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  1. I feel like it’s also worth noting that, in the Year of Our Lord 2021, popping a big rating for Dynamite is significantly more impactful on AEW’s long-term financial solvency than picking up a little extra change by running it on PPV. I mean, if 10,000 extra people were to pay for DoN because of B&G, that’s still a drop in the bucket compared to what B&G as a TV special can potentially do for AEW’s next TV rights deal. The idea that big stuff gets saved for PPV is an antiquated concept when the TV money is as huge as it’s gotten.
  2. Yes, it was a terrible promo. What’s weird is that it seemed like a total misread of the AEW audience, who, in general, have never given off the vibe as being as deeply into the jingoistic ‘MERICA stuff as WWE audiences are. Don’t know why anyone thought that would get over.
  3. Darby cutting a promo after the show saying the TNT title is the only belt he cares about. Is that canon? Who knows, but he said it.
  4. They actually got me believing that Darby might come back and win that match. Or maybe they got me really wanting him to. Either way, a great match. Hate to see this Darby run end, but there’s probably a great Ethan Page match in his near future, so there’s that to look forward to.
  5. Loved the presentation of Mox/Nagata. Really felt different from the rest of the show. A good, stiff match that represented NJPW well. Production *almost* missed the eyes rolling back, though!
  6. I just hope Darby gets the main, especially if it’s the end of this run. He’s earned it.
  7. I feel like the plan from the beginning has always been for SCU to have their last match as a team against the Bucks, whom they’re very close with. So this could be the end for them. But you also have to think that they’d prefer their last match to be in front of a full house (and, ideally, in Southern California), so...might SCU sneak the win here with Mox and King’s help to prolong this run until they get to that ideal situation? I could see it. Mox/King vs the Bucks certainly doesn’t need to have the belts involved to justify itself on the PPV. But babyfaces winning gold through
  8. Reminds me of Hiromu finishing that Dragon Lee match with a neck injury bad enough to keep him out for over a year. Elite wrestlers are freakish specimens.
  9. The Moxley/Limelight match on Elevation this week is very nice.
  10. Well, the first movie was essentially a bad movie that happened to be saved when Hardy realized he was in a shit movie and decided to embrace the absurdity of it and delivered an over-the-top, campy performance the likes of which you typically don’t see in these types of movies anymore. You’re essentially watching a star hijack a movie and turn it into something interesting by force of will. If you turn the movie into a straight-up, campy comedy, you lose the subversiveness that made the first one so immensely watchable (if not actually *good*).
  11. Bama just picked up former Tennessee stud LB Henry To’oTo’o on a transfer. Immediately fills the void left by Dylan Moses and probably gives Bama the best LB corps in the country. And, boy, are they going to need a lights-out defense with all the losses on offense. Of course, they also picked up an Ohio State transfer receiver to help out with that too. Im glad the players have more freedom to move around now, but these new transfer rules are making it too easy for Saban to just keep dominating forever.
  12. The first Cody/OC match for the TNT title was also a time limit draw.
  13. WHOA. So, this movie was directed by a high school friend of mine, and I may or may not have a cameo in it from the day I visited the set. (I am a bad friend and never watched the finished film, so I don’t know if I was cut lol.). I think it’s actually called DEMON SQUAD now, but it’s had a bunch of different names over the years. When they were shooting, it was FULL MOON, INC. What’s fascinating to me about this is that MST3K didn’t even let him know they were doing this. He just found out about it through social media last night. (He’s delighted.)
  14. Personally, I think we should be spending more time talking about the triumphant return of Technique by Taz. It’s about time somebody called out Christian for his weak quads.
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