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  1. What happened to the whole the Undisputed Era guys all signed multi-year contracts in late 2019?
  2. They just announced WALTER vs Dragunov for the UK title at Takeover 36
  3. Well - the IG post in question is here https://www.instagram.com/p/CO7kCCNHt3O/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. I mean they literally just started their show on Youtube this week.
  5. Octagon now. And we'll just not mention that goalie was born in Montreal and he was only playing because the regular keeper and captain was denied a visa to travel to the US.
  6. The lesser known Flair promo after he won his 2nd WWF title - I had never seen this before until the other night
  7. I kinda let myself go when the little fella was born just eating what we could to get us through the day - lots of snacking and got up to 233 by the start of April. Saw a picture of myself on the golf course and that was the kick up the hole I needed. Started Weightwatchers. It's actually not that much work once you get into it and they have their own range of low-point snacks to satisfy a craving. Walking at least 2 miles a day averaging about 20 miles a week with a round of golf in there. I hit 208 on the scale this morning. I'd like to get to 190 - but that will mean an increase in the exercising.
  8. Looked like a dork then - looks like a dork now
  9. Could be a spoiler for the show tonight
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