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  1. Brute Issei returns! May he wrestle forever.
  2. I am watching the last show of the carnival! Have I seen the all the preceding shows? No! But her are my thoughts: T-Hawk , Shigehiro Irie & Issei Onitsuka besiegen Kento Miyahara, Atsuki Aoyagi & Takuya Nomura (10:59) nach dem Night Ride von T-Hawk gegen Aoyagi. -Kento distrusts Nomura, even before the other team makes it to the ring! -T-Hawk and Kento start us off with some exciting exchanges! -Nomura tags in hard, and takes on Onitsuka, who is super pumped! Is he always this pumped? -Onitsuka clears the ring with chops. Kento gets revenge by beating the shit out of him. More angry, salty Kento, please. -younger Aoyagi is so pretty! -Kento plays underdog a lot, so it’s nice to see him just shit kick Onitsuka -Oh shit, Irie got tagged in against Nomura! -fans are loving all of this so far, but it’s very clear Kento is the #1 guy -STRONGHEARTS get the win over the younger Aoyagi. Match needed more Nomura and Irie, but otherwise it made a compelling case that Kento should have singles matches against T-Hawk and Irie, and that Onitsuka should get more opportunities to compete in AJ. AJPW World Tag Team Title Skirmish: Shuji Ishikawa, Kohei Sato & Ren Ayabe besiegen Suwama, Shotaro Ashino & Dan Tamura (10:28) nach einem Fire Thunder von Ishikawa gegen Ashino. -Team Very Tall is here! -Ayabe seems like a fetus compared to surly Ishikawa and scuzzy Sato. -just a geeky looking motherfucker -Shuji SLAPS away Suwama’s offered handshake. The dastard! -Ayabe taunts Dan by offering him an unreachable hookup. Then everyone beats Dan’s ass. Things aren’t looking good for Dan. -Shuji starts taking liberties with Dan, but Suwama won’t stand for it! -Dan gets a gut wrench suplex on Sato, allowing Suwama to tag in. -Suwama and Akiyama are in an unofficial competition to be the next Tenryu. Jun might be in the lead. -Anyway, I could watch Shuji and Wama wrestle forever -there has been very little Ashino in this match -Dan gets Sato with a fireman’s carry into a fall away slam! Does that sound right? -Suwama inadvertently hits Ashino with a lariat, and the fallen soldier falls prey to a really bad looking fire thunder driver from Shuji, which ends things prematurely -There’s some strife on team Evolution! -This was fine but a step down from the previous match Champion Carnival - Final: Yuma Aoyagi besiegt Jake Lee (30:24) mit dem The Fool -There are Jake Lee banners in the audience! Weird! -Weirder: Jake comes to the ring wearing some fucking dollar store “Ninja Executioner” Halloween costume -Personality! -Wasnt his theme music like The Pogues or something? -a serious-looking Kento is on commentary (?) -ok, it’s gonna begin! The crowd is stoked! -Yuma immediately mocks Jake’s heel mannerisms -Yuma almost immediately takes it to the outside and uses the railings against Jake in a way that seems pretty heelish -there’s something very satisfying about a dragon screw -even more satisfying when it’s off the apron to the floor -Jake’s gonna destroy his knees with that moonsault -we have reached the “sell the exhaustion” part of the match! -Jake counters some near fall pin attempts works big knee. Excellent -oh god, Wada, retire already -it takes Aoyagi two hook kicks and two of his fisherman busters (the Fool?) to put Jake away. Fans seem legit happy. Great match! Top three matches in the show were all worthwhile, and the main event is definitely a worthy Final! That’s a bit of a big deal: if you go to Cagematch and look at both Jake’s and Yuma’s highest rated matches, they’re overwhelmingly matches that include Kento. Then putting this together on their own bodes well for the future! (I typed all of this out with my thumbs, so there are probably typos)
  3. Card for Kobashi’s next FORTUNE DREAM show (courtesy Purolove): The six-man and the main look fun.
  4. Never heard of him, and I think that’s a good thing.
  5. They’ve actually addressed a lot of the concerns that fans had during the soft launch. There has been audio sync issues and some really hinky green screen—the first was fixed, the other improved. Many fans were vocally upset about the new Crow voice that debuts in episode three. I immediately didn’t like it and then got used to it within about ten minutes. Will be interesting to see how people react on Sunday.
  6. Gotta see these pants in motion
  7. But Patrick Wilson isn’t scary! If you were a talk show host planning a Halloween-themed episode, you wouldn’t think “you know what would be great? If we got noted horror guy Patrick Wilson.” Or I guess another way of putting it: if Patrick Wilson shows up on some sitcom, they probably aren’t gonna do a joke where he’s dressed up like Dracula.
  8. I actually wonder if the missing ingredient is TV. Like, if you weren’t buying tickets to horror movies in the 20th century, you might still see these guys on TV—movies getting played for cheap on the weekend, etc. And you have to watch what’s on. But now, if you’re not seeking out horror films, you’d just never encounter them and their actors, right?
  9. Ok, I see what you’re saying. She kind of plays horror characters in non-horror movies.
  10. I don’t even think HBC has been in a horror film in the last 25 years, and most recently she was in THE CROWN, so I’m not sure I follow. Shari Zombie doesn’t count, because no one knows who she is.
  11. We’ve almost always had horror guys. Karloff and Lugosi. Price, Cushing, Lee. A couple of Lon Chaneys. Do we have that now? Most recent I can think of is Robert Englund, and he’s old as hell.
  12. Season 13 premieres this weekend! Upcoming premieres: Friday, May 6: Santo and the Treasure of Dracula w/ live aftershow Saturday, May 7: Robot Wars w/ live aftershow feat. Barbara Crampton Sunday, May 8: Beyond Atlantis w/ live aftershow Tribute Week: Wednesday, May 11: Manos Thursday, May 12: Future War Friday, May 13: Hobgoblins
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