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  1. Yeah...suspended for 80 games. Damn.
  2. I'm so glad that his crazy got serious only after he left Pittsburgh lol
  3. I'm not a mod...but guys y'all need to chill. This isn't a good look for anyone who lurks and might want to actively join our community. Cut it out before this gets locked again. Please and thanks.
  4. Other WCW "Thunderdome" or "Thundercage" matches I remember off the top of my head are a 6 man cage match between The York Foundation vs Big Josh/Z-man/Dustin that was aired on the Main Event & Pro and the main event of the January 93 Clash with the Cactus Jack face turn. Here's the York Foundation 6-man
  5. This RVD/Sabu stuff from 1991 that was posted is mind blowing. Look at those spots in these clips...and imagine seeing them in 1991. Crazy.
  6. That was a fantastic hour of pro wres! I like ol' Mancer...really great opener. I was waiting for a JAS beat down on Mox at the end of the match to build up Wednesday night. I wonder if Mox's bad hand will play a role in the title match. Takeshita is soooo freaking talented. His matches stand out. The speed, the spring, the crispness. Super pumped for his match with Claudio. Women's match was good...but kinda dragged a bit. The main was mad fun. Swerve chucked that tool box damn hard. The Woods/Lee table spot was wild. I can see Swerve and Lee having a long run with great matches with a wide variety of opponents.
  7. Crazy coincidence that 2 of WCW's most iconic title changes happened in the same week (5 years apart...but you know what I'm saying), Simmons beating Vader and Luger beating Hollywood.
  8. Has anyone mentioned yet that John Cena's last IG post is a picture of Platinum Max Caster? WILD.
  9. Thank goodness that Canadian mainstream music talent is far better these days....and these days more of often than not you will see a Canadian at or near the top of the US charts (Drake, Weeknd, Bieber, etc)
  10. That's one thing that I think helped Hogan become such a mega babyface, especially at the start in 84/85. The babyface locker room always had his back. Lots of instances of him standing tall with Andre, JYD, Tito etc. Compare that to recent Vince booking like Cena to make out with his buddy Zack Ryder's gf. Which served no booking purpose other than to make the top babyface look either like an asshole or a dummy.
  11. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere...but this is a ️️️️️ Tweet thread.
  12. Is scripting 2 weekly shows really that difficult, especially with all the writers and support staff? They aren't trying to find a cure for cancer lol
  13. If the Fite App works on a plane, I'll be waiting this weeks Dynamite while flying somewhere over the Arctic Circle! (My flight from Hong Kong to NYC goes north over Mongolia and Russia, through the Arctic Circle and then down through Canada and the US)
  14. From the looks of the TV, it's the latter lol
  15. There was actually a Dan Quinn in the NHL back in the day...so it wouldn't be too far fetched!
  16. Holy shit...unless Tkachuk transforms into McDavid, Florida got fleeced. Somebody check on @Death From Above. Calgary winning a trade...on his birthday! Hardtimes.
  17. 27-4 for the Jays, in Boston. Tremendous
  18. Imagine Hogan in the Hansen spot vs Luger in 1990 WCW. Or Hogan vs Big Van Vader in 1990 NJPW. Holy shit.
  19. Just found out that here in India, Dark and Elevation are shown on television, on the Eurosport channel. Pretty cool! To pad out the hour for this past Elevation, at the end of the hour they tacked on Anna Jay vs Jade from an old Rampage and the Jericho/Ortiz hair vs hair match.
  20. Last night we got Willow and Athena vs Jade and Keira, with an African American ref and Stoke and Jermaine Dupri at ringside. And RE: the Claw Hold I thought Barry Windham did an amazing job making it look killer during his 1988 heel run.
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