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  1. The show had Sid vs Mabel when they were both between runs with the big two. He doesn’t get Big Vis up, but he powerbowbs three other dorks.
  2. Sid didn’t have a merch person handling the money for the photos, so he was just holding it in his hand. I guess he was gracious enough not to snatch the cash out of my brother’s hand until afterwards. The photo is in the middle of an NWA ring during an intermission, but you can’t really tell from the Polaroid.
  3. The Master and Ruler of the World, my little brother, and Sid Eudy.
  4. A card with Sting, CM Punk, and Danielson all wrestling and it’s just another week of television for this promotion. Wild.
  5. It was Clark Gable (yay?) Flynn had already died. His last movie is a weird semi-scripted documentary where he’s hanging out with Castro and the Guerillas right before the Batistans lost.
  6. The Borscht at the Beach match is so good, and stiff. I love a beach brawl. Now that I’ve seen some Allie Katch I’m hyped for her Thunder Rosa match this week.
  7. Another week, another opportunity for a quarter of the women’s roster to make Senior Referee Paul Turner look like an overwhelmed dumbass.
  8. My kids have shown little interest in watching wrestling, but they love playing it. In our case that’s me jobbing in a handicap match where I get no offense and I do Ray Stevens bumps around our living room in a manner my wife wouldn’t approve of if she were home.
  9. Good lord, talk about wrestling machine vs wrestling machine. That’s a personal MOTYC.
  10. Vickie has a sick crafting room.
  11. I’m watching Gambler matches on YouTube, as one does, and Dusty is really on one during this Sting squash. He compares Sting to Hootie and the Blowfish and Boyz 2 Men in an analogy I couldn’t totally follow, and then he instructs the viewers on how to steal cable before being informed that it’s illegal to do so and backpedaling mightily.
  12. She Freak is the movie I think of when USA’s Up All Night is brought up, along with Vice Academy. When I saw it as a child I had no way of knowing it was a grindhouse ripoff of Freaks.
  13. If it was a WWE show that delicious Friendsgiving dinner would be getting worn instead of eaten for sure.
  14. Thunder Rosa vs Hayter was excellent despite Rick Knox looking like the dumbest motherfucker who’s ever lived. It’s amazing how effective it can be having a taking segment open the show when it isn’t done every week.
  15. Dexter as Nordic noir has been doing laps around everything that went on past season 4. Michael C Hall’s quiet guffaws when the investigation goes his way are great. The show curiously almost has a Resident Alien vibe. It seems like Harrison and the manga kid are going to get up to some Leopold and Loeb shenanigans.
  16. I’ve never been more painfully aware of the dissonance between how cool a picture looks and how lame the text and sentiment feels.
  17. Two movies that should’ve been unfuckupable were a Black Dahlia movie directed by De Palma and a George Reeve’s murder mystery with Affleck as Reeves and Bob Hoskins as Eddie Mannix, but that’s the mid 2000s for you.
  18. Tonight’s Dark has a Wardlow match that is one of the greatest squashes I’ve ever seen. Rest of the show was pretty strong. Glad to see Bear Country being put in a position to be players in the tag division. Their recent match with Shook Crew in Beyond is in the internet match thread and it’s worth a look. The Moriarty/Comoroto main was very good stuff, and I loved finishing the show with a post match Schiavone interview.
  19. Very few movies feel more like the pilot to a tv show than Red Notice.
  20. People aging better now than in the past is a common talking point, but it’s worth noting that Molina and Michael Keaton are both roughly the same age as John Wayne was when he made The Shootist. Leaded gas and cigarettes are real motherfuckers. Edit: They also presumably haven’t shot a film on top of a nuclear fallout site either.
  21. Underwhelming Elevation with a lot of sloppy matches and whatever was happening in the commentary booth. The Nese match was the standout. I’d be perfectly fine with him being a Dark ace and defending the Being Tony Nese Championship against regional indie darlings in 6-8 minutes matches every week.
  22. Garcia continues to rule. His Sharpshooter variation is so good. I’m glad he’s getting a tv program with Kingston since he was all over AEW as a free agent and disappeared for a couple of weeks after getting signed. I watched Platinum Max on this show and his match with Slade in Beyond, and he needs a lot of work. You can tell his ambitions are greater than his skill set right now, and without doing his Acclaimed entrance on the indies (probably at the behest of TK) he doesn’t stand out at all.
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