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  1. Blading bad. Brock Lesnar elbowing Randy Orton into oblivion, leaving him concussed and lying in a pool of blood: good
  2. The Acclaimed music video was fun and I love that this feud has just turned into a student film festival.
  3. What an amazing match. Love when a rematch has little bits of continuity like each guy having an answer to the other's offence. The home stretch was incredible. Danielson spends the last 3 months getting over all these ways he can beat you: The Knee. The Stomps. The LaBell Lock. The Triangle. The Gotch Piledriver. The Heel Hook. Hangman gets out of all of them and then murderlizes Bryan with a backdrop driver like he's 2008 Morishima. Hangman did his homework. Dude is a made man in my eyes.
  4. If they do we can finally get Hickenbottom and Levesque vs VKM at the Alamo!
  5. Shitheel manager for Danielson?
  7. Let's go Wangman! Lariat Danielson's head into the 4th row!
  8. I'd really like to go see AEW if they make it up to Portland or Seattle but I'm also nervous about the state of the pandemic currently and a little gun shy about going to an arena.
  9. Jonathan Gresham. Give me Gresham vs Danielson all day please Edit: I guess he's still signed to whatever ROH is gonna become?
  10. There was a time, maybe 2010-2012ish when Goto was one of my favorite wrestlers. I still love the dude but he's such a choke artist that it got hard to get behind the guy any time he was in a title match. Lex Luger is a good comparison but like you said Lex eventually won the big one. I think it was when he joined Chaos and had the weird zombie Jinsei Shinzaki look that I finally just gave up on the dude being anything more than a JTTS/Gatekeeper.
  11. Not really? Lots of plastic swords and cheesy cgi effects and standard tokusatsu chest sparks
  12. My vote is for the Zack Ryder one pant leg look, or Rainmaker colored Jorts
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