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  1. Billy Corgan, showing the effects of Vince Russo’s influence from TNA, has booked a “loser stays in town” match. Somebody come out this company out of its misery.
  2. No, that wasn’t aimed at you or anyone on here in general. My original comment was mainly from my bemusement at Drew Gulak getting a rose jammed up his ass more than anything. As it should be.
  3. You can stop pretending you actually like this garbage. Nobody believes you.
  4. I think that's what took me out of it more than anything. Honestly, if he moved out of the way and dude just kept flipping to the wall I probably would have laughed my ass off.
  5. I mean, yeah, places like Chikara, you EXPECT goofy shit, but this just hacks me off so much. Might also have to do with how Speaking Out ended up ruining most of my Chikara memories and making me not want to associate with what it stood for, even in the good times. I got some flack on Twitter for saying maybe it's time for the indies to die, but as an IWTV subscriber and a guy who went to over 50 shows in the past five years and saw the way things were declining in real time as WWE signed everyone in sight, I just... feel like maybe leave the memories alone?
  6. You ever have one of those moments where you're just sitting wonder why you even bother defending this shit anymore? I did, after seeing this yesterday. It's from GCW's latest offshoot, and this is having the same effect as the "Force Chokeslam" that made the rounds a few years ago in making me think that maybe it's time to put the indies out of its misery. The constant backflips in place while the guy with pink hair just sits in the chair like a moron just hacks me off and I can't even properly explain why. It's really got me thinking wrestling really HAS passed me by. Please a
  7. So sad to hear. He had a wealth of knowledge about genre fiction, and lots of advice for aspiring writers (especially if they ever reached a point where their work was optioned for screen). He always had some good words to say about modern wrestling when most his age have long since checked out of it. Just in general a warm, bright voice. Rest, John.
  8. Yeah. Guess I’m taking a year off from baseball.
  9. So is she DONE done? That’s kind of sad.
  10. YOUR NON-BINDING SUPER APE PREDICTIONS FOR WHERE THE RELEASED WWE TALENT GOES; Iiconics: Peyton probably goes to AEW with her husband. Billie either follows suit or goes back to Australia and calls it a career. She was all but retired when WWE came calling, so it’s not unlikely she just goes back to that. Bo Dallas: was already nine toes out the door with the realtor license and not being on TV in two years, so I’m sure he’s done. Mickie, Chelsea: Probably goes to join their respective guys in NWA/Impact. Kalisto: The world is his oyster. Samuray del Sol comeback? Tuck
  11. “‘We take wrestling seriously’ sounds like code for ‘Davey Richards vs. Davey Richards in a Davey Richards-on-a-pole match. Inside of a steel Davey Richards.’”
  12. Is it just me, or is there just no buzz whatsoever for Mania or Mania-adjacent events this week? You all know how much I hate WWE, but seeing people online admit they can’t muster up as much excitement for Mania as in past years is really sad. On top of that, the bevy of US indies in Tampa this weekend are probably going to lose their asses if GCW’s woes of selling tickets are to be believed. It just feels like the post-pandemic US wrestling scene is just going to be in a really bad way, and it’s very depressing. As it is I’m probably just gonna watch the IWTV shows that catch my int
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