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  1. I love how after a quarter-century of heel authority figures representing WWE and the McMahon family specifically, Vince himself certainly not least among them, Vince still thinks he can issue statements like this, shitting on popular talent, and be the babyface with fans. He learned absolutely nothing from Montreal.
  2. Ok I was wondering if I'd seen the same match cuz I thought Jade vs Shafir was a terrible mesh that really highlighted both wrestlers' weaknesses. Jade couldn't sell the limbwork well enough and wasn't good enough at mat wrestling to make it look like she was doing anything but laying there while Marina worked holds, and Marina's too green to take Jade by the hand at anything else so it was a clash of styles that just fell flat. Also didn't help that the crowd was dead at the end of four hours of show.
  3. Wrestling Twitter is a floating dumpster fire composed of 90% WWE and AEW loyalists shouting the dumbest shit imaginable at each other, 5% personal beefs that people absolutely will not let die, and 5% dudes being creepy af towards women wrestlers.
  4. We got possibly the best and worst stunner-sells in history like two minutes apart.
  5. This show was good and I was pondering why, given what unwatchable dreck their TV shows have been leading up to this, and I'm thinking it's because I haven't been watching those shows. Instead of weeks and months of terrible scripted promos, nonsensical BS angles, and the same people wrestling each other seventeen times on the "Road to Wrestlemania", I just dropped in to watch the wrestlers wrestle matches and it turns out WWE's roster is by and large pretty good at that.
  6. This really did feel like an old school NXT Takeover in that it was a tight show in a very watchable (under 3 hours) period in front of a hot crowd where everything on the card was at least good with one or two real standouts (usually featuring The Revival, now that I think back...)
  7. Somehow I managed to, without noticing, drop a ketchup packet on the floor, and step on that ketchup packet with my shoes on. I heard and felt it pop under my foot and I'm like "aw man" as I look down to see how much cleanup this is going to entail. The packet is empty, but there's only a tiny bit of ketchup on it, and none on the carpet around it. From the pop it sounded full, but maybe I got lucky and it was an empty packet? Nope. I find a red spot about 3 inches wide nearly four feet up a wall on the opposite side of the room. Not only had the ketchup flown 15 feet across the room, it had arced OVER the computer monitors on my desk (which had no ketchup at all on it)
  8. Throwback to 2016, my crewmate CetrolBP (name changed to protect the guilty) and I are doing a mission, and Cetrol notices a lack of traffic in the mission. Cetrol: "It's so empty in here, it's like Nuremberg." Me: "...Huh?" Him: "It's this race track that you can drive street cars on." Me: "...You mean the Nurburgring?" Him: "Yeah that." Me: *spends the next ten minutes cracking up*
  9. Between Twitter and this board, discourse about Punk's entrance is driving me up a wall. It was a cool moment for those of us that got it. If someone didn't get it, don't be a dick to them or act like they're not a good enough wrestling fan cuz they don't have this shit clogging up their brain.
  10. That's just unnecessary. So the dude didn't follow Punk's career fifteen years ago. That means he doesn't understand storytelling and/or has no brain? EDIT: Looks like Punk deleted that comment. Better than leaving it, at least.
  11. Wrestlemania III had 83 minutes of wrestling. Revolution had over 161 minutes, not counting another 32 on the buy-in
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