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  1. I live every day of my life in that godforsaken reality. No he isn't.
  2. It's the small one. The further away I get from it, the more it's sinking in that the Cody promo is quite possibly one of the worst of all time. If you're going to argue the Worst Band of All Time, it's pointless to try to figure out which recorded musicians had the least chops. Worst Movie, you can always find one with less budget + less technical know-how. Why? Even if you go down these paths, you'll end up on things of value. The Shaggs, Manos, the Antichrist promo, so on. Talented people spreading stupid messages always dig a deeper pit. Only a good promo guy can cut something th
  3. Kenny drops the strap to Okada. The show is called SPACE JAM THREE and draws *a billion fans*. That's my shitty prediction, good night.
  4. God fucking damnit I kept expecting him to break out into that one monologue from the beginning of The Glass Menagerie. That's the deepest insult I can muster.
  5. This is my very safe and diplomatic take but I think it's too soon since the Brody/Cody squash. No need to write over that one yet.
  6. I'm going for the cheap DVDVR pop and suggesting this for MJF's entrance whenever AEW runs their B/R Live $10 PPV from the Opry.
  7. AND ANOTHER THING During quarantine, I rewatched the '01-'04 G1 Climaxes and every Dome Show (not just 1/4) from like '99 til whenever the wheels fell off - Yuji Nagata has always been fucking great. He was great when he won his first G1, his long title reign has way more good matches than it gets credit for (he literally went Broadway against Nakanishi and it's very good), he's one of Japan's greatest interpromotional performers ever and his passing of the torch to Tanahashi is a criminally ignored chunk of quality. Yuji Nagata is a DADDY.
  8. For a portion of the main event, it looked like Miro had just walked under a freshly-painted fence and a skunk was trying to fuck him. Good show. Big matches delivered. Shoot Cody into the sun.
  9. I cannot wait to watch Venture Movie when it comes out in the year 2035.
  10. Turner bought a hockey team, too? AEW is finished.
  11. I get why old sports dudes shit on modern players - they were high-level athletes playing zero-sum games. Most ex-All Stars are hyper competitive semi-sociopaths who made millions of dollars by conditioning themselves to dislike people in jerseys other than their own. When these fifty-somethings watch and groan about post-Steph Curry three pointer theory, they're imagining what they'd do if they were on the other team and how they'd beat modern players using the skills they had in their prime. Wrestling isn't a zero-sum game. When old wrestlers imagine how they'd interact with the stars of tod
  12. This is the right comparison, this is the symptom of the worst human instinct people bring with them when they argue about the entertainment in front of them. It goes so far beyond Charles Barkley saying stupid shit about teams who rest their starters or Cornette hating anything that doesn't remind him of Watts or Crockett. The kneejerk thing that makes people feel that any new idea that emerges after your late twenties (and especially after you age beyond the "key demo") is somehow less valid than the entertainment that existed in your formative years - it's arbitrary, it's self-centered
  13. EDIT: I did a "too soon" thing so here's a different opinion On Limelight = Gambler (fuck yes Gambler) I'm legitimately curious how many of these year-long AEW Dark jobbers are gonna go back to their regional indies and all of a sudden command a little bit more pay + a lot more love at the merch stand. We're probably gonna see at least one major success story from somebody who got a lot of exposure on Dark, will stop being needed when the company goes back to touring, but parlays all of that into bigger things down the road.
  14. That thread has a staggering amount of people's old sigs + avatars from the green boards.
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