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  1. Absolutely heartbreaking news. He had lost an arm and both his legs in a very short time, but I didn’t expect to pass like this. He was such an incredible talent in spite of all the demons he faced. I saw in two years ago and he was still so, so good. His poor family.
  2. Didn’t she leave Impact on bad terms though? Same with Kross, who’s probably NWA-bound. Just make sure Tyrus doesn’t get Scarlett’s number.
  3. Been struggling really hard with the concept of “letting go.” Specifically, with fandom. In the wrestling thread I pointed out how an indie near me booked Onita for a deathmatch and Rob Feinstein was there running Onita’s business. A lot of folks were upset, myself included, and I called some people out for not saying anything and yeah. Got a demonstration of the parasocial “friendship” between entertainer and audience. I’ve talked at length on here about the effects of Speaking Out on my local indie scene and how it hurts because I took my daughter to Chikara shows. After months of holding out hope that things will get better, I finally accepted they won’t, and am trying to disengage and let go of wrestling, at least in these indies. I’ve already decided I won’t take my kid to any more shows, but letting go of friends I made, even those whose bonds were superficial, hurts. Especially for someone who has had difficulty making friends his whole life. I’m not asking for any advice or help, I just really needed to get these words out and stop them from eating me up inside.
  4. Last night was Onita vs. Matt Tremont in a minor league baseball stadium in NJ, and it came out that Rob Feinstein was there working the Onita meet and greet, and a good number of folks were letting everyone involved have it online. Good to know that scuzzy indies never change their stripes.
  5. Serves them right for fucking me over in survival last week. Now do the Saints next, football gods.
  6. We’ll see, the trunk of my car can only hold so many bodies.
  7. If anybody needs me I’ll be driving to New Orleans with pliers and a blowtorch, seeing as I just got fucked out of survival. I’m about to get medieval on Sean Payton’s ass.
  8. This is really specific, but I have a friend who a few years ago faced X in a game of DDR AND WON at a gaming tournament. It made my friend’s life, and I know Woods had a blast.
  9. congratulations to Big E and Becky Lynch on becoming the first-ever stepfather/stepdaughter pair of champions in wrestling history.
  10. I had money on the Vikings so I’m gonna probably start mailing letters written in red paint to Mike Zimmer
  11. For reasons I STILL don’t know, I decided this was the week I’d start doing some sports betting on college football. Guess who’s up $120 after taking Michigan -6, the under on Air Force/Navy, and Temple -6.5, plus a parlay of the first two? In between that, JSU LITERALLY planting a flag on the FSU logo, and THIS shit from Arkansas social media… I like college football now?!
  12. Like I said in the Takeover thread; Kross will be in the NWA by Christmas.
  13. Tim Storm went from their world champion to slumming it against two woman-beating sacks of crap. I feel bad for him. The only one on that roster I feel bad for, honestly.
  14. He’ll be the ace of the NWA midcard, having snoozers with Tyrus and Woman Beatin’ Bram by Christmas. I just hope he makes sure none of those guys get Scarlett’s number.
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