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  1. I'm sure all of the announcers are brainstorming signature calls for when he eventually blows an important kick.
  2. Blewitt is such a hilarious name for a kicker
  3. Gosh, flying from Calgary to Knoxville must have been a mission and a half. I could understand why he wouldn't have done it lol
  4. TK is one of us. Let him say whatever the fuck he wants!
  5. Another one, because our boy Coach Tony K is on ...
  6. I posted this in the AEW Oct thread...but I think that this warrants some discussion here as well:
  7. I'd be excited if I was TK too...the Jags victory wasn't his only big triumph last weekend.
  8. 6/16/84 has a Santana/Valentine IC title match and the Slaughter/Sheik Boot Camp Match. Definitely going to give that a watch
  9. Almost all the Strongbow stories I've heard is that he was the office stooge.
  10. He really put some english on that.
  11. I think it's kind of lazy have some of the same guys in both the Casino Ladder match and this World Title Eliminator.
  12. I don't think that I've said this here before, but I really think the performer who most benefitted from becoming a weekly character on AEW was Hangman. I always thought he was a guy with a good look (maybe too much of a pretty boy to be a "Hangman") and a bunch of cool moves. But being featured in disjointed ROH TV, he was just....lacking. Saw him wrestle live a few times and thought he was a great athlete but I didn't really care about him. And now I pop like a schoolgirl at a Ricky Martin concert for him (props to whoever gets that reference lol). I'm really looking forward to see his eventual triumph, and how he's booked as a face champion.
  13. I've been to Miami a few times myself, and I've alway thought of Cora Gables as a suburb of the city of Miami.
  14. Wouldn't someone who, you know, went there know better? Lol
  15. Hangman helping his new friends beat his old friends would be a great next chapter in this story.
  16. Garcia was confirmed as signed on someone's pod or vlog...I think Evil Uno's.
  17. When/where are they doing next week's Rampage? From Jericho's cruise?
  18. I wonder how Brian Last was disrespected for that to happen?
  19. To me, WHW is a perfect mix of Tony and Conrad silliness, some AEW talk, and JCP nostalgia reviewing the shows and hearing the promos along with Tony's memories.
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