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  1. I meant with the place closing after, though thinking about it, Tony Khan would probably feel obligated to bring that roster into his, and I’m not gonna watch a Dynamite with Nick Aldis and Thom Batteredher.
  2. Go bonkers. I have IWTV, Peacock, YouTube, and Jumbo Tsuruta's son as a mutual follower on Twitter. Maybe something international and more than 20 years old preferably. You?
  3. Two straight Phillies losses, two nights in a row, both attributable to COVID denying assholes like Aaron Nola. I can't wait for the lockout to come put me out of this sorry franchise's misery.
  4. Geant Ferre vs. Franz Van Buyten, for the French heavyweight championship. Geant Ferre would go on to achieve fame under the name Andre the Giant, but here he is, in his second match ever.
  5. This is why I’m rooting for the lockout to put me out of this shit franchise’s misery.
  6. The Phillies have sucked ass, and are loaded with COVID deniers and domestic abusers. They can’t even say it’s to win games! The Philadelphia Phillies: Baseball’s 2021 NWA.
  7. I am a big stupid who zoned out. I will review the recommendations and go into detail about my tastes and blind spots early this week.
  8. Shit, is it possible to add me or is it too late?
  9. The hottest event of the Sixers offseason; Ben Simmons’ Chinese lessons vs. Sixers fans’ bombs to plant in his rental cars if he’s still in Philly next season.
  10. My guess is he got an outside opinion and the news wasn’t good, so he might as well take the steady paycheck.
  11. Let’s see if Braun sticks to his guns re: retiring completely.
  12. He’ll be on NWA or Impact by the fall, they fucking LOVE their abusers and pests.
  13. The author of Berserk, one of the most important, and beautifully-drawn manga ever, has passed away at age 54, supposedly of an aortic dissection.
  14. Somebody come put the NWA out of its misery.
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