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  1. So, I watched 1883 a little while back, and it was…pleasant. I mean, it was very stupid at times, but my dream is for somebody to pump a lot of money into a new LONESOME DOVE adaptation, so I settled for this and was mostly not disappointed. However, that led me to make the mistake of watching season 1 of YELLOWSTONE. An unbelievably inept show. Taylor Sheridan is basically Nic Pizzolatto without an MFA. Just all macho bullshit, all the time. I can only assume this show became a hit because a certain portion of the SONS OF ANARCHY audience needed somewhere to go and MAYANS M.C. wasn’t white enough.
  2. SRS reported he was told by multiple people this has been the plan for at least some time now and Shida knew beforehand she was going to be out. I suppose I should be generous and allow for the possibility that this was a case of someone who speaks English as a second language flubbing an attempt to kayfabe why they’ve been wrestling elsewhere while “injured,” but it really just comes off as mark mentality to me. Very sorry you weren’t scripted to be in the fake tournament!
  3. I actually feel like it’s time for a critical re-evaluation of 00’s TNA. They had their issues, but I’m beginning to think that we were all way too hard on it because we wanted so desperately to have a competent #2 promotion in the immediate wake of WCW’s demise, and all the ways they shot themselves in the foot were infuriating. But in terms of the product itself? Lots of super talented people getting room to do cool shit. And, frankly, the way the booking could be chaotically bad is much preferable to me than the bland, overproduced, repetitive current WWE product, because at least the chaos could yield up something sublime from time to time. Or at the very least, something for the cringe hall of fame that still gets remembered 20 years later.
  4. AEW is kind of in a weird business gap right now. They’ve been a fantastically successful business, to the extent that everyone involved probably SHOULD expect to be getting paid more at this point, but their primary revenue stream hasn’t yet been updated to reflect their success, so they’re still having to operate on their early “this might or might not work” budget. I’m sure everyone, TK included, is perturbed by this, to some degree. In some respects, MJF and AEW are in a similar boat! They opted for the stability of a longer deal, and now they’re having to grin and bear the last couple years of making less than they rightfully should be.
  5. He still has 2 years on his current deal. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, even if he is unhappy. I can’t imagine anybody’s deal is getting significantly reworked until the new TV contract is locked down and TK knows what the new budget is going to be moving forward.
  6. Had to some kind of screw up, because the finish as is put all the heat on baby face Swerve.
  7. Am I wrong in thinking that Hobbs missed his run-in at the end of Starks/Jungle? Don’t recall him coming out with Starks, and yet he was magically there at the end. Thought I saw the front row looking off to the right (away from the entrance ramp) during the distaction spot, like there was a commotion in that direction, but then Starks just kind of hit his finish and that was it. And then there’s shirtless Hobbs celebrating.
  8. Danhausen mostly loses singles matches. He has jobbed to so many shindy dudes. His act is not dependent on winning in the slightest. Danhausen is fine.
  9. Dax/Cole was way better than the masturbatory FTR match a couple weeks ago.
  10. At this point, I’m not sure I could tell you anything that happened in season 3.
  11. My favorite part of that Roman story over the weekend was that blessed couple of hours when the WWE stans who have spent the last several years basing their identity on ROMAN IS THE NEEDLE MOVER had to quickly pivot to “Actually losing Roman would mean nothing to WWE, because they still have Austin Theory and Bron Breakker.” That was funny shit.
  12. Sure, but LOKI really doesn’t work if Morbius and Sylvie, who are brand new, don’t work. And HAWKEYE doesn’t work *at all* if audiences don’t connect with Kate quickly. But I think both of those shows managed to launch those characters very effectively, and that’s a big reason why they’re perceived differently than MOON KNIGHT.
  13. I think the difference between Moon Knight and the other 4 Disney+ shows is that, while each of those shows had their own flaws and wonkiness, they all had a strong character relationship at the core of their stories, which provided an emotional through line that could keep you invested in seeing what happened next for those characters, even if the plotting wasn’t great. Wanda/Vision, Sam/Bucky, Loki/Morbius, Clint/Kate…These well-developed and likable pairings can keep you hooked in the midst of, like, borderline nonsensical Flag Smasher conspiracies and the completely asinine Mystery of Hawkeye’s Watch. Ultimately, the success or failure of any TV show usually comes down the question “Do you like to hang out with these people?” Ultimately, Moon Knight never really had that. Yes, it was attempting to pull off a much tougher trick by having the central relationship be the same person, but…You gotta land the trick. And they never really did. Steven was simply not an enjoyable character to spend time with for the majority of the season, and by the time they got around to explaining that there was a reason for that, it was already WAYYYY too late in the game. If they had gotten to the afterlife episode earlier in the season, maybe things could’ve been different. That was really the only episode I liked. TV shows making central character motivations a mystery is a plague.
  14. I think it’s just something Kip is doing to amuse himself while creative has nothing for him. It has never once been mentioned, let alone put over, on commentary. Not even when he was fairly prominently on screen during Punk’s walk and talk last week.
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