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  1. Texans still in first place
  2. Dammit Seahawks you gotta beat the Titans
  3. I don't think I've seen one horror movie all year. I watched the first season of Black Summer on Netflix, does that count? What's the best horror in 2021? Something I can watch with the 15-13-11 year olds
  4. Conspiracy theory: Ibaka, Bledsoe and Marcus Morris were the only clippers not at the new stadium groundbreaking. Their combined salary = John Wall. Paul George was seen hanging out with John Wall. Trade coming?
  5. There's a lot of wrestlers with day jobs in AEW. Britt's got a dental office, Jericho and Butcher are in bands, MJF is a motivational speaker, Jack Hager is an MMA fighter ...
  6. maybe this means Bobby reforms the Hurt Business to fight the New Day.
  7. Oh, the Texans definitely are the worst team in the league, Urban just got outcoached by .... David "happy to be here" Culley
  8. I'll have to quibble on the "Criminal Complaints" -- a complaint is a formal charge prior to indictment, there's none of those right now. HPD has talked to 10 of the 22 plaintiffs. Per the Harris County DA, they'll present the cases straight to the grand jury. They'll all be no-billed. Going straight to the grand jury gives the DA political cover when the grand jury declines charges. She can say "Well we tried, but the grand jury is the will of the people ..." which is all horse shit since a grand jury will indict just about anyone for just about anything. But then there's this: Cue that AJ / Undertaker gif
  9. And Carr beat the Cowboys so it counted as two wins
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Suck it Tony Khan go figure the dumbass Texans would immediately fail at tanking and end up 1st place in the pathetic AFC South. and how much does Trevor Lawrence suck to throw 3 INTs against this garbage secondary
  11. in my head canon MJF is the illegitimate son of Bubba Ray. Kinda looks like Bubba at the face too, sometimes.
  12. Texans are so Texans to tank a year with a real shitty QB draft
  13. I’m surprised! Still holding out hope …
  14. Whoa is Jay White done in New Japan?
  15. I thought we hate it when the matches and moves look too cooperative. What do you even want? I like it when their struggling on every move! Especially when it looks like they don’t even remember what they’re supposed to be doing!
  16. Texans are stupid enough
  17. Hunch. Jericho starts to announce that he's going to retire, but Punk shows up to talk him out of it, and they hug it out.
  18. I’m not as high on WALTER / Dragunov as y’all. I think I preferred the first empty arena one where you could really hear and feel every strike. In this one, I don’t know if the sleeper finish felt as earned. It felt abrupt. I only caught the end of Joe / Kross, and boy, were they both gassed. Liked the muscle buster finish, but I don’t really know what you can do with Joe as champ, or if he can get better conditioned at his (my) age. He was slow. It’s concerning. Fun end to an era. Wonder what NXT is going to look like in 6 months.
  19. Is there really a stip that Roman will retire if he loses? Baron Corbin too successful they gon give his gimmick to Roman
  20. Isn’t Vegas a destination city? Wouldn’t it be a traveling crowd? So it’ll be a die hard wrestling crowd. we’ll be hearing CM Punk chants throughout
  21. There are two many extra people in AEW. Like Reba, Chavo and that extra guy with Andrade, Penta's interpreter, Cutler, Nakazawa, Hook, etc. Debut Punk against Arlovski and Junior Dos Santos. Avenge those UFC losses!!!
  22. The FBI is investigating the Deshaun Watson situation … investigating whether or not the Instagram massage therapists were extorting Deshaun. what a world.
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