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  1. In fairness to Pete, the name of that list is “Names for Georgia Tech coaching job,” so he has plausible deniability if anybody tries to call him on it. What “names”? Names of coaches that GT is interested in? Names of coaches interested in GT? Names drawn out of a hat? JUST NAMES.
  2. I love that Pete Thamel’s hot boards are always so blatantly “Here’s a list of every coach whose agent has contacted me and said their guy is definitely a candidate.”
  3. I think you linked the wrong tweet?
  4. ??? Janela turned down an extension with AEW, and Jack literally did hurt himself and other people with his sloppiness and by his own admission didn’t have a good run in AEW and probably deserved to be let go before his contract was up.
  5. Send Buddy’s ass packing. It’s not really a stable without Malakai, anyway. Recalibrate around Brody and Julia as a pair.
  6. Seriously, why do people always include Chaos Project on these “to be fired” lists? Who are they hurting by having fun undercard matches on Dark? Nobody. In fact, they actively help their opponents look great.
  7. From my Big 12 Preview: Should’ve gone with my gut. Headache confirmed. Oklahoma’s season spoiled.
  8. We need @Chaosto bring us the insider perspective on how Auburn fans are viewing that win. Or should I say “win?” On one hand, it usually feels better not to lose, especially to Missouri. On the other, nothing about that game would give you any confidence that Auburn is getting better, and now you have to wait at least another week to fire Harsin.
  9. Waiting on my scores app to refresh the PBP on USC/Oregon State like I’m waiting on the radio announcer to read wire reports of a Jack Dempsey fight a hundred fucking years ago.
  10. I feel like this Miami loss should also be a transitive loss for Texas A&M, when you consider how the Blue Raiders are torching the Miami defense and the Aggies made them look like the Iron Curtain.
  11. I hadn’t been watching until now, but apparently they benched Van Dyke? Yikes. Double yikes at the 98-yard TD pass MTSU just tossed.
  12. Yeah, even if they come back and win (they’re on their way!), needing to come back to beat MTSU at home is A Very Bad Situation.
  13. Auburn/Mizzu is the 2022 version of the infamous Auburn/Mississippi State 3-2 game. 2nd half has been a stunning display of offensive ineptitude. No one seems to want to win.
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