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  1. Wait, so he was in charge for all the bullshit, but none of the success? How'd he last this long?
  2. You must have played different Olympic video games than me, because you just described everyone I've ever played. They have one or two sports that work pretty well, and 9 or 10 that don't work at all. It's incredibly hard to create a sports game that feels satisfying when focusing on one sport, it's impossible to create a satisfying version of multiple sports to be included in one game.
  3. Honestly, I think Cole is in a great spot to leave and become a fairly big star. We're all kind of tired of Cole's run in NXT, but I think the biggest problem with him is that NXT has been stagnant because Cole, Gargano, Ciampa, etc. shouldn't still be in NXT. NXT is supposed to be where those guys get to the main event, create a name for themselves and move on. When it became clear that those guys weren't going to be moving on to the main roster, there was a log jam where the main event guys were having the same matches over and over again. With that said, Cole has been really fucking good in NXT. He's a natural heel, who can work, even if his style gets tiresome over time. He's the exact type of person who can get out of the WWE system and become a huge star somewhere else.
  4. Honestly, I didn't even realize this was a thing until fairly recently. How do you do 20 sets of anything? Seriously, how long are people in the gym if they are doing 20 sets. I just don't see how or why you would ever do that. The most I'll do is 5x5 on squats, where I can load up the weight and rest enough to get a decent amount of work without completely fatiguing myself and that is only 25 total reps. There is some evidence that change in rep ranges provide benefits for muscle growth, so you can do 3 sets of 5 one day, 3 sets of 10 another day, and 3 sets of 15, on another day...but those are spread out over about a week or more. Doing 20 sets of any exercise even over the course of a week sounds excessive.
  5. I used to do upright rows, and 100% of the time it felt like my shoulders were going to fall off. It's amazing I didn't do any lasting damage doing that bullshit exercise over the years.
  6. At this point yes, but Ric Flair isn't who he was in his prime. That should go without saying. With that said, the biggest thing missing from modern wrestling is there are no Ric Flairs, Hulk Hogans, Steve Austins, or The Rocks. There is not a single wrestler in the world who jumps off the screen like any of those guys. There are great wrestlers, but there aren't any transcendent figures. Ric Flair won his first World Championship 40 years ago, and he's still someone who can pop a crowd if he's not overused. There are a lot of people who have came and went in that 40 years, and there is a reason he's still being talked about in 2021. I don't think anyone working right now who has the potential to be a Ric Flair figure in the 2050-2060s
  7. 85% is really low. Seriously, I don't think there is a single active wrestler on earth who is as charismatic as Ric Flair. That isn't even an insult, he's fucking Ric Flair.
  8. This is not a bad comparison. I'd also argue that both are much better in ring workers than they get credit for, especially when allowed to work towards their strengths. Honestly, I don't think anyone has any real problem with Bray's in-ring work as much as they have a problem with the goofy shit they've asked him to do. I don't care how good you are, no one is going to make a match that stops to put a video of maggots on the mat work.
  9. I said it when the Colts signed him, and I'll say it again now. There is no evidence that Carson Wentz is currently a better quarterback than Jacoby Brissett. He was the worst QB in the league last year not named Dwayne Haskins, and his body is made of shards of glass, splinters of balsa wood, and held together with chewing gum.
  10. I couldn't disagree more. If Reginald wants to defend himself online over someone doubting his ability, he's well within his rights to do so. We're talking about pro wrestling. If the worst thing you can say about a wrestler is that he claps back at Hunico on Twitter, he's in the 99th percentile of good guys. You act like this isn't an industry filled with crazy people who have ranged from racists, to murderers, to child molesters, and every other kind of degenerate... this shit isn't a privilege you have to earn. It's a carny business.
  11. I'm kind of surprised there aren't more mixed sports. Mixed double tennis, mixed double golf, about 45 different track events, etc.
  12. It's a moot point now, but I thought there was a block function. Was that removed at some point?
  13. This is kind of why we don't have a men's 3x3 team. I know a few people who played basketball in college. None of them were Division 1, but they all were good enough to play after high school. The one thing they all have in common is they don't just pop up at a park to play basketball. They basically go to some gym where they reserve a stretch of time and go play 5x5 with other guys who played at a higher level. Playing with random dudes at the park just plain isn't fun to someone who can play basketball at a post-high school level. If you know anyone who played any college ball, ask them who the best player they've ever played with, you'll get a surprising answer. I know my brother in law played a game with Lamar Odom in like 1998, and swears that he's the most talented basketball player who has ever lived. He doesn't think he's the best ever, just has the most tools in the toolbox. I remember him saying that there is nothing happening on a basketball court that he's not great at. My coworker swears Keith Bogans is the best player he's ever seen. He basically thinks that if Keith Bogans has all the skills, he's just not the kind of overwhelming athlete you have to be to excel in the NBA. Both my brother in law and my coworker are much more likely to play basketball with an NBA player than a bunch of random dudes at the park. So, if you are the type of basketball player good enough to make an Olympic team, you probably aren't playing 3x3, because they are playing high level 5x5 basketball games with other guys who were good enough to play in college. I would also like to cosign you volleyball point. Me and some friends signed up for a volleyball league and none of us had played outside of PE and we were all over 30. You might think you'd be decent at volleyball, but trust me you aren't. Unless you've been practicing how to be explosive in every direction including up...you aren't going to be very good.
  14. This shit is like when you see the commercial for a free new cell phone with a new contract and you go to cash in and they tell you it's only for new customers. Nobody gives a fuck about the people already in the tent only about the new assholes wandering outside the tent. I've recently come to the conclusion that we only really reward the people who behave the worst. Doing what you should do isn't going to earn you shit. You just have to be satisfied knowing you did what was right.
  15. This has to feel like when the governor calls to stay your execution for Julianna Peña, right? Either way it looks like Nunes has COVID.
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