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  1. What is the vaccine rollout like in Japan. Are these wrestlers breakthrough infections, or are they not even vaccinated?
  2. Bad break for AJPW, with their rescheduled big show just a week away.
  3. I just realized I’ve been visiting the DVDVR message board for TWENTY YEARS.
  4. Sorry to hear it, dude. You know how highly everyone here thinks of you.
  5. Assuming that will be region locked, which seems to be the case with Eureka. Recently upgraded my systems, so not prepared to spend extra for a region free HD player yet.
  6. Shit, I just realized that MAGMA gave us the only opportunity for Vader and Tenryu in the ring together. Did that happen? EDIT: no, but they gave us an (untelevised?) Vader & Dick Togo vs Road Warriors match.
  7. Blood is so infrequent in All Japan. You’ve gotta cherish it.
  8. September Criterions. Might have to get The Damned for the cover art alone. Nice to see Johnnie To in the collection.
  9. Masato Tanaka & Kengo Mashimo vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Shigehiro Irie Gonna have to make some time to watch this.
  10. He could lose faster though.
  11. LE DOULOS is the only one I haven’t seen before. I think I’m more of a fan of UN FLIC than most.
  12. It’s a shame there’s no Ruffalo solo Hulk film. You’d think they’d have enough confidence in him and the brand at this point.
  13. I got three Melville films: BOB LA FLAMBEUR, UN FLIC, and LE DOULOS. I don’t actually know anything about RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS, except that people seem pretty excited.
  14. Was there really a *40 minute* match between Ogawa and Kiyomiya yesterday? Fucking yikes.
  15. The second Kino shipment arrived. If I get doubles I’ll probably gift them to a friend or the library.
  16. When people think of NETWORK, they think of the “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” and seem to overlook the fact that the film very powerfully shows that this sensibility is useless.
  17. He’s in Morbius. Dunno if that’s MCU or like Venom.
  18. I’m pulling for a Tom Baker cameo.
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