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  1. That's pretty cool. Do you still have the belt too?
  2. I like trolling them in the Nightshark. That thing takes 27 missles to blow it up, and the Opressor MKII only has like, 12 or something. So I slow down as they keep firing at me and I Hail Mary a sticky at them and go on my way. I'm like John Elway with a Vortex football with those things.
  3. On first glance, I thought those were cigs on the table.
  4. Nothing about his femur or knee? Because the angle I saw looked like it was more than the lower leg. This is pretty graphic, so, click if you want... https://streamable.com/rqei0b
  5. Fucking hell, that Josh Naylor injury was something else. Poor guy. That's gonna be a long road for him.
  6. Yeah. D-Von used to do the seizure sell as well.
  7. The Ted DiBiase back bump, where he'd do a semi-head stand while rolling backwards. Which, I'm sure didn't help him in the long run.
  8. Kurt had a pretty cool "getting clotheslined out of the ring" bump.
  9. It was a chest bump off the guardrail from the apron, via Dino Bravo. That's why he had him excellently executed years later.
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