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  1. When I was brainstorming AAC expansion teams, UTSA and UAB seemed like no-brainers to me. I can even kind of understand the Charlotte pick. None of the rest of those teams really make a lot of sense to me, though. You’re nominally replacing lost markets without even coming close to what you actually lost (Rice is not the same thing as Houston, even if it’s in the same place!). I was surprised that the AAC didn’t take a run at Georgia State or App State (which would make more sense than Charlotte for another NC team), but then I saw someone point out that the Sun Belt is an ESPN conference and C-USA isn’t, so that probably explains why the AAC didn’t go near any of those schools. The Mouse didn’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  2. Weekly realignment update: All are expected to be accepted. The AAC’s transformation into C-USA 2.0 is nearly complete.
  3. I’m envisioning a management meeting where they’re going through the H2H ratings and at the Roman quarter Vince is like “Goddamn, pal, who the fuck is Ruby Soho?” And then some poor soul has to explain that she worked for him like 6 months ago.
  4. Yeah, the Painmaker look is something that evolved naturally out of his time in NJPW. It worked for the Bruiser Brody inspired act he was doing over there. There’s no evidence that it’s something he ever thought of doing prior to then. He definitley shouldn’t be doing it in America, at all, though.
  5. A&M gives Fisher a raise every time he remembers to cough into his elbow. He just beat Bama, so there’s probably another big one on the way. He’d be crazy to walk away from that.
  6. It sounds like his outrageous horndog behavior played a role in expediting his departure.
  7. Even at the time, it could not have been more obvious that 2019 was another Chizik/Cam/Gus situation. Everybody but LSU fans saw it. Smart of LSU to get out of that deal now, rather than let O win a couple more games and make it harder to fire him, even when there is clearly no hope on the horizon.
  8. Well…TCU has an awful defense this year, and Texas clearly has its own problems…but it does seem that he gives them a spark that they were missing with Rattler, and it’s probably saved their season. Clemson definitely wishes they had a freshman they could roll the dice with right now.
  9. Iowa very beatable when you don’t throw them the ball on your side of the field.
  10. A truly horrendous performance by Florida to make LSU’s moribund offense look unstoppable. Surely this is the game that finally gets Grantham the door as DC.
  11. Arkansas gets hosed by the refs on a fumble by Auburn for the second year in a row!
  12. If Malakai vs. Brock Anderson was a main event, Malakai/Dante definitely is, in the AEW booking paradigm anyway.
  13. It does not appear Clemson is going to get right this year.
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