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  1. I've been putting my AEW mark gurf through the ringer on old CM Punk matches. Trying to cobble all the reasons why he's a big deal - vs. Cena, vs. Danielson, MITB, the Joe series, Hero, pipe bomb, Old Style in the shower, what have ya. Outside of the Joe vs. Necro Naylormania match I've been trying to remember which big IWA and RoH matches have Punk on commentary and hold up the best. He's the only guy I know stole a joke from me on WWE TV off of these boards so Season 3 NXT is off the table (also for a million better reasons). But I know there's some killer Punk/Prazak improv comedy routines sitting on top of a few Highspots Network classics.
  2. Glad to know this is the quality of posting I can expect over the next few months. Are people getting upset at their own fantasy booking? You don't need Punk or Danielson challenging for any belts for awhile. They are going to draw just by virtue of being there. They can wait until the first night of honeymoon being over before mixing it up with the title scenes and the long-term storylines around them.
  3. Count the number of people Nick Gage has actually killed. Estimate the number that Domino's has. They aren't particualrly close. I might have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest Cluck U (RIP Cluck U Towson, definitely not insurance fraud arson), but fuck it I could go for some. Let no man say Nick Gage lacks taste, I'll forgive the Natty Ice preference.
  4. Give me the first half of Gage/Cardona and the second half of Gage/Jericho and you've got his best match ever. Or at least since that Thumbtack Jack classic I semi-remember.
  5. Fine by me. They can move my seat down as far as they want. I'll bring my CZW airhorn and Arena Mexico rudo clacker, or whatever.
  6. I think you're equating bad PR with bad locker room rep. Jericho is still helping out everybody he can, putting over young stars, probably booking a lot of Inner Circle stuff, working with Britt...
  7. Jericho built up a mountain of goodwill with IWC fans that even his doo-doo politics can't erase. Braun is on the other side of that line. The AEW interest hasn't seemed to pan out since the original report, seemed like more of a Mark Henry thing than anything else. More importantly, if rumors are to be believed, the coming months would be a horrible time for Braun to debut & I don't know if AEW would want to spend that kind of money on an expensive Braun Strowman if he's only going to be their kayfabe third biggest debut & living in the shadow of the two biggest indie darlings of, I dunno, all time. I don't know if they'll even have room in their budget.
  8. I dug through some old reports of WWE salaries a few weeks ago. Samoa Joe was listed as making $800,000 for 2019 and 2020. I love the guy, but of course he was released. I'd cut him too. His firing and re-hiring makes sense given the numbers and given his role. If Braun was making $1.5M+ like reported... he's a guy who probably doesn't want to tour Japan or Mexico. He's viewed as a product of WWE's size-fetish system and might not jibe with AEW's fanbase. His social media comments + reputation for being difficult to work equals backstage baggage that devalues him. Say you work for WWE and you're cutting costs - why not let the guy go for a few months? Let Braun realize that there isn't any worthwhile interest for him anywhere else. Sign him back at 800K and add a no-cut clause that his prior contract lacked, bet on the idea that he doesn't have any better deals. If anybody deserves it it's Braun.
  9. "Ishii from Japan has dropped his foil... he's begun to remove his lamé and appears to be asking his opponent to strike him in the chest. Bear in mind this is not a popular strategy in the world of fencing."
  10. I would. I swing violently between loving and hating Penta. Today I love him. Why? Because I can understand his Spanish! He makes simple, wrestle-centric declarations and enunciates every syllable. Then Alex Abrahantes tells me how much I correctly understood. Penta is basically my Dora the Explorer and I, like, totally gracias him for it. Anything Andrade says? I have no freaking clue.
  11. They'll have the IWGP belts soon enough. Kind of a sure thing.
  12. I mighta had a complaint or two about the show but I forgot them all after the main. STOP THE GAGE~!
  13. If they're going licensed, the Markout Powers That Be would push for Miseria Cantare (you can't beat that clap-along). It would never work on TV, but a boy can dream. Big match music! PPV music!
  14. For singles matched Kingston's high water marks are still the Quackenbush match & whatever your preferred Chris Hero headbutt gorefest is (although I need to watch that one Tim Thatcher match). I don't known if Kingston is capable of or should be having matches like that, respectively, but I think the Mox tag team has legs and I think "technical brawlers who can promo" are TK's preferred main eventers.
  15. Myogiryu. He really didn't have to do him like this. EDIT: Oh, wait, a couple of years? Maybe you mean Endo?
  16. First Elite member to say "don't bring a knife to a gun fight" @ Jay White gets a free drink voucher for their next flight to Tokyo.
  17. VIOLENCE. oh my god he opened with an *eye poke*. Stiff as shit forearm shiver-shiver. Looping open-handed hooks. Psychopathic amateur elbow surgery & a howl at the moon. If that's where he had to go in order to zensho-yusho over a new yokozuna (essentially), ok. GOATs do GOAT shit.
  18. Wait until Magomedkhan Amanulayevich Gamzatkhanov gets back in the game. GOOGLE IT! DVDVR KNEW THIS SHIT BEFORE ANYBODY!
  19. I heard the first time they ever fucked an entire SWAT team posted up outside their Econo Lodge + that most of the snipers were aimed at Hokuto.
  20. The complete Dagestani Invansion is still in play. An Islam Makachev / Askar Askarov / resurgent Zabit championship trio in 2022 is not impossible. Magomed Ankalaev is right there. Bellator has another Nurmagomedov and the scientifically perfectly named Magomed Magomedov (until they invent a Magomed Silva). The first wave has yet to break.
  21. Miesha never got enough credit as an action fighter, especially given she was doing it when women's MMA wasn't an easy sell. Not just great to see her back in there - it's just as great to see that she's still one of my fave Round Three fighters of all time.
  22. Tate's super rehearsed Oprah-esque was, uh, refreshing in an MMA context if nothing else. Definitely felt like Miesha. I think the outcome she's most hoping for is "Oh my God, Women's 135 is so shallow" and hoping she can get shot at a vacant title if Nunes retires early like she loves to hint at. I think the UFC wants to feed her to a prospect on a big show.
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