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  1. Fairly sure they aren't taking any weeks off. They don't have the Saturday July 3rd episode listed anywhere yet because it's a taped show... so they aren't selling tickets to it. Friday June 18th (taped Dynamite) -already been taped Saturday June 26th (live Dynamite) -live June 26th Saturday July 3rd (taped Dynamite) -taped June 27th Back on the road with all live Wednesday night shows on the road starting July 7th.
  2. (Warning lots of boring math calculations on the tail end of my reply here lol) The WNBA draws in significantly less fans than the NBA. The WNBA gets much lower ratings than the NBA. This is fine in real sports, because it's based on real competition. The athletes are playing to win games. It's not part of their job to draw in crowds or pull a rating. And largely their contracts are not structured based on the financial success of butts in seats. Where as in WWE the contracts are based on those key indicators. You get your downside guarantee plus a percentage of the revenue for every
  3. I don't disagree with anything you posted. But a company that had record profits during a pandemic, and enters into one sided contracts with talent that don't have the same rights as the employer... hear me out... shouldn't be firing anyone (without cause). In what world do we have people defending WWE for firing people before their contracts are up? Everything you wrote is valid. But can't that all be true and they keep their word on the agreements they sign? In 2004 Brock didn't want to be a wrestler anymore. He couldn't just send WWE an early release and say hey we're no longer in a co
  4. I realllllllyyyy thought at the end of Stadium Stampede when they put Sammy up on everyone's shoulders we were getting the Evolution kick Orton out story. Maybe that was never even a thought and I'm just over thinking it lol. But I also think it's possible Jericho did that little spot on purpose to tease it for people paying attention. Glad that isn't where it went tho. Too soon for a swerve right after being in an hour long fight together. I actually agree with the sentiment that Inner Circle has worn out it's welcome, at least in it's current form. Hope they have something in the chambe
  5. I really like the tone of this so far. Strong first episode too. Very cool effects. Him watching his own death was pretty heavy for episode one but I dug it. Is there going to be a fake out with the villain or is this really going to be Loki vs an alternate version of Loki? I'm actually hoping for the latter. Either way I'm in. Best opening episode of a Disney+ Marvel series yet.
  6. The Rampage time slot is 10PM, sames as these moved Dynamite shows. As of now they don't plan to ever run it at 8PM. It's not a good time slot and they're going to struggle to get even half the viewers of Dynamite.
  7. Awkward. Shouldn't you be able to describe him WITHOUT comparing him to someone else? I think I made my point. I will dial back the snark a few notches now. Sorry everyone lol.
  8. Please do me a favor and jump on over to MCU & DCEU threads and post this very important argument there. I wouldn't want you to be inconsistent. Oh also mention it in the upcoming games thread when people compare Series X to PS5 too please. While we're at it can you also just setup an alert to post that anytime WCW comes up? I mean they died 20 years ago. I assume no one uses it as a reference point for comparisons. But if they do, make sure you hit us up with your super insightful thoughts on the sanctity of comparisons. Oh wait, you mean you don't spam this same talking po
  9. -Woof. I was on board with a lot of what you were saying until you starting going off the deep end. Don't mistake me for someone out here saying AEW is perfect and if you don't like it you're wrong. That ain't me. I'm out here saying I like what AEW is doing. I'm very upfront about that. But I'm not trying to get YOU to feel exactly the same as I do. And that's why @Gordberg is starting to go a little mad having to refute @Goodear. He's not just telling us that he doesn't enjoy AEW. He's actively trying to say we're fucking stupid for liking it. His argument on FTR matches is hey let's no
  10. No. Just no lol. You can make any argument you want when you twist the data to only include what you want it to include. FTR just main evented AEW's last PPV. They were a part of one of the main story lines of the last 3 months. Including main eventing Dynamite in the first Blood & Guts match. Their current story isn't apples to apples as the tag team champions defending the tag team titles. So why do you only count traditional tag matches for the point you're trying to prove? They've gotten a ton of TV time in the last 3 months. But none of it counts because they weren't strictly two
  11. I don't know what you're trying to demonstrate here? The Young Bucks have had more straight up tag matches than FTR? Okay. You mean the champions of a division get more TV time than challengers not even involved in the title scene? Oh wow that's like crazy man. Thanks for the stats?
  12. I do think it's an intentional choice. All of the guys involved in the faction war have been confined to that story and not having separate matches in between. As to answer what's in bold, over exposure. One of my least favorite parts of WWE having so god damn much time to fill. Everyone becomes just another guy because they wrestle every single week. Why do FTR need to burn through every good potential match? Keep people wanting more. I also think that is an intentional choice. You can't have an aura of acts being special if you see them wrestle 50+ times a year on TV. That's why no one
  13. I'll take the bait. Most stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Not just a beginning & middle. Act 1 - Heel group wins in dominant fashion (Blood & Guts) Act 2 -Baby face team gets revenge (Stadium Stampede) Act 3 -(we'll find out soon enough) (???) It's fine to not like what you're seeing. It's also fine to express that. But at this point you come in AEW threads just to say this show was "a steaming pile". Intelligent & apt breakdown there professor.
  14. WWE's programing (Raw specifically) is so homogenized I no longer consider it professional wrestling. It's SNL with a few matches. No one is denying WWE the brand and corporation have maximized profits and become a global juggernaut. What people are arguing is that it's a dog shit on screen product, if you enjoy professional wrestling. And for a long time there was nothing anyone of that opinion could do to get their fix. Grit your teeth and just be happy Roman is having good matches. Vent your frustrations online and just be thankful for Daniel Bryan. But now they have real viable competitio
  15. Maybe I'm not being concise with my point. People are advocating for AEW to not sign a lot of these guys purely because of the narrative TNA tried that and it didn't work. But if you are consistent with not signing talented people just because they were elsewhere you would have missed out on the Undertaker, Stone Cold, the nWo, Savage being awesome in WCW. Who here can say Tommy End or Andrade have no chance of catching lightning in a bottle. Maybe Daniel Bryan shows up in AEW and shit just clicks right and it's the catalyst to another boom period. Who knows. But the only thing for s
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