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  1. Bad News Brown basically was Austin in 80's WWF. Bald, plain black trunked badass who didn't like the faces or the heels.
  2. Maybe they were gonna have him feud with Nikki ASH in a goofy costume battle... They could even claim Mighty Molly taught him her finish to help him out...
  3. Um, let's see... Silverado - part of the bad guy ensemble Mr. Frost - titular villain Death Wish - one of the rapists that gets the ball rolling on the plot, though not really a major role That's all I got off the top...
  4. A mediocre Pesci impersonation and not much else. Hell, even Rob Schneider had the copy guy...
  5. I liked that move enough to create it in Fire Pro... https://firepro-w.com/item/detail/250361
  6. See, you're being condescending and dismissing me as nonsensical. Don't talk down to people who disagree with you on socio-political things. You've been fed too many "dur dur Fox News 'Murica" strawmen. Hell, I've never watched Fox News in my life. I don't even like talking about this shit, I just feel compelled to offer a different viewpoint here from time to time...
  7. Amen. One of my biggest critiques of the 21st century left is that for all of their, "We fight bigotry" bravado, their methodology leaves much to be desired. I think your average rank-and-file liberal means well, but they've been taught to be mocking, dismissive, condescending, and outright hateful to anyone with an opposing opinion. And they've had this moral absolutist view of social issues pressed upon them, so that wearing black face in a Halloween costume draws the same ire as burning crosses. And all any of this does is piss people off and make them defensive, and makes racists backslide further into racism. We're left with everyone getting angrier and angrier on both sides. And angry people are so much easier to control. Whether it's Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow directing that anger is besides the point. Two sides of the same coin. Compromise is a necessity to the human condition, but these days everyone wants to be Rorschach. I'm surprised we haven't torn down all the Henry Clay statues...
  8. Hey speaking of documentaries I started watching Secret Base's The People You're Paying To Be In Shorts and as far as I can tell it's a weird, meandering 2-and-a-half hour documentary about the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats season...It doesn't exactly give you a strong mission statement up front about what it's trying to accomplish or reveal, so I'm left wondering, why exactly am I supposed to sit through a long stream-of-consciousness meditation about a year in the life of a mediocre NBA team?
  9. I like how Asuka devolves into just screaming, "BAKA!" over and over again to make all the weeaboos happy... I still don't know why so many people are speculating on Austin Theory when its always been obvious to me that HHH is burying him for being Vince's boy the same way Vince buried so many of his guys...
  10. I just saw that Antonio Brown has come out in support of Kyrie Irving. Because of course he did... At least he has as-of-yet-undiagnosed-but-almost-certainly-there CTE as an excuse though...
  11. Weird to see Ramon in powder blue. I guess purple was the default, but other than that he tended to rock red, black, and green... Not with a key, sissy...
  12. 2016 was peak Miz too. He was regularly having good to great TV matches on Smackdown with guys like Ziggler and Ambrose.
  13. Technico you all good homie? I miss your posts son .
  14. Man I mentioned my love of Dr. Butcher in my review but Curt actually picked it....the craziness of Dr. Butcher is that it has zombies and cannibalism, but never the twain should mix...and then the cannibals eat the zombies! Beautiful! It's the day before my birthday and I'm a little drunk in Philly, but I promise a bonus review of another Jersey Devil film, the execrable 13th Son, which I had the displeasure to see in the theater. Props to Curt McGurt.
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