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  1. Nah. I’ll still double down on the production side of AEW dropping the ball. It isn’t the first time. However, it’s not a deal breaker or anything. I still need AEW in my life as the antidote to how disappointed I’ve been with WWE. When Tony Khan says that first Revolution show is the best PPV ever. I’m not that inclined to argue the point. It’s a phenomenal show that sets a high water mark for what is still a young company. So yeah. They could be doing better. But I think I’ll also enjoy watching them learn. I wonder how the reaction to the Wa
  2. Enjoyed the show as usual. B+G was a lot of fun with the expected blood cacophony. Ending was really too soft to match the tone of the violence that preceded it.
  3. Hayes really had that left jab down to a science back in the faux Freebirds days. The dude always seemed to find a sneaky and effective way to keep it as a surprise that constantly popped the crowd. Years later, when he teamed with The Hardy Boyz. I remember waiting patiently for him to bust it out again. But sadly it was forgotten in WWF like the Steinerline.
  4. About 5 episodes in on watching Agent Carter. So far it’s pretty great. Are people sleeping on this one?
  5. I’m fairly certain he is doing comics again. My FB feed has shown some weird cross overs with Calvin and Hobbes. Not entirely sure of the source.
  6. I love this company as well. This show was really good to great from top to bottom. It’s been a good long while since I’ve actually looked forward to seeing a wrestling show week to week. Prior to this, I was all about the Takeovers spaced out over weeks and months. It was an awesome run of shows. But now I hardly have time for NXT. Good times.
  7. I’ll say this much in the debate here on the page. I understand the reasons both sides are bringing to the table. However... I’ll compare the embarrassment of the lack of exploding at Revolution to the end of Royal Rumble 92. LIVE, that crowd in Albany turned on Hogan. They booed Hogan’s “8 years into his run” stale ass for the new hotness of SID because the baby face pulled some heel shit and got unexpectedly called on it. The next weekend on Superstars they straight up re-recorded the commentary and edited the crowd response in the clips they showed. A straight up attempt at
  8. I’m down for a CGI enhanced Directors Cut Extended Edition.
  9. Things haven’t been the same since Hunk Stroganoff won at WrestleMatches 92. I looked at the ShoppingZone and saw Loner Barfswallows merch was missing from the search.
  10. Didn’t BigMcLargehuge used to post here?
  11. You mean his first name isn’t KING? I am far too old for this to be news
  12. Moxley has been doing some media these pasts few days. He really caught my ear when he went about how: •He pitched violent stuff in WWE got shut down. So he felt like he over promised in selling those matches. •He says that doing an exploding death ka boom wasn’t his idea and don’t put him in a position where afterwards it’s all “he went too far”. Because he will. “Put the kids to bed.” In a backhanded way Moxley is pretty much promising to “go too far”. Omega will be down for whatever. So after the show... how much of a shitstorm can be we expect?
  13. I really think the world is sleeping on Rollins’ match with Neville. I love that match.
  14. This’ll be random as fuck. As the Booker of my sim league The ManchVegas Wrestling Federation. Which you can watch on the YouTube’s. I’ve recently been promising the guys in the league a cross over event with AEW. Already there have been 3-4 inter-promotional matches that I’ve used as padding up the midcard and planting seeds for a full Versus show proper. The Main Event would obviously be our MVWF Champion Kyle Empire vs. AEW Champion Kenny Omega. In my feds history there have been numerous crossover events with current WWE, NXT, NJPW, NWA from 89/90, WWF
  15. Now all it needs is a John Hughes movie.
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