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  1. Kyle Lowry was the greatest Raptor ever. It will be tough to see him in another uniform.
  2. I'm offended that you think that!
  3. I never knew that Last was so catty towards Conrad.
  4. I'd like to rename it "Kevin Dunn heat"
  5. They sold put Chicago, one of the most rabid/smarkiest wrestling cities in the world, and they gave them Kross vs Lee (rematch from last week), Mansoor/Ali vs Tbar/Mace (rematch from last week), Nikki vs Charlotte (rematch from last week but with a stip). They're so creatively spent, they're just running the same matches with 50/50 booking lol
  6. James Johnson signed with the Nets, too.
  7. Caster has a rapper gimmick. His job is to inflame the crowd and insult his opponent(s). He's supposed to be a jerk.
  8. I'm sure TK was told the contents of the rap before they went out. What do you expect him to do, compliment the Varsity Blonds on their amazing hair in his rap? His job was to offend and inflame...looks like he did a good job lol
  9. I'm sorry, but I see nothing wrong with that rap. The gimmick is he makes people go "oooohhh...damn!" with his rhymes. Next week he'll probably find another way to shoehorn something topical, a diss to the area, and a diss to the opponent in his 4 bars. It's not he wrote a song about how Simon Biles is a quitter lol. Much ado about nothing.
  10. How else can they a) not give away a unadvertised marquee match up and b) not screw out the Chicago fans out of not having a Punk match on that Rampage?
  11. Rampage at the United Center should start with a heel (I say QT) coming out and cutting some smarmy promo :cue Cult of Personality: Quick offensive showcase squash by Punk, followed by a celebratory comeback promo in front of his hometown crowd. Chicago gets Punk's return and first match, without blowing through a marquee match up. Easy Peasy!
  12. Maybe Britt is bringing in Cole as her and Rebel's new backup?
  13. First Black's no compete snafu, now not knowing when Cole's contract expires. Somebody in that department is gonna end up as the next budget cut lol
  14. So great to have the Jay back!!!
  15. What about a G1 style 6 man tournament where the winners get World & tag title shots on the next PPV?
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