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  1. Ishii/Moose is quite a match.
  2. Seems like they’re feeding Mox/Eddie/Darby a win ahead of this rumored trios tourney.
  3. The budgets for these shows are on par with most of the solo movies. I don’t think budgetary restraints had anything to do with why they may have chosen not to have Ms. Marvel embiggen. If they want to make it happen, they have plenty enough money to make it happen.
  4. They may need to rename it or something, but I think it would be a mistake to phase the TNT belt out. They’ve built a lot of credibility and fan interest in that title in just one year. They’ve proven it can pop a rating with a title defense. Would be an own-goal on par with New Japan phasing out the IC title.
  5. Considering this is a Board of Olds, I’d bet most of us have seen AJ at some point already, and likely in a far more interesting context than hand-holding Omos through tag matches.
  6. I mean, clearly the gimmick is that he’s filing the edge of the pizza cutter so that it IS sharp enough to cut someone, like you’d make a shiv out of something innocuous in prison, right? Like people like Abdullah and Homicide would do with a fork.
  7. I can’t say I’ve personally enjoyed much of what he’s done since the original Wyatt Family run on the main roster, but Bray has successfully reinvented himself as a wildly popular character multiple times in his career already, so I wouldn’t bet against him doing it again, wherever he lands.
  8. Honestly, the social media “controversy” probably made that ad spot worth more than whatever they paid for it.
  9. Like, what do star ratings mean if they’re not even representing your opinion anymore?
  10. Here’s how I feel about concerns regarding Hangman’s title win being overshadowed by Punk/Bryan: If he’s really what AEW thinks he is, if he’s really The Guy, if he’s got the stuff to be a top star on the level with those type of guys...then he’s NOT going to get overshadowed. If anything, you’re helping him cement his status as The Guy by putting him over in a big way right when there are (potentially) a lot of new eyeballs on your show. Not trying to make a perfect 1-to-1 comparison here, but this feels like if WWE decided to kick the can down the road on Austin in the run-up to WM14. Again, not saying he’s Austin 97 or anything, but these crowd responses are fucking HOT, man. Timing is everything with paying off a push, and you can’t squander it. Tough to recapture the magic of thousands upon thousands of people collectively willing something to happen.
  11. This company has earned enough goodwill with me that I’m willing to play the “Let’s See How It Plays Out” card, but this immediately strikes me as a bad decision. At least in terms of their plans of making Hangman a top guy. Like, you can always come back to him later, but I don’t know if the timing/situation is ever going to be as perfectly set up as this. Everything was peaking for him at just the right time.
  12. Probably the first of many such lawsuits. I’m sure Disney/Marvel social media stans will handle someone challenging their Godbrand well.
  13. Who besides Ivelisse says she has a bad attitude?
  14. I know Jericho’s original contract is up at the end of this year. He’s certainly put himself in a position to ask for more money on his next deal, and you know WWE will be lining up the trucks full of money to steal one of the competition’s biggest stars. That will be interesting to watch. I know most of the original young talent were signed for 5 year deals, but there are some exceptions. I think Jungle Boy’s Hollywood agent (wisely) negotiated for less than that. So he might be coming due soon, as well.
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