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  1. re: IYH singles matches HBK/Double J is pretty solid.
  2. Maybe he meant Dom Dimaggio. So, it's only half as evil.
  3. Maybe Kenny got into an accident with Dave, and since he didn't have insurance, he had to become his butler.
  4. Nah, just a photo... https://i.postimg.cc/fRrL6G7s/Eq-Sa88s-Vo-AIBWh3.jpg
  5. I dunno, but I wish he was a native Texan. Then we could've gotten Blackjack Danza.
  6. Honorable mention to Blitzkreig/Juvi from Spring Stampede '99. I haven't seen it in a while, but I remember it being pretty good.
  7. Dunno about Peacock, but it's on Dailymotion... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xv2ft Gorilla and JR on the call! -- I remember seeing pictures of this in a one off steel cage edition of WWF Magazine, and it blew my mind that there was a tag match in a cage. Yes, I know other promotions did it, but I grew up a staunch WWF kid.
  8. 23 min on the crossword. That's what I get for doing it while having a conversation with someone about what to have for dinner.
  9. They were on their way out, so they probably did lose that tour.
  10. Heyman, with Dreamer doing the induction. So he can tell the story about how he was gonna assassinate Paul at WMX7.
  11. I hope Tajiri's book has a pop up feature that mists you.
  12. The auto shop "heists" are very easy to do by yourself, if you're looking to make quick money. The Union Depository job is super quick. The two setups take like, 5 mins and the finale is a breeze. You'll net $270K for it. It's the easiest one and has the higher payout, which makes no sense.
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