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  1. Got power back after about 72 hours. Long enough to make everything in my fridge and freezer inedible.
  2. I’ve been without power since Friday. This sucks. Thanks, Fiona!
  3. Excited about INVISIBLE MANIAC, but “on sale” it’s $50 Canadian, like wtf.
  4. Anyone else about to get hit by a hurricane?
  5. Didn’t realize that Hikaru Sato was still “freelance.” I know he’s Hard Hit and all that, but he’s been on basically every show for years (and he’s even on the poster you posted).
  6. I mean, the meta commentary wasn’t subtle, but it was impressively accurate.
  7. This was recommended by YouTube. I never won’t share Tenryu:
  8. According to Polygon, this is the October lineup for the Criterion Channel
  9. Atm the Halloween 4K collection is under $23 on Walmart’s website: https://www.walmart.com/ip/The-Halloween-4K-Collection-1995-2002-4K-Ultra-HD/1996513501 EDIT: and it’s fixed.
  10. This looks awesome. Exploding shit and squibs everywhere.
  11. I have booked a fall booster. Fuck yeah, fill my veins with fire!
  12. I’m assuming that was due to the limited amount of time they had for the live TV stream (combined, as well, with bad planning).
  13. Almost double what I expected. All the right people won, at least.
  14. https://archive.org/details/jto-taka-taichi-despe-mania-12-09-22 Despy vs Kasai around 2:16:00.
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