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  1. Yes, Regal mentioned he would be on the show last week during that segment with Bryan/Mox and also it got announced on all their social media
  2. Bret also tells a story about this in his book where he visits a Soapland on a Japanese tour
  3. I love the idea of a Reverse My Fair Lady where Knobbs and Saggs take Regal in and attempt to turn him into the Nastiest Boy. Instead of "The Rain in Spain" the big setpiece is Regal singing:
  4. Happy Eddie Kingston vs Jun Akiyama day! Wishing a very King's Road to those who celebrate.
  5. Voted for Penta vs Villano IV. Lucha bloodbaths are entirely my jam. Emotional matches with huge stakes are also my jam.
  6. Wasn't Nick Hausman the guy who Punk flipped out on initially during the Gripebomb? Not casting any aspersions, I just find this to be a funny coincidence
  7. Except Hangman. He's a sweetheart
  8. Oh yeah, Punk was a total badguy in this situation and is in no way blameless. Please understand that there is room in my heart to consider all parties involved to be massive assholes
  9. That's not what I heard. The Bucks superkicked Punk's door down and then Kenny did the One Winged Angel to Larry. Serious answer: I'm not earnestly calling for anyone to get fired or bought out but selfishly I just don't like The Young Bucks as wrestlers and they are an instant fast-forward for me, so like, if they left AEW that would be great. It also seems to me that a lot of personality conflicts stemmed from The Elite's passive aggressiveness and even if Tony doesn't want to fire them he should absolutely strip them of their EVP titles moving forward.
  10. God is still out there somewhere. Hiding from Miro like a coward
  11. Did Miro get hurt again? He vanished after that 6-man vs the House of Black. Not even a write off, he's just been off TV. Even Ricky Starks at least has been on Dark lately (where's Hobbs!?)
  12. Dalton Castle sitting on his throne like a big gay Geese Howard kicks so much ass
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