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  1. That thread has a staggering amount of people's old sigs + avatars from the green boards.
  2. I despise classic Fire Emblem permadeath, but the added mechanic of being able to rewind as many turns as you want a set number of times per battle is a perfect compromise. There's still the tension of losing a party member but you can erase bad misses/unlucky crits, or take some big dumb risks you otherwise wouldn't. I think it's only in Three Houses and Shadows of Valentina, though. I think every Fire Emblem game should be remade with the Time Wheel mechanic. I would sell my copy of the $300 Gamecube FE in a heartbeat if they so much as put that kind of remake on the Switch e-shop.
  3. I am not an authority on the subject, but I have a moderate amount of legitimate stage combat training and have fallen onto crash pads of varying sizes from varying heights. None nearly as large as Jericho, but enough to get the wind knocked out of me. And I mighta bumped through a bunch of cardboard boxes off the roof of my parents' garage in high school but who didn't? Nothing I'm saying is a knock on Jericho - this is a knock on the production (camera, stage, rehearsals) and the booking that didn't take the production into account. The obviousness of the crash pad makes the spot look
  4. There's other issues here as it pertains to the story being told. WHAT WAS INTENDED - MJF is going to throw Jericho off the cage. Sammy doesn't want that to happen, so he surrenders. MJF throws Jericho off the cage anyways, Jericho is badly hurt. MJF looks evil. WHAT HAPPENED - MJF is going to throw Jericho off the cage. Sammy doesn't want that to happen, so he surrenders. MJF throws Jericho off the cage anyways, the actual fall doesn't look as painful as the violence committed during the Inner Circle control segment. Sammy looks stupid. This isn't the first great match with a b
  5. If that bump (and only that bump) were produced by WWE, Jericho would have went though a well-mic'ed plank of cheap wood the same color as the crash pad, there would have been a gap between said wood and plank, and the cameras would have been angled in a way to leave some question as to how hard the fall actually was (like keeping the camera low and shooting up). There are little things about blocking and filming that AEW lag far, far behind in, and this is as good of an example as you're going to get.
  6. 99% spot-on hematological Crockett/death worship, 1% dookie lookin' crash pad. A great match overall but a worrying trend after the barbed wire fireworks debacle.
  7. Reuse the same engine + assets, spend less time playtesting and reworking new mechanics, give your team something they already know how to do, give the market something you already know it likes. It's the money. And this is amplified in the AAA sphere, where one fuckup could = minus-a-billion. Every developer prays daily that they land on a formula they can churn out year-to-year with little variation, it's the second best possible business model behind lucking out and making a Fortnite or GTA Online.
  8. When you saw OSJ's avatar next to a well-manicured paragraph, you knew it was time to sit down and ingest some proper, surly, genuine prose. And the one-line quips? Psh, get outta here. He was a man of Taste and Experiences. RIP
  9. How bad does JR have to be to erase his value as a legitimizing voice for lapsed/casual fans? The answer is he isn't even close to crossing that hypothetical Ray Mendoza line. We're stuck with him.
  10. I love SRPGs as long as they have flavor. I bought Disgaea on PS2 15-or-so years ago and almost beat it. Recently I got a PSP and had tons and tons of fun playing ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman (JRPG roguelike w/ the Disgaea engine, play it ~) and that was the motivation I needed to set things right. Beat the Switch version of Disgaea late last year then I immediately plowed through Disgaea 2. 1 is very good, 2 is freaking great. All the things that felt like a waste of time or was too obtuse to use in the normal game in D1 (Dark Assembly, Item World, etc.) all of a sudden felt bal
  11. I set a lot of high scores on 3rd Mix and 5th Mix at Towson Mall way back when. I was kinda surprised there wasn't a DDR machine at Round 1 but that place was in rough shape when they opened. Seemed a little better when I bowled there right before quarantine, but I still got smoked at IIDX. I'll play DDR a few times a year and it's almost like riding a bike; I only need to catch a glimpse of the chart and my feet will automatically (try to) hit the next ten steps. Playing IIDX again is like re-learning how to fly a helicopter except now I'm colorblind and missing my thumbs. *sigh* I need to sp
  12. Aw jeez. My Japanese wishlist is pretty scant these days... unless I get my hands on a nice CRT and commit to all the rhythm games I wanted from the BEMANI glory days. Then I'm just gonna start selling my organs. I poked my head into the Super Potato in Nagoya and hoo boy, it is a very good museum and a very expensive shop. It was comforting to witness a level of retro collecting far, far beyond mine.
  13. Let's get reductive. Being a Shawn Michaels fan is the pro wrestling equivalent of being a Tit Man.
  14. I get that the NHL deal counts for something, but the last Stanley Cup games averaged 2.3 million viewers and this season's openers are getting great press for averaging only 1.3 million on NBC, and I don't know what that looks like demographic-wise.. I understand that Wednesday night is a good night for the NHL but are they really gonna expect their double-headers to be worth cutting Dynamite over? Wouldn't the worst case scenario be moving Dynamite to Thursdays, or are the Thursday NBA games as bulletproof as TNT's Tuesday basketball lineup? Isn't the more sensible option to air the NHL game
  15. What in Tar-Nation of Domination are you going on about?
  16. People are cheering, this is weird. Also, one of the best + most historically significant rounds you'll ever see, for better or worse.
  17. Alex Alex Abrahantes was an Egyptian politician and diplomat who was the sixth Secretary-General of the United Nations from January 1992 to December 1996.
  18. I like the Trentagon El ?M match. It's Trent's first singles match since November, it's on TV, it's against a bigger name. At this point I don't expect anything resembling logic around Death Triangle's booking. It might even lead to an entirely confusing DT/BFs feud that will somehow have a perfect blowoff match. Allin/JB, Starks/Page & Christian/Hobbs are three singles matches I would pay to see. I don't know if AEW has even run a card without a tag match before, maybe that's why they wanted to get everyone on TV during the opening minutes of Darby vs. Hardy the other week. I th
  19. This is the topic I needed. Most of the wrestling I've been watching since the demise of New Japan has been full eps of territories and Puerto Rican + Japanese commercial tapes. Here's the March 22nd, 1986 episode of CWA Memphis. Really, really good sit-down interview w/ Dutch Mantell caps off the first quarter-hour (dude can play guitar better than me!) but the real drama is in Bill Dundee & Buddy Landell's beatdown of 19-year old, still innocent referee Jeff Jarrett, with involvement from Jerry and grandpa Eddie Marlin. Bill Dundee cuts an all-time promo afterwards even if he
  20. Oh, don't sweat it. I'll tell you why my point was wrong to begin with - I just didn't think my initial take was "hot" enough to warrant what the thread was asking for. Those ex punks actually played shows and sold some cassettes, those Broadway hopefuls did dinner theater and maybe even cashed some checks under Actors Equity, the Mellencampian ex-QBs accomplished valid things as student athletes. Those metaphors have nothing to do with my understanding of being a wrestling fan. There are many people on this board who have had experiences in the industry that could speak a lot more to tho
  21. That's Part Two of the theory. I drove around a lot today and I kept Busted Open on the ol' outer-space radio. Lifetime mark Dave LaGreca always opens the show by doing this weird caricature of a ring announcer, often during interviews he breaks into what could be described as a "bathroom mirror promo". Legitimate Hall Of Famer-cum-Dignified Has-Been Bubba Ray Dudley spends most of every show fantasy booking. Mark Henry does the same thing & might be the best example on that show of a guy who can't stop the fantasy. Why would he? He's training for a comeback, he'll get one, and it will mak
  22. I guess if I had to boil all that psudeo-prose into an argument, it would be - most wrestling die-hard fandom begins in adolescence. It happens when being entertained by wrestling turns into fantasizing about participating in it. Because of the nature of how the artform is performed and presented, the element of fantasizing plays a bigger role in wrestling fandom than others. Even more than in sport, acting, or music. And following that, most wrestling fans subconciously reach a point where they stop fantasizing and it changes the way the interact with the artform/product. And I'm got a m
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