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  1. Happy for Baker to get that mental & emotional win tonight. The Browns treated him like garbage, it didn't workout in Carolina, he was on the verge of fading into backup status for the rest of his career. That win was huge for his confidence. And if he can play at a similar level for the last few games he's gonna have some starter offers for next year. I love when dudes who have been wronged bet on themselves and it works out.
  2. Can't tell if serious. Dixie being told Spike didn't want to work with Russo then hiring Russo and lying to the network about it is NOT the same as Tony being told WBD don't want performers on their TV, and very publicly giving them a job where they.... aren't appearing on WBD TV. He signed them to ROH & has made them PPV only. He's not hiding anything. He's not being deceitful. He isn't lying to them. He is abiding by their ask. You are doing some real fancy mental gymnastics to make this confirm to your bias.
  3. I don't agree. Tony is all in. $1 is to $100 as $100 million is to a $1 billion. If I had $100 and lost $1 doing something I genuinely loved, I wouldn't bat an eye. TK can lose $100 million a year and not bat an eye because that's equivalent to $1 compared to his personal wealth. I get what you're saying, he's not running it like a money mark. He's making decisions based on budgets and not just jizzing out money everywhere. I'm on board with that. My point is just that, while he's always going to try and turn a profit with it because he has a business and sports background, he's not at all adverse to losing money on this project if that's the way the worm turns. He doesn't WANT to lose money, but I sense he would be okay losing money. If he was genuinely passionate about his vision and believing he could turn it around in enough time. It's not that he's a money mark. It's that he's rich and doing what he loves. And as long as he can keep doing what he loves, losing money isn't going to be a big deal to him. I mean shit dude Elon Musk blew $44 billion just so he could spout whatever conspiracy nonsense with impunity on Twitter. Rich dudes don't look at money the same way working folks like us do.
  4. The Khan's net worth is currently... $11.8 BILLION according to Google. AEW is going nowhere. This is TK's passion and even if they lost TV and were losing money hand over fist he'd be fine paying for it forever and creating his own streaming service to distribute it. That's not how he's running it. He's running it like a legitimate business and trying to make money with it. But a publicly traded company is on way shakier ground than legitimate billionaires. WWE is always one really bad Saudi incident away from their stock tanking. They are in bed with some pretty unsavory stuff even if they have thus far kept it light and positive. All this doom and gloom or pontificatating that WWE is on so much more stable ground is a bit misguided to me. The truth is neither one of them are going anywhere. A talent would be better off decideding where they want to be based on how often they'd like to wrestle. In AEW you won't eclipse 25-30 TV matches in a year most likely. In WWE you'll be hitting 50-60 TV matches a year. Do you prefer visibility and TV time, regardless of the importance presented on it, or do you prefer less is more and preserving your body? Neither choice is right. Neither choice is wrong. It's a preference thing. And that should be what talent base their decision on, not internet sleuths perusing the finances of billionaires lol.
  5. Same dude, same. That game was pretty close to over if that penalty doesn't happen. 2-3 more minutes come off the clock. They get 3 more points. It's sealed up. But a center just had to run up the field 10 yards to flex in a defender's face for some reason. This was the most frustrating game to watch I can remember. Immediately start off down 10. Start to fire back and take the lead and look good. Then about 12 straight 3 & outs. Even wen Washington was down, I knew they were going to comeback. The second half time of possession was like 26 to 4. That defense was tired as shit. And when are we going to abolish ties? Fans don't like them. Players don't like them. Coaches don't like them. Why are they a thing? "Player safety" my ass. You'll let a team play on a Thursday after a Sunday, but you're worried about playing an extra 20 minutes after the initial hour of playtime? Frustrating. This team needs Beckham so bad. But I just know he's gonna go to The Cowboys.
  6. How are you this bad at how trademarks work? "The Elite" is a trademark for specific people. Kenny & the Bucks own that. They can be called "The Elite" anywhere they want. That ad "Being The Elite are owned by them. Just because the word 'elite' appears in both trademarks, doesn't mean they can kibosh anything using that word. The specific trademark "All Elite Wrestling" is a completely different trademark than "The Elite". It relates to the name of a business, not people. The "World' Best Wrestling" idea was actually one of The Buck's ideas before "All Elite Wrestling" came up. They (Tony & The Elite) looked into it and someone already owned that trademark. That doesn't factor into this at all. Tony & Shad Khan's LLC own "All Elite Wrestling". Full stop. Legally The Elite have no claim to that name or any possible way to force The Khans to change their trademark. I kinda hope people are right and you're just trolling lol, because this is a pretty common sense thing.
  7. One of the biggest talking points in internet fandom is the Brock Lesnar part time champion stuff. They are purposely trying to book MJF to get heat in this way. It's 2022. Wrestling is a work and there isn't a soul that's planning on "paying to see him get his ass kicked" for "hurting" Regal. Maybe there are some people mad enough that he's a part time champ that they will pay to boo him in person. There's still viable ways to get heat these days. But they're different than they were 30 years ago. Not for nothing, but you seem pretty mad about this development. So in a sense you're getting worked and adding heat to MJF. If it's working on you maybe it's working on others?
  8. I'm not defending any performers or trying to take up for anyone. I'd just like to note a best of 7 series when you just know it's going to the 7th match doesn't scream must see TV for some. You can basically skip all of the first 6 and not miss out on anything storyline-wise. Sure there will be layered story beats that they thread through the whole series, but essentially nothing of note will be happening until the L.A. Dynamite show. I think that's as important of a factor as anything in regards to the low closing quarter hour. Just thought I'd add that point in for consideration.
  9. It's actually grown on me. It's not Arkham. But it's still a pretty good experience once you get used to the not-Arkham-ness of it. They added a bunch of DLC this week for free. It's basically just 30 different raid levels with Starro as the big bad. Plus all the boss battles are tweaked to super max difficulty for a Showdown mode. The story is pretty solid, but it's short. There's only 3 side villains in this, unlike Arkham which always had a bunch. And the main story only had 8 quick chapters. I think having to animate the story 4 separate times is what ate away most of the space. I'd recommend it once it drops down to a reasonable price. It was not worth a new AAA full price. But under $20 is totally worth it for this.
  10. Everyone buying in and using the PLE acronym sound like if people on here using WWE Universe instead of fans. Yall should be ashamed of yourselves lol. PPV 4 Life
  11. I was all set to come in here and rant about how baffling the layout of the tag was. About 3/4 of the way through I realized they only announced two Zero Hour matches and it had to be leading to a singles. I was about to wonder aloud which agent needed to get fired for relegating the Kingston / Akyiama interaction to 90 seconds. I was quite bummed for Kingston thinking he built this match idea up in his mind for 20 years to get 90 seconds of interaction. Glad they're getting a singles today. Athena as a heel is far more fun. I know this is a small thing but I'm bummed they've just been using the normal set for PPVs. Seems like that's what's happening here too. The normal set is already up, so I'd assume they aren't going to deconstruct that to put up a modified original PPV one. We'll see. But that's a real bummer for me. The PPVs having actual sets was one of my favorite differences between AEW & WWE.
  12. I think your exaggerating quite a bit. 3000 - 4000 is about what they're doing for TVs. I'll go on record as saying unless something catastrophic happens, he's not doing the filming in one location thing for Dynamite. The optics of doing that are far worse than the optics of having smaller audiences. He's dead in the water if he does a reverse TNA and starts on the road and ends up in one building. Unless there's a pandemic again or they lose the WBD deal and are legit on the brink of bankruptcy because of no TV (almost impossible for a billionaire by the way) zero percent chance of that.
  13. I'm no so sure. There's an effective talking point in there about how WWE separated into Raw & Smackdown and both shows have an identity and a reason to watch. Yes both are WWE. But essentially the same argument could be made with WWE & NXT. USA has both. One is not named WWE. They both get viewership, and I'd argue NXT attracts more viewers than adding a C show WWE like Main Event or Superstars would. Maybe changing AEW's B show into something different with a different roster and identity would be a good thing. Wrestling fans like different. Maybe more people would watch that than Rampage. If you sold it correctly TV Networks would be more receptive to it than wrestling fans assume they would be I bet.
  14. Dude I think you need a Snickers, you're hangry or something lol. I'm with you tho The Firm sucks. The concept of The Firm sucks. Like I'm on board with a paid group of mercenaries to get you the poker chip. But the execution of it was bad. The rationale for it continuing past All Out was bad. Whatever it's morphed into is reallllyyyyyy bad. Keeping The Elite's actual return for the ppv makes sense to me. You save that first re-appearance pop for a big loud ppv audience. The visual of that makes how that's been handled worth it. But he also wanted to get the word out that they're back. A little playing both sides but this one makes sense to me. I don't think people are as anti-interim title as you are either. I'm fine with it if it's used with the right intent. This Rosa injury / non injury / weird confusing maybe drama situation ain't it tho. But in theory not forcing a champion to vacate due to injury is fine. It also builds a unique story that WWE doesn't present. It's an alternative. Just doing what WWE does and stripping everyone might be cleaner, but sometimes different is better.
  15. Those division games just hit different. That hit at the end is one of those things where no it was not a violent hit, but it was egregious. Graham had a full 3 seconds of time to recognize the play was over and still hit him. He didn't blast him or anything. But it was a QB that had clearly given himself up and an element of time passed where he had no excuse to follow through. The NFC East going wild right now. No losing records. The best overall average win percentage through 10 games in NFL history. I believe right now at this moment in time all 4 NFC East teams are in the playoffs. That won't stand. Division games will wipe that out. But how weird is that.
  16. Hindsight and all that, but how in the world do you call a sneak there? Shouldn't the Bills have gone 5 wide in a shotgun formation? Sure you risk a bad snap causing a safety. Or a holding penalty causing a safety. But doing a quick 2 yard slant is infinity more likely to get you a yard or two than a QB sneak off the the 1 inch line. Fumbled snaps are a pretty common occurrence when the QB's mind is busy doing all the calculus of which gap to choose and picking out who is coming and all that. Oh yeah The NY Giants are SEVEN and TWO baby! There's 8 games left. If they can win half of them they will almost surely be in the playoffs. Wild. Never would have guessed that.
  17. My guess is 6 more counting the pre show. You know they're gonna get Joe / Wardlow / Hobbs on there. Plus The Elite vs Lucha Brothers seems to me like it's going to happen. Plus the finals of the tournament. That gets you to 11. Then 3 more pre show matches.
  18. Re: Sarah Logan... I'm not going to go very deep on this because we don't do politics here (and for good reason). But there's two sides here. Her side (she's free to like whatever she wants to like because this is a free country right). The other side (people are free to not like her because of it because this is a free country right). Why do the people that support her right to like or not like whatever she likes, then criticize those turned off by her choices that they don't like? It's this subtle double standard thing that really annoys me. She can like whatever she wants. If you support that fact, then quit harping on people that don't like those choices. Because you're doing the same exact thing you're spending two paragraphs ranting against. As for Survivor Series, I hope he keeps elimination matches. I think he will. I think we're done with brand vs brand stories. I think it's all going to be real actual stories. Bloodline vs Brutes is probably going to be the men's War Games. I hope we get OC vs Judgement Day in a Survivor Series Match. Since the Raw women have War Games, maybe they do a women's SD Survivor Series match too.
  19. I'm not a fan of colored straps for the belts at all. In theory all men's titles on black straps and women's on white straps makes sense. But the white straps wear off quick and start looking dirty. I'd just make everything on a black strap. The fans aren't as dumb as Vince treated them. They can keep track of what show they're watching without all the belts having that color belt strap. Especially if everything gets unified permanently. Do the men's world title with a black strap and a gold WWE logo swoosh. Do the women's world title on a black strap with a white logo swoosh. Do the same with the men's and women's tag titles. Black straps with gold plates, elevate and 3D the WWE logo in front of the globe (in the rumored new tag title design) and gold / white swooshes. Make them the same designs like the world titles. Pairity between the divisions is a good look presentation wise. Men & women's world & tag titles are the same and equal.
  20. Gimmie dat Euro-Continental two falls double title rules match with those three and it's probably the match I'm looking forward to most at the PPV.
  21. Hard disagree in the sense that even the lowest on the card dudes of the time at least had had audience participation going for them. A lot of what's missing today is getting the audience to participate in your act. There's a reason The Acclaimed are so over right now. And why everything was so over during the catch phrase period. I can understand if it got repetitive for you, but it a missing ingredient these days.
  22. I've been slowly working through this one. It started out pretty clunky combat-wise. But once you start leveling up you unlock a lot of the combat skills. It's not Arkham, but it's not not-Arkham if that makes any sense. The story stuff has been fun so far. But it's been a bit tedious having to advance storylines by going out and stopping random crimes to get the proper intel. Only real complain I have to be honest is the movement when walking is wonky. There's a bit of a drift and it's not very precise. I've been stuck on stairs that I couldn't walk up because it got me stuck on the rail next to me and what-not. Minor when just exploring the city. But a bit annoying when you have to be precise and run to certain bombs and deactive them with a timer and combat happening and not being in just the right spot for the A button to work.
  23. They ran the biggest building in Alabama for their first ever show / taped week 2. Then they wen to the Asylum for 100 weeks. Around week 75 they also added in Orlando shows for Fox Sports Net. After like weekly PPV 110 they went Orlando only. But you still had to schedule and market and do promotions with Universal Studios. Then in 2007 they started touring. You don't think that takes any knowledge or skill? That he didn't learn anything and brings nothing to the table? You think The Impact Zone just filled it's self for Matt Bentley matches? Just because they were in the same location doesn't mean there was no work to be done in a Live Event capacity. It wasn't the same as a WWE Touring schedule. But it's the second best you're gonna get in this country in the last 21 years (not counting AEW). And I'd say that's a good get. Global Force toured minor ague baseball stadiums. Ra Ka King was his thing in India too. You're showing your lack of knowledge with that above comment.
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