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  1. The soundtrack at my house: “I’m here to show the world...”—CLICK. Id rather watch the best of Dolph Sweet...
  2. Maybe arrogantly telling off / killing off their fanbase has caught up with them?
  3. I want to say that’s from Toronto...a yellow clad Andre and JYD against Funks and Hart...
  4. It was an even trade...Heenan obtained Bundy, Hart obtained Adonis, who quickly moved from the leather / Trudy briefcase into Adorable Adrian.
  5. It was better when three dudes booked around Vince’s pool.
  6. Psssh...where’s Macho Man, Junkyard Dog, Wild Samoans and the Iron Sheik?
  7. Pro wrestling needs more Jesse Ventura’s and less of these guys who act like they’re just lucky to be there. Treat it like a business.
  8. Why didn’t THIS Miro debut months ago...he’s terrific.
  9. Wait a minute, Naitch married Talia Shire?
  10. “Well, she was a mighty big girl for her age...”
  11. this right here. I miss having guys who were pro wrestling veterans call the action. It gave it a sense of credibility with guys who could give a plausible explanation for what you were seeing at all times. This team is the gold standard for my wrestling commentary booth.
  12. All of the drivers were female...the girls couldn’t get enough.
  13. I distinctly recall Ric Flair in an early 1986 TBS studio promo refer to him as my great cousin, Arnold Anderson...might have been the one where he came out to The Wanderer...
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