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  1. Giannis in the second half - 8 points, 2 assists, 2 turnovers on 4-16 FG & 0-2 3PT. Absolute choke job.
  2. I really didn't think about it in terms of phases. Is this and all the tv shows going to lead to another Avengers movie? Like, how? I guess maybe a "fake Avengers" with all the knockoffs (Fake Captain America (US Agent), Fake Black Widow (Yelena?), Girl Loki, Agnes as the Scarlet (Purple) Witch, Lady Thor apparently ...
  3. https://twitter.com/PaulKuharskyNFL/status/1525186757519626242?s=20&t=lP2Do-vAE4KNc9-i_3QVhg Imagine trading AJ Brown for this. Gonna eat himself out of the league
  4. So, Harden had a history of getting fat in the off season and then getting back into shape and having MVP seasons and at the strip club every single night. So, theoretically, he busts his ass, gets back into shape, quits going out every night (maybe only 2-3 times a week?), can he have a Chris Paul-like renaissance (nevermind that Paul's about to blow another playoff series to the fucking Mavs)? I don't know. I think if he doesn't get the super super max from Philly, I could see him take a one year deal to ring chase. Probably a Laker or Clipper. And probably still unmotivated and out of shape. He needs a come to Jesus.
  5. I can't believe the Rockets traded Harden at absolutely the right time.
  6. Aren't the Grizz like 40-3 without Ja or some ridiculous number like that
  7. Holy shit the Night House. Lead actress lady really had the same energy as one of my daughters and it was really adding some serious unsettleness that really fucked me up. Scary shit. Not sure I bought the ending but if I head canon that it’s all in her fucking head and she just super super depressed I think it makes it even worse
  8. Told ya he’d carry the Sixiers i knew he was taking the team on his back when Jimmy got a steal and Harden was literally the only one they went back on defense and he actually prevented Jimmy from scoring
  9. vintage Harden performance in the Game 3 win 20 point win over the #1 Heat. Got two broken quads, 50 pounds overweight carrying the team on his back. Face facts people
  10. Is it still hockey rules that if you injure an opposing player intentionally you get suspended the same length they're injured? Unless your Claude Lemieux that one year on Kris Draper.
  11. Neither is ours ... but he's got a long neck. Browns QB ... what a sexual deviant ... hope he gets suspended 2 years like Trevor Bauer
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