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  1. Feel like not including some top stars in the tournament is less about them taking losses (if Punk lost to Mox or Danielson, would that really diminish him that much?) and more about not burning money-drawing PPV matches in the build-up to a match where only the final will be on PPV.
  2. Jericho, to PVZ: "I wouldn't touch you with your husband's genitalia." CM Punk: "I don't think that's true." Thought Punk was the best he'd been on commentary tonight. Also loved how after the "Daniel Bryan" slip he defended JR, saying "so they see it's not just you"
  3. Couple bits from that we didn't see was Punk going and giving Mark Henry a big hug and then shaking Taz's hand and then having a bit of trouble finding his way offstage cuz AEW's dual-entranceway gimmick is difference than WWE's side-of-the-screen thing.
  4. I hate to be even a little bit negative about what was such an awesome return, (I absolutely cried and do not care who knows,) but Punk saying that he expects getting back to wrestling to be like riding a bike makes me worry he might be underestimating the difficulty of getting back into in-ring shape. I know he had stints pf time away from the ring due to injury, but he's never really done the Jericho thing of needing to come back after years away, and he's wrestling one of the fastest dudes in the business. I'm sure he's capable of getting back there, mentally and physically, (albeit he may need to adjust for the fact that he's in his 40s now,) and really the All Out crowd is gonna eat it all up regardless, but I do still wonder if there might be a ramp-up time before we can expect Punk to deliver in-ring.
  5. The rest of the show ranged from ok-but-inconsequential to...whatever in fuck that Orton/Bliss/Fiend bullshit was, but that Reigns-Bryan match was amazing.
  6. Are we not gonna take note of the fact that Daniel Bryan headbutted a Samoan?
  7. I thought you meant Carlito for a moment and I was confused.
  8. It was six-five and pick 'em which foot he was closer to..
  9. ...ish I've seen Shane McMahon punches with less distance.
  10. Co-worker in a team chat: "Reminder everyone: It's Friday! :)" Me: "You know what that means." (Literally no one in that chat but me watches wrestling but I don't care)
  11. Anna Jay could be one of the pillars of the women's division. If Abadon or whoever serves as a transitional heel champ to take the title off Shida, her winning could be one of the things to cement face Dark Order alongside Hangman.
  12. We have built a better world for our children than we ever knew ourselves.
  13. Not too much to add. Was damn near a perfect show. I'm amused that Jericho said like 4 WWE trademarked names on the night (Harper, Rowan, Big Red, Bludgeon Brothers) cuz that's where he met Brodie and Rowan and you always remember the first name you meet a guy under even if that gimmick's gone later.
  14. Ok leaving aside that Callihan is still trying to suck cheap heat out of a botch from 33 months ago, are we gonna address him actually using "roll that beautiful bean footage" in 2020 on the company's biggest show in awhile?
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