? I said I was going to try to do 100 push-ups in a row and got around to 70-75 within a few days but didn't get much further than that, and never updated my progress after that. Well, yesterday, I did 100 push ups in a row. Within 5 sets I did 320 push ups altogether. I thought that was pretty badass!
  3. This is a valuable and very important piece of information, but also, I'm pretty sure this topic is about at what point the other partner started using EVEN MORE gear than their team mate used to do! But still, I appreciate the input.
  4. I do what I should so much it's not even funny! But yeah, I've learned to live with it! It's cool. Remember that Chris Rock skit about people who want credit for shit you're supposed to do? "I take care of my kids!" You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!
  5. I'm having my second shot in a few weeks, but this shit is getting ridiculous to the point where I wish I would have neglected my shots until someone started to give me extra incentive to get them! Not really , but c'mon now !
  6. Holy crap! This may top the original PAC transformation from 2007 to 2017, or Dynamite Kid 1976 to 1986! This only happened even faster, right? When was this, exactly?
  7. Yeah, that sounds like a very sensible plan. The FB group sounds like a reasonable bunch, since that's good advice. Keep the updates coming , as this thread needs all the replies (that aren't from me) it can get!
  8. Yeah, I did remember Jungle Boy, but holy shit would that be a dumb move at this point! I mean, I understand by the time he's Jungle Man, the move will be too late, but at this point he'd lose his awesome theme song, his dinosaur, they'd make him cut his hair and take away everything else that he's good at! They'd probably give him a public speaker gimmick, or something! ...No wait, maybe some Brian Austin Green-type gimmick, or worse yet, Ian Ziering gimmick and have him fight all those F'n sharks!
  9. It's not at all sure it will become relevant exactly when, but at what point do some of the earliest AEW contracts come up for renewal? While it would be a pretty bad career move at that point, I can see MJF being a contender for it. Brian Cage, pehaps? Even that Dentist Lady (as Lisa C. Yankem?), the way she's been improving since she was last seen on NXT!
  10. Like the Lego Movie theme, Everything is Awesome, but Andrade vs PAC all damn day!
  11. That would be a cool side topic. Are there other teams that shifted in size and shape to the opposite of what they were before? Dynamite was at one point pretty much the bigger, more jacked guy in Bulldogs (not by much, tho), but that didn't last very long at all.
  12. Take your time. Don't rush things. You've got this. Once you can actually feel (or see) the effects of the additional test, do share your findings. I can't help you there, but am interested to hear how it affects you. Either way, you've got the right attitude, but I symphatize with the feeling of wanting to rush things. I used to be like that, and that's not bad, unless you get discouraged once the quick changes come to a halt, like they always do. I used to get that, a lot. Now, I've stuck with it for a decade straight next year and can assure you that taking the longer road is just about always the way to go. If you are certain that you will not lose interest once the gains (or losses) plateau, then going for the short term quick fix every so often is fine too, just as long as you know that it's never sustainable! I'm well on my way to gaining 20-30lbs back in 4 weeks, but I did get a bunch of decent pics before returning to where I am 10 months out of each year!
  13. The opening match ruled! Ciampa selling the fingers after patting himself on the back ruled so much! I wondered during the match when Danny Birch is ready to go again, but only momentarily figured Ridge Holland would still be out for a while. His return was a total surprise! He looked very Brockish in a good way during the post match beat-down! Now, I'm all for Joe getting back into the ring and they sure did the very best they could with the angle without Kross being there! The real story is this: Is the T-shirt Joe was wearing a real piece of merch? Isn't that dangerous IRL? You could not get me to wear a shirt that says "Provoke Me" in the front! Josh Briggs losing in the Breakout Tournament was surprising! I'll be there for Frankie&Jessie vs Kacy&Kayden! Mandy getting some back up is also interesting! Robert Stone is about to find himself in deep shit, once again! We all knew Dakota was eventually going to turn on Raquel, but I didn't think it was going to be this soon, though! Mid-way through her promo she dropped enough hints to figure out that the time was now! Another win for Kacy&Kayden, pinning Frankie, no less! This will make them the #1 contenders! Seeing Io and Zoey not YET getting along makes me think we are about to have new champions yet again, when they get their shot! Hit Row v Imperium was fine. Both Barthel and Aichner look to be in great shape these days! Adonis' pecs are also out of control! So Hit Row are faces now? That's a bit sudden, but I guess they turned when they showed all that real talent at rapping? Dexter wants to become a new member of The Way/Gargano family? That should go swimmingly. Oh, they are going to fight for the spot? Ok, then! The Knight-Grimes-Dibiase-GYV shenanigans were something. I'm not 100% sure what, exactly, but effort was there, at least! Cole vs Reed is another one of those HBK vs Vader matches where Vader is the face. Those are tricky to pull off! Well, I guess they did it, though If Reed is going to the main roster, I feel bad for him in advance. He's damn amazing and deserves everything. I doubt he'll get it! Wow, Cole sure is surprisingly strong getting the Panama Sunrising Reed like that! PCO's bad eye could see the KOR attack after the match, though! So the third match between the two will get rid of one of them, right? Presumably Cole. It may not have been Jericho in a death match, but this was a fine episode!
  14. Wow, in that case it just won't work. Unless upping the ante to fully automated guns and MONSTER trucks with a case of Budweiser, a cooler filled with Coors light and huge bottle of Jack Daniels somehow would? On the other hand, with a deal like that, even I would get suspicious.
  15. 50% at the very least, would be my guess, rhetorical or not!
  16. Imagine him showing up to Power Plant and present his idea: "Think Stone Cold Steve Austin meets Ken Shamrock in style and aesthetics, but WAY more dominant than those guys!" And Bischoff going "I think we could work with that!"
  17. She does keep losing the title, just like her dad, but she doesn't usually mess around with few months of failed attempts to get it back! Unless your name is Becky Lynch (or Bayley?), she'll get that sucker back on the first go! Rhea was just a bit different, since Charlotte didn't drop the title to her in the first place. At this pace, she'll break the record in under 8 years (which is about how long it took for his dad to win his first World title). Then she can retire as champion in under 10 years and she and Andrade can start the next generation that can, in time, break those records all over again.
  18. Sure, there absolutely will be a market for it and I doubt WWE would go away completely, since they could still bring in some revenue for years, without ever putting on another new episode of programming again, just by their library alone. However, if there is enough time left for any of us, eventually, this self-sabotaging attitude/business strategy should bite Vince in the ass, but it may still take a long time to happen. Hey, Roman Empire (no, not the Head of the Table, the actual empire) didn't completely vanish after it fell, either. There's still, Rome, Italy and there's Rome in the States too, right? WWE itself doesn't need to exist for its programming to exist and be somehow available to whatever audience wants to consume it. I doubt Vince will, but he could always just cash out and say, "this has stopped amusing me, I don't wish to do this anymore", and just stop running the company altogether, instead of leaving the reigns to anyone else. Also, I find it rather comical that such a large portion of American wrestling is now experiencing the wrath of Khan, in forms of Nick and Tony, respectively!
  19. Yeah, I'm guessing that Rip had a bad personal experience with Baba that we are not aware of, or he indeed mistook Baba for Inoki.
  20. And if there's enough time left for it to happen, that's how empires eventually fall, rotting from the inside.
  21. That's Baba, not Inoki, right? In that case, Baba over Vince, no doubt. Wouldn't like my chances, either way.
  22. Yeah, I'm not even sure how to interpret that? I'm sure it's true both ways, though. No one sure turned out like Goldberg in a good or bad way. It would be pretty damn hard to accomplish, in any case. As in : Get a super push, get super over, get the title , get tangled up with politics, get rich, injured, get kinda pushed aside, end a legendary career, get pushed aside, go home and collect the money , come back to another company and hate it , beat The Rock, get a push, but not really , win and lose the title , beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and call it a career. Come back years later to make even more money, win titles and go over some young stars while putting over some others. Pretty sure anything like this will not be duplicated on this scale ever again.
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