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  1. It's way, way up there on my list. #4 or #5 on mine, behind Cody/Dustin, Britt/Rosa and Danielson/Suzuki, more or less tied w/ Stadium Stampede, and one or two notches above the primo Bucks matches (vs. BANG~man + vs. Fight Hermanos inna cage). I think it has the dual advantage of being the culmination of an expertly constructed TV build - the match and the feud are inarguably territoral/Southern and I'd love the teams to run it back in a concession stand - and having enough good, cheap modern pops to perfectly juxtapose the grit 'n hate, Sue & OC's involvement both. What's been prematurely swept under the rug is the genius of the Arcade Anarchy match. Watched without the (bad) preceeding feud and it's not that far off the Parking Lot joint. HEED THESE WORDS - A dubbed Best of Chuck Taylor VHS would involve those two tags, his PWG Championship matches vs. ZSJ and Ricochet x2, Cabelleras contra Mascaras w/ Icarus vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant (OC + Gulak), the TPI Final w/ Quack & Claudio, streetfight vs El Generico, and your pick of the Best Friends' best PWG tags and his best comedy matches (vs. Archibald Peck & the BOLA Liger butthole tag). Think about where you'd place Chuck on your AEW Roster Workrate Rankings and then tell me how many of your better guys' resumes would fill out a single blue-jacket Maxell. I would put the cream of Chuck's crop above, let's say, the best five hours of Malakai Black.
  2. Bryce debuted with the second-generation CHIKARA class that included Eddie Kingston and Jigsaw, which is to say he cut his teeth on & specializes in being the befuddled official trying and failing to corral eight man indy clusterfucks. AEW wants the refs to be "bad", because a lot of the highspots in these tag matches are technically kayfabe-illegal. Bryce at least registers shock, confusion and exasperation. Compare this to Knox, who just doesn't act like he gives a shit. I think the gap between them is sizeable
  3. I have not seen two guys saunter into a ring and produce a classic like that with such effortless brutality in a long time, if ever. My God, man My balls feel like concrete. And then every second of the actual televised show overachieves. Junior Dos Santos looked like he was having the time of his life. Bountiful amount of pro wrestling joy. My Crockett Cup runneth over.
  4. Minoru Suzuki about to be the frontrunner for Top Jobber to the Stars 2021.
  5. Yeah and a fuckin' lip fulla dip, and a cornflour sack filled with horseshoes and duplicate copies of Alabama cassettes that you forgot you already had, and a BIBLE with a GUN in it, God DAMNIT.
  6. I'm in the post-cheesesteak phase of things. I know my John's Roast Pork + DiNic's but I need to get around to Nick's Roast Beef. I think I've had Cosmi's before but I could use a refresher. Last time was bahn mi at Ba Le. I tell ya. Good town for sandwiches. I'm pretty sure they're running Punk/Garcia first. Getting tired of the big matches being the opener but if the crowd is gonna be burnt out for the last taped match I get it.
  7. No lie, I wonder if her being completely cheated out of a Dancing With The Stars win makes her a favorite with Jericho. She's got nowhere to go in combat sports and she's money any time a camera is on her. Think she can learn how to work that Switch Kick into a viable TV finisher?
  8. Very, very compromised attempt at looking this up on Cagematch. Nyla = 46 Conti = 39 (Most wins in AEW 2021) Rosa = 36 Swole = 33 Britt = 32 Red Velvet = 32 Ford = 28 I'd say there's no good reason not to run Shida vs. Nyla back when they're both 49 wins deep. Maybe as one of the matches in the TBS Title Tournament? I don't see either winning it so it would be a good feather in their cap.
  9. Philly, man. This show, that crowd, shows why it's the capital of US pro-wrestling as far as I'll ever be concerned. Punk daring to play the cheesesteak/cheesecake angle was a real cute way of seeing if he can still get booed. I like the answer he got. Excalibur's "corner of Swanson & Rittner" call during the main... I could smell the Bengay <3. I like the big hot tag match opener better than the "best match we've got tonight" opener. Adam Cole not diving so that he could taunt & be goozled is what he should be adding to these matches, Jesus, that catchphrase is over. I hate heel ref angles but I don't know how else to justify Knox counting anything, much less quadruple-team finishers. Credit where credit's due - Dan Lambert cut off Judas at the perfect time to force the a capella sing-along. Sometimes he gets real heat, sometimes he gets go-away heat. Sometimes Jericho commands a crowd like no other, sometimes he's a tryhard oldbag. Nice to see both of the upsides hit in the same segment. They need to find a happy medium between edgelord Max Caster and whatever yo-baby-yo-baby-yo stuff they wrote for him tonight. TOO MANY TALENTS. Bobby Fish is certainly better than a lot of guys who have proper contracts. When does AEW start cutting day-one midcard "projects" for fully-formed workhorses like Fish? Do they ever? Is it worth the PR hit? These questions are anything but rhetorical. Deeb/Shida was needed, both in terms of the talent being on TV and as a means to express the depth of the Women's Division. They looked like two Pokemon cartridges fighting out there. I usually understand why control segments end up on PiP but I'm gonna rewatch a rip of this one. I kinda knew Shida was losing when they showed the trophy but I like the story being told there. btw just call the fuckin' Serenity Lock Serenity Now. I need somebody to make an "MJF PUSHES MONGO" sign. Y'know, that's a very different phrase in the TNT wrestling dialect... Every time I see a multi-person ladder match, I think... what if NXT booked that sort of a match and Kacy Catanzaro, American Ninja Warrior standout, just wins the whole thing in a minute? PAC/Andrade, feud forever, if they're alive. I mean JESUS, PAC should be in a wheelchair for a month. I love that Jon Moxley has the kind of gimmick that can dip down into a more upper-midcard feel when the booking calls for it. The Page stuff writes itself, if this was WWE I'd say I was glad that they ran this in front of a smart town - I'm still worried that he's going to cool off, but now is better than never and Kenny is in a feud that doesn't need a belt. There's a time for the obvious. Kenny/Page, pull the trigger.
  10. Ospreay is an instant channel change for me. I can't realistically imagine anyone I'd want on the roster less.
  11. Yeah, but 44% percent of that poll was voting for the now-injured Naito to win the block. If you erase that number, factor ZSJ's 9% of the vote, keep in mind that the 18% of people voting for Shingo forgot that the champ can't win... ...hold on, some mysterious chain mail just appeared my head that I gotta go deal with.
  12. Zack looks like a main eventer every night. He's the only guy in the world doing it the way he does it and he's refining it each time out. Please just give him a spot in the Finals. Please give him the Karl Anderson rub.
  13. Velocity was a major part of re-esablishing my love of wrestling. Akio, Sakoda, Tajiri, Paul London, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Jamie Noble, Spike Dudley, and ever other low-card 2004 Smackdown cruiserweight were my jam in high school. I was never a WWE guy, really, but that division was probably my high point in being a committed WWE stan, the semester before I figured out how to torrent RoH shows. Sakoda might be a short-lived undercard guy and a forgotten talent but I'm more sentimental about him than plenty of World Champs. RIP.
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