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  1. Max Caster's greatest heel work is posing with that picture instead of the artist.
  2. Settle Down Christopher.Anninonetico. Somebody had to say it though.
  3. We are going to have to save Darby and Sammy from themselves. I get wanting to give the fans something memorable, but save it for a big moment. Don't give us the expectation that we may see this type of thing every other Wednesday.
  4. There is no way that the power 5 wouldn't be better just setting themselves up as a "professional" college league. They could sell TV rights for billions and can stop acting like they aren't paying the players.
  5. It's almost like they want to build a system that exploits the athletes. I really don't understand why the NCAA still exists, who does any of this shit help? Why would the power 5 listen to anything they come up with? If they told the NCAA to fuck off, there's nothing they could do to enforce any of these rules.
  6. I feel like Kaepernick should sue again for every season Peterman is on a roster, but Kaep's not. I don't see how he can lose.
  7. For me, the Xbox is the daily system, for when I want to jump in and play something random and/or stream something. The PS5 is turned on for specific reasons. I play one game at a time and leave it alone otherwise. I think the biggest reason for that other than Game Pass is Quick Resume. Being able to jump from game to game without having to go through the whole startup process is super convenient. With that said, the PS5 exclusives are worth the price of the system.
  8. 100% correct, I have every current console and the Xbox gets the most play because so many games are readily available. The new Playstation service is intriguing, but they're so far behind its going to take a while before they catch up with Game Pass. With that said, if they just fill it with JRPGs, I'll probably spend a good amount of time with it.
  9. I'm of the opinion that developers should just start working on the next generation of consoles now, because these games have gotten so massive that it's going to take that long to finish the average AAA open world game. I feel like this generation of games is going to be extremely small, because the development cycle is too long for the current level of technology. Sure, they can create something amazing, it's just going to take longer than the console cycle.
  10. When you brought your Hasbros to his house did he say, "that's not an action figure," then pull out an LJN and say, "that's an action figure?"
  11. As far as I know EA at least pays the people who are working under terrible conditions... don't look to close at how the buildings for the World Cup are being built or who is building them, or how many of them have died. FIFA is almost always the bad guy in comparison to anyone else.
  12. As someone who watched Trading Places 4665478544665512 times as a kid, I could never buy into Jamie Lee Curtis being anything but All-Woman.
  13. I feel like his best role was as DP in a legendary episode of Martin.
  14. Is Oliveira the Josh Allen of MMA? I don't think I've ever seen someone with so many outrageous flaws as a young fighter turn into a dominant champ. He had all the physical gifts you could want, but it was all the mental stuff that kind of comes naturally to dominant fighters that was just plain missing for about a decade. People don't really become tough, durable, stone cold killers 10 years into their careers no matter how many physical tools they have. I have been skeptical about his entire title run, because I couldn't get past his history of folding like a house of cards anytime he faced any adversity, but I have to give him credit. He's the champion of a division of killers and his last 4 wins solidified him as an all-time great lightweight. Consider my words eaten.
  15. For me, sitting is what aggravates my back the worst, because the problem is with the last disk above my tailbone. With that said, my in office chair is also a peace of crap, so it's much worse when I'm in the office. I do have a standing desk at work, but standing is only better if I've been sitting, and sitting is only better if I've been standing as both put too much vertical compression on that particular disk. Of all the reasons I hate that they want us back in the office, it's #1 for me.
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