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  1. So the idea of a tournament begs the question for me. Should AEW do a G1 style tournament in the the United States? Would that kind of long drawn out structure alienate North American fans? Would it get in the way of “Dream Match” scenarios? When a first time match is given away in a middling spot in a dense populated tournament. Is that wise to do when historically (NA as opposed to Japan) those matches are saved in better money making positions? Would doing it sooner rather than later make a difference?
  2. Great episode this week. Good action and some table setting has me primed for the finish.
  3. It’s thinking about this stuff when I have the thought that: 1. This is definitely a good time to put Page over and make him champion. The momentum and narrative certainly suggested as much before the 10 man. 2. But the belt collector stuff makes me think that Kenny’s run (considered unto itself) isn’t quite ready to drop the belt and give Page every bit of pass the torch credit. Every bit that is required will be readily available so Omega can possibly spend it to make a baby face “the guy”. Omega hasn’t won or fought for all the belts he could be winning as of yet. Page winning now pretty much cuts that off I’d think… right?
  4. I think the real hurdle to get over is what to do about maintaining current storylines AND making it ok that Punk does a job in Chicago. I’ll spitball the idea of an early in the show promo battle with Punk, Darby, Sting. Set up a number 1 contender match. This way Chicago gets a Punk win and an after match pipe bomb where he promises to win the title as Dynamite or Rampage go off the air. Punk would have to lose to a top rope OWA or something following a visual pin to sell it. But Chicago would’ve got their fill of the long awaited return. I don’t know. These are big moves converging all at once. It’s going to be tough to cram it all in and make it work. Then yeah. Put Adam Page over. Afterward… pivot Punk over to Colt. DO WANT!
  5. I am so smart. S M R T! I’m 1 out of a million in guessing shit right.
  6. So one potential positive in this is if this scandal is henceforth referred to as “PizzaGate”… fewer Googling morons will be fed bizarre conspiracy theories.
  7. Well, ok I guess. I’m in if y’all think it’ll help. I’ve never done it before so I can’t promise quality. That wasn’t your actual plan… was it?
  8. I gotta say. I really enjoyed the match. I’m genuinely afraid of Gage getting AEW into some trouble this week.
  9. Wow. I really loved Charlotte/Rhea. Color me surprised. Just when my tolerance for WWE was at a minimum.
  10. I didn’t realize how much I wanted a Bryan/Yano match before now. If Bryan can work with Kane for ten minutes teasing only a hug? We could have the first 5star comedy match here.
  11. Think of the time saved every week by just having the announcers do it with a graphic.
  12. My memory is kind of vague on this one example. As I don’t recall who was in the match specifically. But I believe I saw the match on a Coliseum Video or Prime Time Wrestling. Anyway, a heel manager was distracting the referee while the heel in the ring did some cheating dastardly shit. But in a blink and you’ll miss it moment. The ref kept his head on the swivel and caught the infraction. Proceeded to get rid of the manager and turned to the action in time to see the heel making the pin. To drag it out even further. The ref gets down on one knee in front of the pin and just makes few a nondescript gestures but not a count for the pin. Later when the dq is announced. Gorrilla and whoever he was commentating with, called the slomo replay where they point out how sharp the ref was for making the catch when he turned his head. Just to illustrate it a little more. I THINK the match dynamic was an established heel star vs. a jobber who was probably outmatched anyway. But the heel shenanigans just happened to cost him that day. Plus I’m pretty sure the Jobber paid the price after the fact for daring to oopsie his way to getting a check in the win column. If I had to guess it was probably Muraco or Terry Funk.
  13. The sudden stop of Mox hitting that chair arch gave me the super douche chills. Ruggedx2.
  14. Another fun show. Nic Gage getting that kind of pop when he hasn’t any history at this level of television is remarkable.
  15. I’d say probably no. They had a decent tag match during a tournament with Ibushi (no idea who his partner was) that I had a killer finish. Ibushi was up on the shoulders for the springboard doomsday device. Ibushi caught the Briscoe in mid air and turned it into a C4 and the 3. As memorable as that finish was the Briscoes didn’t go to Japan enough to truly get over.
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