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  1. So much great stuff tonight! Show flowed really well too. They hit all the notes that they intended to pretty spot on. Darby and Jeff are a couple of nutjobs and I freaking love them for what they did for us tonight. The thought of what happened tonight even giving us BCC vs Eddie, Santana and Ortiz is quite tantalizing. Jamie Hayter is da bomb. MJF/Wardlow was brilliant. All the in-ring stuff was tremendous. Are we getting a 3way for the tag titles at the PPV??
  2. Maybe he's a big "prayer circle" guy?
  3. I've kept quiet on the Leafs series so far...but I've been watching this all day. What a beauty
  4. This is going to be my first time in Spain and Portugal. Got a few reservations at bucket list restaurants that im really excited to try.
  5. My summer (well, July) is shaping up to be a banger! Going to Lisbon for 5 days with my sisters, bro in law, nephews and neice, then doing a couple days in Madrid and Paris solo. That's been the plan for the past few months. Today I decided that I'm going to fly from Paris to Kochi, India where my parents will be and spend a week or so with them before flying back to Toronto. I'm soooo freaking pumped
  6. If there is something more to this, WWE is screwed.
  7. Wasn't Pro at 9:05am Saturdays after they canceled the Power Hour and Main Event Sundays at 6:05?
  8. Fantastic episode. It must have been so cool to hang out with Boogie Woogie! Keep up the great work @odessasteps
  9. I remember reading about "The Savage Apache" Tim Tall Tree in wrestling mags back in the day.
  10. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wonder what Belichick thought about all this lol
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