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  1. The rumor is that the "Plane Ride from Hell" Dark Side of The Ring episode is fucking heavy and will delve into the sexual assault allegations against Ric Flair in a way the average fan hasn't heard before. That the release was WWE's call and not Ric's. I'm willing to entertain the conspiracy.
  2. I'm not really big on guys getting cheap heat for contunuously implying a 19 year old is having sex with both members of the tag team she's managing and then rapping about her personal hygine. I've been beaten over the head with the dualing ideas that I'm supposed to be a pussy-pursuing crotch hound who should prioritize heterosexual intercourse over all things vs. a man's man who should give a hearty guffaw to any fellow brother disparaging the slightly more complicated genitalia of the half+ of the human population it's cool to humiliate. Heard that since elementary school. Fuck that shit, God bless vaginas and the people that possess them. I didn't come into this world on a hot July morning with my dad in stirrups getting pissed out of his dick. I know where I come from.
  3. I aggressively disagree. A CM Punk return has been the single most important thing that could happen during a wrestling show for over half a decade. When it happens, the stakes must be high. Anyone wrestler who is present when it happens will be elevated by sheer proximity. You shine that fucking beacon from mountain top.
  4. Flair needs to win the GHC first, then he can get his win back vs. Muto from the 1995 G1.
  5. My take re:Gage is if you didn't watch or attend scuzzy post-ECW Mid Atlantic indies then what the fuck do you even like about wrestling
  6. Is this show keeping pace w/ Bellator at all? I might check it out tomorrow if word-of-mouth is good, but the alternative is too tasty tonight.
  7. I've been putting my AEW mark gurf through the ringer on old CM Punk matches. Trying to cobble all the reasons why he's a big deal - vs. Cena, vs. Danielson, MITB, the Joe series, Hero, pipe bomb, Old Style in the shower, what have ya. Outside of the Joe vs. Necro Naylormania match I've been trying to remember which big IWA and RoH matches have Punk on commentary and hold up the best. He's the only guy I know stole a joke from me on WWE TV off of these boards so Season 3 NXT is off the table (also for a million better reasons). But I know there's some killer Punk/Prazak improv comedy routines sitting on top of a few Highspots Network classics.
  8. Glad to know this is the quality of posting I can expect over the next few months. Are people getting upset at their own fantasy booking? You don't need Punk or Danielson challenging for any belts for awhile. They are going to draw just by virtue of being there. They can wait until the first night of honeymoon being over before mixing it up with the title scenes and the long-term storylines around them.
  9. Count the number of people Nick Gage has actually killed. Estimate the number that Domino's has. They aren't particualrly close. I might have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Cluck U (RIP Cluck U Towson, definitely not insurance fraud arson), but fuck it I could go for some. Let no man say Nick Gage lacks taste, I'll forgive the Natty Ice preference.
  10. Give me the first half of Gage/Cardona and the second half of Gage/Jericho and you've got his best match ever. Or at least since that Thumbtack Jack classic I semi-remember.
  11. Fine by me. They can move my seat down as far as they want. I'll bring my CZW airhorn and Arena Mexico rudo clacker, or whatever.
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