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  1. Because it's a special 50th anniversary thing with TV Asahi (50 years of NJPW on Asahi), I won't be able to see SANADA point weirdly after winning/not winning the IWGP title at Sakura Genesis. I think everywhere outside of Japan can still stream it live on NJPW World.
  2. There were a lot of what they call "public viewings" - places that had TVs simply switched them to the game (city halls, train stations, airports) or maybe set one up for people to watch (again, city halls and possibly neighborhood - or fureai - centers). The latter are usually aimed at older people. A couple of other places may do them in halls with projectors. There were some places that charged tickets. Here's an example of first a private "public viewing" (it was like 4000 yen a ticket, I think) and a local small one in the same video: It's kind of anything goes to some extent since the games are already being broadcast on free TV (NHK TV fees excluded). The same thing happens during the World Cup. During the Olympics some places might do them for a hometown hero. Sports bars are not quite that common outside of the big cities. My small city has one but it was raining on the day of the semi-final so I just watched at home.
  3. 42.4 with a high of 46 when Ohtani faced Trout. The replay in the evening did a 22. It was also streamed live on Amazon Prime in Japan so we will never know the true numbers. The quarterfinal with Italy was the highest with a 48 because it was during prime time.
  4. I have no idea why that barstool person tweeted that out. It's like, what, it doesn't sound impressive enough that almost half the TVs in the country tuned in to watch the game on the morning of a work/school day? The top rated televised sports event in Japan is the 1964 Tokyo Olympics broadcast that included the Japan women's volleyball team (legendary team who were called the um..Oriental Witches) with a 66.8, closely followed by the Japan/Russia 2002 World Cup game with a 66.1 (a 1-0 Japan win that caused riots in Russia, I believe).
  5. Because I now see it all the time, I want to make sure that everyone else notices SANADA's weird pointing when he talks. He's an action figure with a molded hand and the only point of articulation is his wrist.
  6. I was at work when the game was going on but keeping track on Amazon Prime and the WBC site. Couldn't really cheer but when Ohtani struck out Trout a shiver went through me. Every single Japan WBC so far scored a 40 plus in the TV ratings in Japan. The semi-final "only" got a 42.5 (with a high of 47.7) due to it being in the morning even though it was a national holiday - had it been during prime time (or golden time as it's called in Japan) - it probably would have gained the highest baseball rating ever (a Yomiuri Giants/Chunichi Dragons game at the end of the 94 season that determined the league champion that got a 48.8). The quarterfinal with Italy got close with a 48.0. And this is not including the numbers from Amazon Prime so it's very likely that half the country was tuning into the games.
  7. Robbie Eagles is now TMDK 4 Life and is Hiromu's next IWGP jr title challenger.
  8. Cyber Fight has adjusted their mask policies in accordance with the government guidelines. Masks are now optional for spectators but may depend on the venue. https://www.ddtpro.com/news/20075 I think they might have altered their statement because I thought I saw something about still needing masks for autograph events and whatnot. New Japan has not issued an updated statement yet.
  9. Please listen to a better call than the one we did!
  10. MURAKAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bottom of the ninth coming up. Ohtani, Yoshida and Murakami.
  12. Kenoh still chasing outside of NOAH tag gold will team with Shuji Kondo to take on Kzy and Big Boss Shimizu for the Open the Twin Gate titles on 4/4 in Tokyo.
  13. FINALLY! Japan ties it up 3-3 after stranding like a billion runners.
  14. I can see SANADA winning and then eventually losing to Finlay. That can free up Okada to maybe either go for the tag titles with Tanahashi or do something with Kaito with far less politics involved. Also, my secret wish is that ELP leaves the BC to join LIJ.
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