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  1. But yeah…your basis of comparison is trained fighters and the Bucks, who don’t exactly strike me as guys who’ve been in many donnybrooks.
  2. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  3. Bucks and Omega are on borrowed time…Tony’s silence speaks volumes.
  4. Yes. 100%…a thousand times yes. Unlistenable, if that’s even a word.
  5. What a bunch of flippydip horse shit that main was…
  6. Just as long as I can somehow be Claudio and give Danhausen a plethora of Giant Spinhausens…
  7. “We’ll make our way to the top of the pyramid and jump back to Baba’s promotion on the night of the finals…brilliant!”
  8. Lex had it coming…all he had to do was let JJ win that night’s Bunkhouse Stampede…it was his dream to go down in the record book next to Dusty and Big Bubba, dadgummit!
  9. That’s the one exactly. I couldn’t transcribe it all, I’d suffer carpal tunnel I’m afraid. if anyone has a clip of the incident with the kid, it will legitimately make you angry to see it.
  10. Go back to the WWE Old School section…check out the Boston Garden show from August 1986. If you can suffer through a match between a Tony Atlas / Ted Arcidi (where both men wear weightlifting belts)…the double count out finish saw them in a collar/elbow tie up around ringside, with neither man giving an inch. They dance their way over to the first row and completely squash a kid sitting on the second row. Horrifying sight as the kid is noticeably screaming in pain. Gorilla Monsoon said in regard to the lackluster bout, “these two guys are moving like they are at death’s door”…that had to be Tony Atlas’ swan-song until Saba Simba years later, right? I know he showed up in World Class that Fall as Black Superman.
  11. Jimmy is Teflon on the inside…he’s the perfect jailhouse lawyer.
  12. An hour of Ernie Ladd being Ernie Ladd...someone has done the Lord’s work compiling this.
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