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  1. We do. A JIP of most of it opened the 1/7 TV episode.
  2. Now that you've made a Rusher/Dusty link in my brain, Gordi, I now have no choice but to contemplate who would be the target if Dusty were to cut Kimura-to-Fuchi style promos about trying to get them laid/married. I hope you're proud of yourself.
  3. The Tiger Misawa/Tenryu stuff being good would track. Their one singles match during this era (the 1987 one) gets overshadowed by TM's Jumbo match, and understandably so, but going week-to-week in 87-88 there was definitely something there in tags. Kekkigun (which also had Takagi, funnily enough, as well as baby Taue) ultimately didn't do all that much but the TM/Tenryu matchup was consistently the best thing to come out of their tags against Revolution. Ironically considering the Misawa/Kawada rivalry, TM had more trouble gelling with Footloose.
  4. I think you mean Destroyer/Tenryu here. Looks like Tsuruta was wrestling with Rocky Hata against Brazil and Patera that night.
  5. I was pretty unfair to this match when I tossed off a review as part of my manic quest to add all the 70s-80s AJPW matches on tape to the Cagematch matchguide (which I've been meaning to get back to now that I have a nice stash of new footage - I "finished" 1989 right at the end of last year - but I keep getting tied up in research for posts on my PWO thread). Which is weird because all things considered I'm a pretty big fan of the two Baba/Jumbo vs Oki/Kim Duk 1976 tags. This motivated a rewatch and I'm thankful for that.
  6. Hey, it beats "medullary (as in medulla oblungata) slash", which is the best Kanjitomo could make of it when I was transcribing the Jumbo bio. From the IWE I've seen this has to be Rusher's best match too. I like the 76 Jumbo match and there's some stuff like the Gypsy Joe cage match from the same year that I enjoyed for what it was, but it's not controversial to say that Kimura was the most limited performer ever put in an extended ace run by a major Japanese promotion. (That can happen to you when a.) your booker and failed ace drives Strong Kobayashi away, and b.) all the new major pro
  7. Just curious, any plans to go back and cover the complete Malenko/Inoue (1/25) and the new Inoue/Nakano (2/23) matches on the fourth episode of the new AJPW Classics run?
  8. No title shot, it was just a unique main event for a Korakuen show that wasn't a TV taping.
  9. Seeing him billed under his middle name is only making it harder not to mentally conflate Kenneth Wayne Shamrock with Kenny Wayne Shepherd.
  10. There's a good chance you're already aware, but there's a handful of much earlier AJPW Slater matches that are well worth seeing, from when the company was consciously trying to present him as a Terry proxy. (Sure, that might sound axiomatic considering who we're talking about, but they had him use the Funks' entrance theme at least once: I specifically recall hearing it on the 7/3/81 Baba/Jumbo vs Slater/Robinson tag.) The 1980 Carnival final against Jumbo is the most famous, but there's also a couple worthwhile tags. In my AJPW watching I'd thought that Slater's work from the Choshu per
  11. I can find AJPW televised matches easily, but handhelds that weren't on the old Archive or haven't been posted to YouTube elude me. Do you still have this, by chance?
  12. However, I should note that another part of what did Hara in wasn't debt incurred from gambling, but rather his generosity. Whereas Jumbo was far closer to the Mick Foley end of frugality when it came to buying things for his juniors, Tenryu was extremely generous, and Hara took after his friend in that regard. However, Tenryu was in a position where he could afford to, for instance, stuff an envelope filled with ¥10,000 bills into Shiro Koshinaka's pocket as a parting gift after personally convincing Baba to let him start a new life in New Japan. Hara's pockets, however, weren't that deep, an
  13. Unfortunately, he also infected them with his "trying to get the sasorigatame" spot, which Jumbo and Tenryu kept bringing back throughout 1987 after Choshu's departure. Ishikawa gets a pass since he'd stolen the move before Choshu jumped ship, though.
  14. I feel I should be the one to drop a couple Hara tidbits as I have, as of writing, decided to make a photo of Hara my avatar on this forum.* I already told this story on PWO, where people had been confused by Hara's involvement in the postmatch angle for Tenryu/Choshu from 6/21/85. But Hara had been sketchy long before the 1988 stuff. He'd been forwarded money to promote a show in Nagasaki, but he entrusted a "friend" with the money and the responsibility, and when said friend bounced, Hara vanished. The story goes that no tickets had been sold for the show, and they didn't even see any poster
  15. Greetings, by the way. I'm a recent PWO member who the OP pointed here, and I made an account to participate.
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