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  1. Dream better be #1 and the best! Can't wait to see the new look Rockets! Hyped for Jalen Green but Sengun may be the Rookie of the Year.
  2. Can't wait to cheer on JJ and DeAndre! Please come back. Please.
  3. Fish’s knee trap belly to back gave me flashbacks to Benoit breaking Sabu’s neck
  4. We would’ve beaten ‘‘em if they only hit one grand slam
  5. Astros White Sox postponed to tomorrow. Not sure who that helps.
  6. I think the correct way to handle it next time is for the 1B to throw directly at the face of the interfering baserunner. Maybe they should address this idiotic and unnecessarily Byzantine rule? WTF is the purpose of the two white lines on the way to first base? Fucking baseball.
  7. So apparently if you know the first baseman is going to be throwing home you can just run interference on the throw and it’s ok. WTF.
  8. We know who really makes the decisions
  9. What's the current fighting status of the ATT guys? Masvidal is clearly still fighting in the UFC. PVZ is doing the bare knuckle thing (and losing). I don't know about Arlovski and JDS. Kayla Harrison is still ragdolling people overseas?
  10. Why are the Men of the Year associated with ATT? after they lose to the inner circle, ATT should go recruiting. Fish and Garcia fit the mold way better. Cant wait for Garcia to troll everyone and sign with WWE
  11. Next thing you know people would be saying they wouldn't want Ricochet in AEW
  12. Chav is Eden Lake. I don't know anything about Ospreay's personal life, but on paper it doesn't look like a whole lot. And if he goes to AEW and we never get another match with Shingo, I'll be upset.
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