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  1. He does legend shows with Scotty 2 Hotty as Too Cool Two. Goes by Grandmaster B. Nana.
  2. I was saying to @Nice Guy Eddie as we watched the show; I wish Mox would use the X version of "Wild Thing", A: because its a better version (both are good) and B: somewhere down the line, you can bring Onita in and have him bitch about the music and threaten to show Mox what a REAL exploding ring match is like. I think that's a good pay off.
  3. THIS should've been his tour across America, Forrest Gump style. Not sitting in that fucking bus.
  4. He also carried a tennis racquet around, despite the fact that I've never seen him play. What a phony.
  5. I believe he meant to say "Mud Show scene" but he is a weapons grade idiot.
  6. Can't remember, but they showed the supermarket brawl and seemingly every clip was him getting beat up.
  7. Booker said in something I'd read earlier today regarding that. Along the lines that he didn't think it was a big enough or an important thing to showcase in his life and career.
  8. What happened to Humberto Carillo? I just saw the clip and that looked pretty serious.
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