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  1. Rockets totally need to hire Mad Max as their team spokesman. Really looking forward to that #1 pick.
  2. RIP OSJ. I recently bought his book. Still haven't read it, but my dad did. He loved it. I was waiting to tell him after we self-published, but I took inspiration from him and wrote a short novel with my son. Now I'll never be able to send it to him.
  3. I don’t think the Texans draft mattered at all this year.
  4. KPJ went for 50 and the Rockets beat the Bucks! Great night to watch the Rockets live.
  5. Finally made it to a Rockets game! It’s going well ...
  6. B-Dub is a terrible babyface - She's TJP winning the Cruiserweight Classic. Maneet is a delusional Bo Dallas heel.
  7. Maneet over B-Dub was the worst booked tournament final ever. Darnell and Jet got robbed in the semis and they went with the least interesting contenders. I’m done.
  8. Watson's attorney, Rusty Hardin has filed his Answer to the allegations and apparently has caught at least 16 accusers in lies. This isn't going away any time soon.
  9. Wow. Night 2 main event may have been one of the worst matches I have ever seen. Is it safe to assume Io, Finn and Cole are main roster bound? Kross might be one of the least believable wrestlers I’ve ever seen. How tall is he supposed to be? He barely looked bigger than Finn, who’s tiny. How long til he and Scarlett get called up, how long before they split them up, and how long before he gets fired and they keep Scarlett? but I really enjoyed night one.
  10. He's gone soft. He rarely missed games as a Rocket. A couple of days late, but as bad as the Rockets' season has been, at least we beat the Mavs. Fuck the Mavs. Also, Olynyk > Oladipo. What a horrible trade for Miami.
  11. https://defector.com/football-writer-who-compared-women-suing-deshaun-watson-to-terrorists-no-longer-working-for-houston-chronicle/ I'm still in wait and see. Buzbee is a clown. He thinks if he can bully Watson in the public eye enough, he'll settle. But Rusty is a god in the courtroom. If it ever actually goes to trial, I'll take Hardin all day.
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