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  1. The show did 936k, .31 18-49 demo.
  2. Guys I just saw an ad on my Facebook from prowrestlingtees for a tshirt for "The Reinforcer" Andrew Anderson. Is he a real wrestler? What's his gimmick, repeating things over and over until they are stuck in your head?
  3. Mox/Nagata was the bee's knees. Bucks/SCU was really good. Bucks are such great smarmy assholes. Darby/Miro was riveting. A tad too long, but I get why it was. The Cody stuff was MEH. I want Ogogo to punch him into paternity leave. Blood & Guts being a chapter in a story and not the cataclysmic conclusion is some bullshit. The lame Raw ripoff "bubbly bath" tonight was lame too. Next week is looking a little light (unless I'm spacing on something). The PPV is shaping up to be a blast. All in all, tonight was a fun 2 hours.
  4. Just checked the AEW tix site, looks like there alot of seats still available for tonight. Hopefully they will get a strong walk up.
  5. I really really want to see Mox and King cost the Bucks the title. Which wouldn't take away from a hate filled grudge match for the PPV and SCU can have a nice run which ends with heels (hopefully Scorpio and Page) getting the double rub of winning the belts and ending SCU.
  6. I wish we lived in a world that had "Coach" Hennig and Brian Pillman, overexuberant helicopter dad.
  7. I think the proper way to frame to for WWE would be "tone it down because it would maximize profits given the limited seating in an arena"
  8. I can't wait for the fans to come back to WWE shows and Seth Rollins to start complaining about them interfering in them telling "clean stories"
  9. Leafs are Kings of the North...don't worry, Toronto is good
  10. Damn...they broke up Indus Sher before their actual official debut? Vince really hates tag teams lol
  11. The greatest moment of 92-93 : Edit: the fact that Dougie Gilmour had 127 points and was 8th in scoring is bonkers. Edit 2: Pavel Bure had 60 goals and was 5th in goals scored. Crazy.
  12. I think this point has been glossed over a bit. Have they announced a location for Dynamite on November 3rd yet?
  13. A company who aired this on PPV complaining about anything "setting wrestling back 30 years' is freaking hilarious
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