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  1. Didn't someone once hit a hurricanana in a Pride match?
  2. I think that one of the things that helped get me so into pro wrestling is that during the formative part of my fandom from 84 onwards on most weekends in Toronto along with the WWF we had NWA, AWA, Montreal International Wrestling and Vancouver All Star Wrestling shows on at various points.
  3. I dunno...wouldn't an angry dad do whatever and use whatever to mess up anyone who hurt their kid?
  4. So ridiculous that 2 months after Mania, there's a ppv with 3 matches they ran at Mania. Yet so on brand for WWE lol
  5. I started watching during the Hogan era, so I'd say Hulk, Tito, Savage were my first favorites, as well as the Road Warriors, R&R Express and Magnum TA.
  6. If that was a goal, it would've been one of the legendary playoff goals. Amazing play by Pulock.
  7. Maybe we can get this dude sent to Houston for @Lawful Metallol
  8. I'm betting Vince's compulsiveness caused a few people to stay overnight in the THUNDERDOME to paint the cage SMACKDOWN BLUE lol
  9. Not running Rey vs Roman on Father's Day is so dumb. Burying a dad avenging his son on Father's Day would've been so on brand for WWE and it would've been the right move to boost Roman's heel cred. And are they painting the cell blue?
  10. TK also announced when he was on @Phil Schneider podcast that they are doing a "Homecoming" Dynamite at Daily's Place on Wednesday August 4th.
  11. @Phil Schneiderthat was an incredible listen. TK is really, genuinely one of US. That is fucking awesome. And that next book sounds like it's going to be a pretty great read!
  12. If this is an actual TK quote, Elevation will be taped before Dynamite and Dark will be taped separately at a yet to be determined venue.
  13. Infinit

    EURO 2020

    Italy looked really good...but I'm weary of the big clubs that are winning at home. The real fun starts when the round of 16 starts.
  14. Boston will be the first show after All Out so that should draw some extra buzz as well.
  15. They might double tape on the 26/27th, or I could see them maybe doing a "farewell Daily's Place" show live on the 30th.
  16. Do you guys think it's going to hurt that they are doing consecutive shows in the same region? They are doing Boston/Newark/NYC/Rochester/Philly all in a row. Will there be too much pressure to do "big shows" every week?
  17. I really think, for the sake of Brodie's kids they won't have anyone in the Dark Order go heel anytime soon, especially 10. I think with how they have woven in real life, it would be real tough to do.
  18. Can we trust Vince and WWE "creative" to get that right?
  19. Honestly, I'm happy with anyone but Brooklyn. Every other team without an injured ace (Jazz, Bucks, Hawks, Sixers) are built around homegrown talent for the most part. Fuck the "superteam" bs.
  20. One of my favorite parts of that title change...earlier in the show Savage, who had a bad knee, was being interviewed when Razor Ramon interrupted. Razor ended up flicking his toothpick at him, when Randy goes,"I THINK YOU DROPPED YOUR TOOTHPICK" which started a brawl. That line still cracks me up
  21. Other than swapping out Spears for Jungle Boy or maybe Penta, I really like who they picked for the shoot. (Although Brandi doesn't belong, especially while pregnant, but there isn't a way this shoot doesn't have both Cody and Brandi lol)
  22. Is the MSG match where they introduce Sivi Afi as "Superfly" Sivi Afi and the crowd pops then groans online anywhere?
  23. I'm pretty sure they showed that on Superstars. I had that on one of my old VHSs when I taped everything back in the day.
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