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  1. They actually sent him a regular trash bag which he later used as gear when he was Black Reign
  2. I was hoping maybe he could sell real estate or perhaps manage a chain restaurant.
  3. Jason Lives Bray is cool, but call me when we get to Jason Goes to Hell Bray and he's actually a demon worm that crawls into people's mouths to possess them.
  4. I think we can agree Din's Fire is the worst name for that move though
  5. I'm not saying I disagree with the sentiment, but Britt's comments about Meltzer were also made while being filmed somewhat candidly in a behind-the-scenes manner vs Rosa who was being interviewed by Tony Schiavone holding a mic, I'd be more curious to hear what Baker says in her eventual promo to get her heat back.
  6. I really like this idea, but I worry it could turn into Muhammad Hassan 2.0.
  7. I'm not saying Cornette, the guy who frequently called the Young Bucks "twinks", wouldn't call a woman wrestler a slut. But he's also a guy who makes really dated references and Penelope Pitstop was the main character on the popular 1968 cartoon Wacky Racers.
  8. The only thing that screams "This is the 1990s" more is that other pic of Bret shilling America Online.
  9. I hope the Firefly Fun House recreates the scene from Indiana Jones 4 but with the meth fridge from the House of Horrors
  10. Semi related: I remember when Sarge turned heel it really upset me because he was a GI Joe and that should NEVER happen. And my dad told me he was just playing a character on TV, in an effort to cheer me up, and it was the equivalent of finding out there was no Santa to me as a 5-year-old.
  11. Manly beyond my wildest expectations
  12. Erik Redbeard was the name he had been using on the indies post WWE layoff/pre AEW appearance.
  13. Hey dude, I know we don't interact on here much beyond occasionally liking each other's posts, but you're a good man
  14. I know the Shield were all being figured in to future plans at this point in their career, but I think that this match is what solidified 4 out of the 6 participants as believable future world champions in the eyes of the company, and Harper was a big factor in that.
  15. These are my exact emotions. A year ago I would have been all "Jericho is a fat fuck but he's OUR fat fuck! Back off!" These days its "Oh the COVID guy? Yeah don't know him..."
  16. I didn't think mimosa mayhem was THAT bad.
  17. Give me Corporate Bray Wyatt managed by IRS you cowards.
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