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  1. Nah, I was live for Ishii/Kingston, we're talking about that. Kingston was in Tenryu mode for the match. Tryina slapp a tity off. Wasn't going for an NLB, it was a 54-Sai or whatever you call it. Coulda been better cause Eddie had Ishii in a surfboard and he went for the Misawa-on-Jumbo facelock instead of a WAR Special, but the Jericho match clearly proved that Eddie has been on a Tenryu binge all year. The crowd was on a simmer cause we wanted to hear Eddie's chops, for the record. The least-appreciated match of the show was Suzuki/Brody King, easily, because the crowd was too star-struck to realize that the only possible outcome was Brody King absolutely murdering an old man. And the match of the night was Okada/Romero vs. White/Hikuleo because Jay's the best heel in the world & Rocky Romero trying to take a 6'9" rookie of his feet is the perfect cover for a low-bump big-star house show tag match.
  2. As someone who occasionally calls his longtime live-in girlfriend his wife for the sake of simplifying the stories I tell to strangers, I don't get why this is a thing?
  3. Capital Collision was a wonderful show to attend. The undercard held up its end of the bargain (O-Khan is o-ver) and TMDK vs. UE had the show cranked up to a level it never dipped from. Main was more than solid, Ishii vs. Kingston was a true dream match, and the MVP, obviously, was Rocky Romero. Minoru Suzuki punched his bump card way more than I thought. Very pleased with the booking. I was on the road by 10:15. Again, wonderful.
  4. It's Mox but I'm boycotting the lack of Zack Sabre Jr. EDIT: oh wait we're doing a thing
  5. I'm stuck between these two camps. I need to see Penta in twenty years. I know he's gonna be fat, I know he's gonna blade in most matches, maybe he won't have his mask, maybe the only bumps he'll take are big ones. Maybe I'm just waiting for that Penta.
  6. The thing to remember is that Orange Cassidy was a top-of-his-class CHIKARA superworker hiding in plain sight, while Danhausen is some guy. Like he can bump and sell and get through a match but at no point has he been considered anything remotely close to a workhorse.
  7. This last episode of Dynamite proved to me that it doesn't matter who I'm hyped for or who I *want* to succeed - some talent just does it anyway. My response to the Tony Nese signing was the same as everyone. Why? Stacked roster. Enough NXT/205 castoffs. No gimmick workrate dude. And yet every single match I've seen him have since the signing has been great. A consistent highlight of DARK, has chemistry with everyone, all his stuff looks good and reads well on TV, he's exactly the kind of guy you want to put over a newer midcard babyface act. Smart Mark Sterling is a binder. The flour in your roux, the cream of mushroom in your casserole. Talking for Jade, getting heat for Nese, being the in-house lawyer for contract based angles, or as a flesh shield for MJF, he hits ever note he's supposed to,does it with enthusiasm and never detracts from the featured performers. He's emerging as one of the company's most useful assets. I was of the opinion that Toni Storm was mildly overrated and maybe not super-dedicated to the business anymore but thus far she's proven to be the biggest shot in the arm the AEW women's division has ever seen. Every match she's had has worked for me. Way less timing/footwork/positioning issues some of the greener talent has been struggling with, she can competently promo, she's young and stunning and all that, seriously, the quality of women's matches on Dynamite seems to be way up over the last month and I think her presence is the most important piece. She keeps this up though the Owen Hart Tournament and I'm gonna advocate her being their top babyface.
  8. This was the archetypal episode of Dynamite executed very close to perfectly.
  9. Kayfabe psychosis goes both ways. Vince did his best booking when he was a "worker", but he took parts of that character home with him.
  10. AEW has spent so much time and energy putting themselves over as a company that deeply respects tag team wrestling. The company was partially built on the Young Bucks. They're the home of FTR. The consensus Best AEW Match Ever was a tag match. The idea of AEW getting rid of their tag titles is absolutely absurd.
  11. A pathetic opening day. Maybe bet the field on this one. At least WKTKKG looks great.
  12. AEW Dynamite is becoming bit by a very particular "one bad segment" problem. I'm gonna reference the Satnam Singh debut here - a lot of pretty good episodes of Dynamite are being judged by their low point and not their high. Maybe this is how WWE TV criticism has looked over the last few year, maybe it's the opposite, you tell me. In fairness, I do think that Pillman's had enough bad TV segments to prove that he doesn't belong on television. I just figure the talking point of the episode should be a Fenix vs. Dante match that nailed what it was supposed to do. But the human mind fixates on negative patterns as a survival instinct and shit~ Rampage was kinda dope. No spoilers, promise. It should play well on this board. Post-Becky-Talkin'-Shit they run the first half of a 20 minute Mercedes vs. Deonna keeper and we all wonder where the heat is - but the Hayter/Britt vs. Toni/Ruby Rampage opener woulda been a WAY better call for Dynamite. Then we got a pretty long and pretty great Riho vs. Yuka joint that's probably gonna get clipped. They kinda forced the nearfalls ECW-style but it works. AEW women's matches have a heat problem when the bell rings, it's a demographic issue that's pretty obvious if you've attended multiple shows. The talent tend to fix it themselves if they have enough time but with AEW TV time being so limited you run into an ugly effect-and-cause problem. Is the division not over because it isn't featured or is it not featured because it isn't over? Toni Storm is a SHOT IN THE ARM. Jamie Hayter, Hikaru Shida, Serena Deeb (needs a mouthpiece), Riho. Hire Athena. That's your Smackdown Six. Britt is gonna stay over. Ruby's work has been really improving over the last month, her offense looks notably better. Nyla has crazy chemistry w/ Riho, Ruby, Rosa. Thread the needle, TK, the pieces are there.
  13. Reporting live. Weird technical issues before the show (entrance music/vids not playing, clock by the hard cam going out) so they're completing the Dark Elevation taping now. If Mark n Show sound exhausted, or if the Rampage crowd is yawning, that's why. A "better than the card" show but god damnit we were all here for some Julia Hart heel shit. Pillman's promo was baffling. Purrazzo/Martinez were set up to fail but I thought the actual work was very good. Dante/Fenix was exactly what it should have been and exactly what the show needed. Wardlow segment was exquisite.
  14. I believe it. Putting Kenny Omega, who I believe has zero experience in game development, in charge of this thing solely because "he likes game a lot" is not a disaster-proof recipe.
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