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  1. With all these releases, who in the WWE would you still want to pay money to go see? Walter. Probably Becky. Maybe Finn. That's about it.
  2. So who won the draft? besides the Rockets, of course. Who wants John Wall?
  3. Holy shit the Rockets actually drafted all my draft crushes. Green, Sengun and Garuba. Please be good.
  4. JJ Watt to the PUP with a bum hamstring. I can understand wanting to leave the Texans dumpster fire, but couldn't he have at least gone to a contender?
  5. Random thought -- How long until "Happy to be here in AEW" doesn't matter as much as money? Who will be the defector?
  6. He's playing safety now.
  7. Deshaun is apparently on the practice field.
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