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  1. The Red Letter Media guys just released the latest Half In The Bag and they were positive on Prey (2022). I guess that makes it okay for me to like it, too. Seriously, thought the film was good. The CGI animals were the worst parts of the movie, and that's a minor nit. Hope this is determined to be a "hit" and gets a physical release. (Gotta hoard that physical media!)
  2. I wonder which nozzle they used? I would have started with the green nozzle.
  3. What a Legend! R.I.P. Vin Scully
  4. I've twice deleted a rant about this situation. But, since I don't want to lose my account here I'll just say, "Down with this sort of thing."
  5. She needs to put that shit on Facebook marketplace. At least it's not the Monster Hunter bundle. Digital code, my ass!
  6. I don't think there's a dead Dolphins emoji, yet, so you're safe. R.I.P.
  7. Mira recently gave me her photo which put her on the "can go" list. She was an original day one neighbor. When she said she wanted to go, I let her. Had no intention of starting a octopus collection, but the first island I went to had Cephalobot. Already had Octavian, been here a good while, and a pink octopus whose name escapes me. Marina is the name of the pink octopus. Had to look that one up.
  8. Not sure if anyone cares, but here goes... Lawn Mowing Simulator is free at Epic Game Store until the 4th. Watched Markiplier go through some of this and it looked as fun as the power washer game. YMMV, of course.
  9. Same. Looking at his IMDB I sort of recognized 2 of the titles, but couldn't say with certainty if I had seen them. I do love collections like this if for nothing more than the preservation aspect.
  10. Anything that cuts back on pharmaceutical ads is okay by me. My biggest complaint with Hulu is the ad volume being 4 times as loud as the program I'm watching. Nothing like trying to catch up on Letterkenny at 3am and BAM, here's an ad.
  11. Is that the JaMarcus Russell clause?
  12. Not really surprised he was confused by the plot.
  13. I told my wife that I thought that David Warner died a few years ago. Another solid actor that brought the goods in just about every role. R.I.P. MCP
  14. "u r wise beyond your years" is the most creepy boomer shit I've read in a minute.
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