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  1. Well, I guess they have substantial evidence to come to a quick conclusion like this. Bauer next?
  2. I liked Whitaker fine. Not many of the stories stick out for me, but it's been like that since they restarted with Ecclestone. Doubt they'll go with an older Doctor, but I'd still love to see Sean Pertwee give his dad's ruffles a go.
  3. Rockpalast posted the entire set for ZZ Top from 1980 on their YouTube channel (WDR Rockpalast). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH4hCeJrs44&ab_channel=WDRRockpalast I highly recommend it if you like 70s ZZ Top. Really good show.
  4. You could DIY one through a cellphone or tablet. Lots of soundboard apps out there you can load with your own sounds. Search for Elgato Stream Deck alternatives for a physical one.
  5. Mike Howe from Metal Church dead at 55. https://www.stereogum.com/2155349/metal-church-singer-mike-howe-dead-at-55/news/
  6. Thanks for posting this. I pre-ordered at Amazon for $99 after reading your post. Apparently they oversold as the release date of the 13th got pushed back to sometime in September. They had been trickling into Best Buy, but not one close to me. But last week there were some in stock for $94 at Nashville West Best Buy, so I was able to order one and cancel my Amazon order. Loving the set so far, only watched 1 & 2.
  7. Saw a headline where he appeared on another podcast and the subject was about being cancelled. Didn't have time to read the article, so I didn't click on it for the whole story.
  8. I thought GG had been cancelled!
  9. I have average sized hands and the Switch makes my hand cramp if I use it with no holder/grip. Most of my playing on it is done through the dock while I'm using a Pro controller. The two trackpads also look to be in a problematic position, seems like you could easily trigger them with palm of hand. I didn't put a reservation in until a few minutes ago as I had stuff to do this morning, but I've read people had trouble getting in earlier.
  10. Reservations for the Steam Deck open today. Looks like a nice bit of portable PC tech, but I'm not keen on the button placement. Handheld portable gaming is fine, but I'd likely want the dock to throw it on the big screen. Not sure if I'm going for it or not.
  11. The 9/11 stuff mentioned in that article didn't even move my needle, but the peanuts story...
  12. If she sang death metal karaoke I'd probably be into this.
  13. Good move for the Oilers. Feels weird typing that phrase.
  14. One of my pick up at any episode favorites. Shame Amazon Prime Video doesn't have the complete series.
  15. Keaton moved out recently so I started looking around other islands for a replacement. Ran into some interesting characters including Pietro, but sadly I decided to declined inviting them. The next island after Pietro was Leonardo, one of my original neighbors. He didn't seem to recognize me, so I picked him since I never got a photo from his original run. Now I've seen many former neighbors on other friends islands, but Leo was the first I've seen on random islands.
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