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  1. It's ridiculous, but also makes so much sense. He got to the top of college football against all odds and lost the one stable person in his life at the same damn time. He has to try to navigate being newly single at the exact same time where the most women are interested in him. It's not surprising that Ed Orgeron of all people would have a very hard time dealing with that. He went from laughingstock to champion in the only place in the country where you can act like Ed Orgeron and no one will look at you sideways. We can moralize this, but he was doing what a lot of us would do in that exact situation. Most people would have no clue how to deal with being that rich, that popular, and that desirable at a time where you also have no excuse not to indulge. He just couldn't help himself.
  2. He's also from the Philadelphia area, so he has that going for him. I know someone who was friends with Bynum in high school, like close enough to be at his draft party, and the fact that those two are friends explains a lot about his personality to me. She's perhaps the single meanest person I've ever met, and if he can be close friends with her the Philly fans/media didn't stand a chance. She was part of a rec league kickball team I was one for a couple summers and she made multiple people cry real life ugly faced tears. She was a pretty good player though.
  3. The Ravens entire existence is the off brand Browns. They're just in their dominant 40-60s period. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  4. I asked this in a group chat with my friends, and we couldn't think of a #2, so I'll ask it again here... Is Ben Simmons the best worst player in any sport? Seriously, he can do so many valuable things, but he's literally someone you can't have on your team. Why would any team trade for him at this point? Kyrie Irving is at least Kyrie Irving NBA Champion, who made one of the biggest shots of all time. Ben Simmons won't shoot, his teammates believe that he tried to fake COVID to get out of a game 7, and he's a pain in the ass.
  5. Everybody who has any interest in college football and is wondering how and why Ed Orgeron is getting fired 2 years after winning a national championship with one of the most dominant teams in history, needs to listen to Bomani Jones' podcast from yesterday. It's a hilarious review of how someone with impulse control issues deals with life after divorce.
  6. Cody's biggest problem is that he so clearly isn't a big enough star to compete with the biggest stars in the show any more. Punk need a program, but I don't think Cody will be able to compete with him on any level. Cody is the king of being pretty good at everything, but great at nothing. He doesn't feel like he should be sharing the ring with Malakai Black, who is charismatic, but not someone who has perfected his character. Punk is a legitimately all time great promo, with a beloved character. Cody will be blown off the screen in every segment. Cody needs to either step up in ways I'm not 100% sure he's capable of, or he needs to be the top midcard guy who is putting helping build up young guys. He's so far behind guys like Punk, Danielson, Omega, Moxley, Miro, etc., that I can't see him as a main event act. Honestly if you put him in a program against Adam Cole, who is going to be doing the heavy lifting getting the program over? Who is the highest person on the card that Cody can be in a program with and feel like he's pulling half the weight?
  7. Martin's subtle selling and facial expressions were excellent for that entire match, especially for someone his age. As the match started he has a look of apprehension on his face like he thought he was in over his head, but he asked for it and he wasn't going to run from it. He really is an impressive prospect who is only going to get better working in a promotion that really seems to care about match structure and making little things count.
  8. I think he needs to win clean in the middle of the ring. That will make him whether or not he kicks out of the OWA. Kicking out of the OWA needs to be held off for a while to me, and Page doesn't need it. The fans are already behind him in a way that they can save that for another day. Honestly, I feel like the fact that we can see it coming is the biggest reason not to do it. Right now it would mean a lot, don't get me wrong, but it can be built up to mean much more if they saved it for down the line. I almost feel like it's something you do when Omega either wants to debut a new finisher or if Omega is going to be out of the main event scene. It should be treated like a horror movie villain, the embodiment of death, but once it's defeated the movie is over. This feels like the end of the first act to me, if AEW is going to be around for a while there is no need to kill the villain this quickly, especially when the hero is already established in the eyes of the audience.
  9. We really live in the dumbest era in human history. Even fucking cavemen who didn't figure out sorry, agriculture or much of anything else did everything they could to survive. We have to be the first group of people who thinks survival is a secondary motivation.
  10. Lol, I'm beginning to think you're in my brain. There is a way to protect moves and put a guy over for not being pinned. One of my favorite all time spots is Kawada eating a nasty Stan Hanson lariat that he the so hard he flew out of the ring. When he got back in Kawada was able to counter the next move with a kick and it really put over how unbelievably tough that Kawada was. He didn't have to kick out for him to make a huge gain in reputation, just surviving was enough. He ended up taking the fall, but it really felt like he stood toe to toe with one of the all time toughest men in the history of the sport. Unfortunately it's broken up into 3 parts in YouTube, but this is the match if anyone wants to watch it.
  11. Are you a never kick out guy or an extremely rare and 100% earned kick out guy? I think I'm a never kick out unless you are removing one person from their spot and passing the touch to the next. I don't think they should do it here, because Omega is still going to be in the main event. I love the idea of protected moves, and think that protection should be treated as sacred. You can never get it back once its gone.
  12. I also feel like Austin is one of the few people who just decided he didn't want to put up with Vince McMahon's shit. There is clearly a level of respect there, but even Vince has acknowledged that their working relationship was pretty difficult. Leaving as the ask time great draw and not having to deal with your asshole boss, seems like a great way to ride off into the sunset.
  13. To @Greggulator's credit, this episode is the least obviously Puerto Rican they've ever been. I feel like at least one of them is usually wearing a Puerto Rican flag in some fashion at all times, but they were more subdued this week.
  14. @ZimbraYeah, I looked through all those gifs and Frank Andersson works like my create-a-wrestler from No Mercy. A bunch of weird suplexes and judo throws mixed in with some high flying. This jumping back elbow was pretty fucking sweet too.
  15. I understand that Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback we've had for decades. I also understand that we're going to have to pay him. I fully believe that the Browns ceiling is Baker Mayfield, and the AFC has too many good to great quarterbacks for the Browns to compete with an overwhelmingly average quarterback.
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