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  1. I'm reviewing my recent work schedule. I'm hoping I can participate, but lately my life has been days of work-sleep, work-sleep, etc. Thanks for tagging me, though, @Execproducer.
  2. God, that would be fuckin awesome. You'd then have Banks and Bayley etc. debating whether going after the title was worth sacrificing their integrity ... AH-AH! AND THEN ALONG CAME CHARLOTTE! *ding dikky-ding dikky-ding dikky-dikky-ding* ALONG CAME CHARLOTTE! *ding dikky-ding dikky-ding dikky-dikky-ding* LONG-WALKING CHARLOTTE! SHOEHORNIN' CHARLOTTE! ALONG CAME LONG LEGGED LANKY CHARLOTTE!
  3. Or that Davey Richards/ Eddie Edward's superplex spot.
  4. I think, for me, the crowd reaction ruins it. A lot of fun can be had when a crowd is in on the work. See, for example, the slow motion wrestling sequences. Here, what ruins the entire sequence is that knob in the background shouting, "What the fuck?! What the fuck?!" like he's watching the second coming of Muta. Otherwise, this is in the same ballpark as guys who catch their opponents on dives, aforementioned Irish whips, etc.
  5. In 4 weeks, Vinegar Syndrome has their "Halfway to Black Friday" sale, where everything is half off and they drop new super secret product. This may also mean that the B&N Criterion sale is on the horizon.
  6. Only thing Dibiase Jr. has done of note is bring us the "fuck on me" meme.
  7. Well, they did refer to him as the human horse in PWG ...
  8. I kept getting distracted by that sign about protecting all penetrations.
  9. My lane is: If "creative" has nothing for very talented roster members, it's not the roster members who should be removed.
  10. Joe and Cobb HAS to happen. Also on the wishlist: Joe vs. War King.
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