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  1. I love that Sting says "the going to sleep" the same way your aunt says "the Youtube" or Bret Hart says "the WCW"
  2. I think maybe bringing in Cole as backup for Hangman whenever the latter gets back is the way to go. Considering their history, the Dark Order dissention teases, and the fact that Cole will be cheered as a babyface on his debut so teaming him up with the Bucks and Kenny might not make sense right away, but who knows?
  3. Or they lean into it and pair Punk with the Straight Edge Skeleton Twink and his Born-Again Goth Dad.
  4. Yeah that was my understanding as well. Their work visas were obtained through WWE so there's an issue with them legally working elsewhere until they can get their immigration situation sorted out.
  5. I might be misremembering it, but I thought it was to go to Japan to wrestle for Zero-1
  6. Good thing that movie company insurance doesn't apply to Juan Cena
  7. This show happened the day before my birthday, I remember going over to a friend's to watch the PPV like we always did, all of us losing our shit when Punk won and ran off with the title. Then two days later flying out to San Diego to go to ComiCon and losing my shit again going to the WWE panel and seeing CM Punk "invade" It was the most exciting time for me to be a wrestling fan since I was a kid. Shame about Del Rio and Diesel though...
  8. With his eyes being weirdly close together I expected him to have a concave chin or something but he just kind of looks like an oversized bro
  9. I'm a big fan of Kevin Owens frog splash. He's a big dude and it looks great and you can tell he's being safe with it.
  10. Dan seems to be doing alright with his personal Twitch stuff, as well as doing a couple of different podcast projects with Mike Mahardy and Mary Kish. If anything Dan has an amazing ability to fall ass backwards into new and exciting career opportunities.
  11. There is an amazing story about Candido running into Lou Thesz in an airport bathroom after he won the NWA title. After chatting for a bit, it comes out that Candido is also a wrestler, and he finally mentions that he's the NWA champ and pulls the belt out of his bag to show to Thesz. Thesz gives him very stern and serious advice about needing to protect himself and to watch out for promoters trying to screw him out of money. Lance Storm and Jim Cornette have both told this story separately in various interviews so I'm willing to believe it.
  12. If my real name were Chad Allegra, I'd go by that and call my finisher the Allergy Attack
  13. I guess from my standpoint it doesn't matter how he identifies because "I listen to Snoop and me and my black wife are having a baby isn't America wonderful" is such an out of touch white dude thing to say. I can guarantee you that kid is going to experience all kinds of ugly racism in their life by people who don't give two shits that they are the great grandchild of a plumber. At best it comes off as egotistical and weird, at worst it sounds like he's objectifying and fetishizing his wife and child.
  14. As a biracial person, if my white father tried to use my existence for a babyface pop about racial equality in America, I'd punch the old man in his god damn mouth. (And I like my dad) Cody can fuck off forever.
  15. Someone needs to overlay audio of Lex's "WHOAA OOHHAAA WOOOHAAAA" selling and it'd be perfect really
  16. At this point you build Darby back up and have him be the one to dethrone Omega yeah?
  17. Not specifically a crash pad but...
  18. They actually sent him a regular trash bag which he later used as gear when he was Black Reign
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