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  1. Ok but then SWERVE the guy in the CP Munk suit turns out to be … CM Punk!
  2. Tonight’s double-feature was the Josephine Baker/Jean Gabin flick ZOUZOU and NINJA III: THE DOMINATION. If I’d seen NINJA III when I was 12, it’d have been my favourite movie ever.
  3. Vinegar Syndrome’s August lineup: https://vinegarsyndrome.com/collections/frontpage/products/august-2021-package Terminal Island [4k UHD/Blu-ray] Tough Guys Don’t Dance [Blu-ray] Girls School Screamers [Blu-ray] Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies [Blu-ray] Whatever It Takes [Blu-ray] TOUGH GUYS DON’T DANCE is directed by Norman Mailer, who seems an odd entry to the VS catalogue. Fun fact: I’ve published two book chapters on Mailer, making me an “expert” and thus buying this should be a business expense. I don’t know *any* of the other films.
  4. Winner of the Fire Festival is
  5. Look #1, please. Maybe his gimmick is “Beer League.”
  6. At this point, they should just get Nicholas Briggs to do it.
  7. Similarly, I’m surprise to see that the Holy Demon Army only formed in 93–the last year of MVC. Though they seem to loom equally large in AJPW history, HDA lasted more than twice as long, teaming basically right up to the split.
  8. I’m shocked every time I realize that the Miracle Violence Connection (specifically the Gordy-Williams version) was only around in AJPW for three years.
  9. Retconning usually leads to more fuckery. It’s better when DOCTOR WHO writers ignore anything that didn’t work for them and just not worry about it.
  10. I'd love it if they could announce a new Doctor, do the whole big "new Doctor" rigamarole, and then actually have a surprise regeneration midway through their first season.
  11. I mean, you don't need to reinvent the wheel with WHO, but you have to have a vision. Whatever their relative strengths and weaknesses, the previous show-runners had a plan, and it doesn't seem like Chibnall does. (Admittedly, I'm one of the few who is pretty high on Capaldi's last two seasons, and overall thought he was stronger than Smith). Also, someone's gotta break the pattern of three seasons per Doctor. Two, four, whatever.
  12. I thought she was great but the writing was pretty crap. The “best” episodes were pretty average.
  13. The lack of updates is upsetting. EDIT: there’s an update and he’s in stable condition.
  14. SECRETS & LIES is phenomenal. I don’t enjoy it as much as TOPSY TURVY, but it’s equally impressive. My understanding of Leigh’s method is that he has the structure worked out, and then after they cast the fi they do months of rehearsals. The actors create their characters and create the scenes through improv, but by the end they’ve worked out the scenes, so there usually isn’t any improvisation by the time they’re filming. Anyway, I really like how Leigh is humanist without being cloying, or cynical without being *edgy*. Also, the Tatum and Fassbinder fight scenes in HAYWIRE are enough for me to put that one in the “good” column.
  15. I guess I’m ignorant, since I don’t know why Baba would be untrustworthy.
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