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  1. I'm 40, and for my entire life I could count on Vikings kickers and Florida State kickers to miss last second field goals.
  2. Honestly, if we got Gus Johnson for every Kyler Murray game, I'd be 100% fine with that. We need someone to show the correct level of excitement for Kyler Murray running 42 yards side to side and throwing an off balance deep ball.
  3. I'm going to go ahead and assume if your significant other buys you a Ric Flair robe, she knows exactly who you are and she is expecting a dick helicoptering. It's kind of like when I told my then significant other that I talked my work fantasy football league to put in $10 extra bucks to buy a fantasy championship belt. I told her if I won, I'd expect some loving while wearing the belt...she looked at me, thought for a second and said, "I think I could manage that." She knew she had a have sex in a championship belt type of man, and accepted it.
  4. I can't blame Terri for this. If every woman goes to court for every time some dude harrasses them, our entire justice system would collapse because we don't have enough lawyers, judges, courtrooms, etc. Seriously, I'm not a woman, but I have enough close female friends to know that this shit happens to almost all of them fairly regularly. It's like racism. I'm not saying every time someone claims racism, that it is credible, but as a black person I know that I don't have nearly enough free time to file some sort of complaint every time it comes up. I have no idea how or why anyone on earth would think that a 50+ year old man trying to force a woman to touch his spinning penis is funny, especially after you sober up and have time to think about it for more than .1 second. Tommy Dreamer thinking it's all OK roughly 20 years later is fucking infuriating. You know the craziest part of this entire thing is to me? The fact that not only was their boss on the plane, but the boss' wife was on the plane, and they did all this bullshit any way. Can you imagine whipping your dick out on a plane with your boss?
  5. I also like Arnold Presses. I got to the gym yesterday, and for some reason there wasn't an empty barbell on either incline bench so I started my workout with the Arnold presses. I think the part I like the most is that it forces me to be strong in non-optimal positions. I can get the weight over my head, the challenge is controlling in on the way down, especially on the turn. It forces me to really lock in, and focus on the technique of supporting my shoulders with my lats and try to keep the vertical range of motion as tight as possible. It is a great exercise, especially when you are getting up there in weight and working out by yourself. The limiting factor to my dumbbell presses, whether or not it is flat bench, incline, or overhead is getting 80+ lbs. off the floor to my lap on the bench. The Arnold Press allows me to lower the weight and not feel like I'm not getting as much work as I would get with a heavier weight.
  6. When LeBatard left ESPN, they did a 24-hour launch of their post-ESPN show. This is how it started.
  7. Do you play Call of Duty? From what I hear, Call of Duty takes up a massive amount of space so if you play it you should probably get the bigger SSD. With that said, we are in the first year of the PS5, so I think it's pretty safe to say that the games will only be getting bigger. If you have the cash, I'd probably advise to get the larger one, just so you don't have to buy another one later, but for now the smaller one will suffice unless you play Call of Duty.
  8. If you read anything about the 90s era Cowboys, you'll find that not only is it comparable, but Michael Irvin was the most influential person on the entire team. Michael Irvin is a crazy person who not only does crazy things himself, but influences everyone around him to be just as crazy. He's one of those people who does everything at 100% intensity 100% of the time, and you either have to match that intensity or be destroyed by it. I think he'll be great with Stephen A. and it's also why he'd have been an incredible wrestler.
  9. I have it, and use it occasionally, but I also have an Xbox and everything about Gamepass is better. Don't expect to play anything current, but if you are looking for PS3 and PS4 games, you'll have a lot of fun with it.
  10. Please tell me its going to be Travolta and Nic Cage again. Seriously, that is one of the most ridiculous ideas for a movie, the only thing that can make it more ridiculous is to do it all over again with the same actors 25 years later.
  11. Michael Irvin gets my vote for person outside of pro wrestling who would have been the best pro wrestler. Incredible athlete, loves cocaine, great promo, he legit has it all.
  12. This is the epitome of fixing something that isn't broke. Mandy Rose has her issues as a performance, her look wasn't one of them. She does kinda look like Megan Fox here though.
  13. From what I understand, the two of them actually like each other, but Max has always been a square peg on that show. Bomani Jones and Dominique Foxworth were talking about the times they've been on First Take a few weeks ago. Both of them are very good at television, but neither of them seem to think that they could do that show. They both said something to the effect that the show works at it's best when someone can go as hard at Stephen A. as he goes at them. He actually needs someone to come back at him with a strong opinion so they can go back and forth. The problem is that no one actually has the ability to come up with instant strong opinions like him. He doesn't want to talk over someone the entire time, he wants and needs someone to actually try to compete with him. Max is good at what he does, that show isn't what he does.
  14. LOL, he addressed it in the replies. He was wearing dress shoes, but they only make them up to a 14 and he wears a 16.
  15. If the question is who I'd like to watch wrestle, Charlotte is over Mandy Rose. If the question is who I would like to wrestle, Mandy Rose goes over Charlotte.
  16. Seriously, pretty much every woman on WWE's roster would be in asset in AEW. I like how the division is growing, but if anyone higher on the card than Dana Brooke or Lacey Evans hits the market they need to go out of their way to sign them.
  17. For the record, I'm laughing at this not any of the Deshaun Watson stuff. I don't expect Urban Meyer to last the season, they got their ass beat by the team I expected to be the worst in the league.
  18. I don't even watch the show, but know they are pretty much already doing that with AJ Styles.
  19. So with all this talk of cage matches, is this a safe space to admit that I thought Kenny Omega and Christian were fighting in a cage on Sunday. I didn't realize Christian's last name was Cage. I read it as, "Kenny Omega vs Christian, Cage" like cage was the type of match.
  20. Honestly if I'm Houston, I'm trading every single player of value and starting from scratch. They need to burn that shit to the ground and hope the ashes fertilize the soil. They have a generational talent at quarterback and can't play him. He's also by far the best player in the team. After Watson, I don't even know who is their 2nd best player. The cupboard is bare and if they can get anything off value for the crumbs and cobwebs, they should try to do it.
  21. This reminds me about how much I hated Tyson's punch from Wrestlemania XIV. I remember how excited I was for that show, because Mike Tyson was pretty much the most consistently exciting athlete of my entire life. I knew enough about wrestling, that I was pretty sure he would get involved at some point. When he punched Shawn Michaels, who sold it like death to his credit, I kind of thought, "wait, that was it?" My opinion as always is that worked strikes and submissions are worked for a reason. I never feel like the shoot version works nearly as well in a world environment.
  22. I'm going to go ahead and say that 100% of them would be terrible boxers, based on a world punch is designed to be telegraphed to the person in the back row and boxers will destroy you for tipping your punches.
  23. I'm a Browns fan, I can relate. I haven't been this excited about a Browns team since Bernie Kosar was the quarterback... but my Browns fan PTSD is tingling.
  24. If you're a Denver Bronco quarterback not named John Elway, why do you think anyone would tolerate this kind of bullshit from you? Seriously, that shows a huge lack of self awareness.
  25. So, why did they even waste time doing 20,000 simulations, if they were only going to focus on one? It seems like a big ol waste of time.
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