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  1. The good: Cameron Grimes continuing to make the most of his butler role, Theory's part in the domestic strife. The bad: Odyssey dropping Chase, everything else.
  2. I'm wondering if Joe turns heel and it's revealed that Regal can't fire Joe, setting up a long-term Joe vs. Regal (non-wrestling) storyline rather than Joe-Kross. Kross will most likely be on the roster next Monday since he's the only Kross/Cross now that Nikki is almost a superhero.
  3. Between his clothing being so disheveled and a little stagger in his step down the ramp, I thought Lashley was supposed to be drunk when he came out at the end.
  4. That's how I felt at the time, but after seeing the vignette Excalibur's commentary made more sense. He's basically saying that Malakai Blacks is the evolution of Tommy End, which does sell the character. It's still not great, but it's not as bad as it was when he initially said it with no context.
  5. Interesting. It feels like such a thrown-together group (especially since all of the talk was that Suzuki was strictly there to train) that this would have helped make sense of it.
  6. Wrestling Nick Gage can also be the end of one's career.
  7. I really wonder if the Roddy/Suzuki/Rust grouping was a last-minute audible in advance of Ruas's release.
  8. I wonder if the superhero character move came just in time for Nikki.
  9. I'll assume that this round of cuts indicates that they're giving up on the WWEVOLVE project.
  10. I totally thought Molly was going to be her surprise partner when it ended up being Asuka. They do have to bring in Molly now at some point.
  11. I assume that's why AJ brought in Joseph Park.
  12. Isn't that clip of Harry showing him the Tiger Mask match originally from a BBC piece? I swear I've seen that exact footage before.
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