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  1. The "person familiar with the documents" has initials of RG. And I ain't talking Robert Griffin III either. Glad to know the NFL has rid itself of homophobia and racism. Good thing they've never had problems with sexual abuse...
  2. Giants had a great season, nothing for them to be ashamed of here. Dodgers heading to Atlanta. Just hope the Dodgers didn't use up all their mojo in this tough series.
  3. He had to run that by "Mr Editor" to get that polished look.
  4. I just hope they keep tearing up cars. Hendrick is too afraid to step in so he goes crying to NASCAR to say something.
  5. Goodell didn't give a damn about anything in those emails except for the stuff about him. I'm hoping they don't give the job to Marinelli (Rip Lions '08), Cable, or Bradley. Rich Bisaccia has been named Interim Coach. Hell, they'll probably put together a trade for Urban Meyer. I was against bringing Gruden back from the start, BTW.
  6. I have extra DIYs for Gold Bars and Golden Dishes if anyone needs them.
  7. He threw his back out on the dance floor, amirite
  8. So Brisett for the Fins and Peterman for the Raiders? I know Carr will likely start, but this would be a Game of the Week matchup.
  9. I just started XCom 2 for the PS4 and maybe my expectations for a next-gen (at the time) update were higher than the final result. Still a great game, though.
  10. I finally connected an external HD to my PS4, because it was unable to download updates and install new games. Let everything update and decided to check out PS+ and discovered that I had Mafia 3 in my library. Don't remember when they offered it but I'm grateful they did. JT's playthrough got me interested in playing the game. I also found out that the DLC is free in the store, so double win.
  11. That's classic Bristol! Allmendinger has always seemed like an okay dude, so I'm not mad. Did you see Elliott and Harvick get their panties intertwined in the Monster race?
  12. Diablo 2 Resurrected comes out on my birthday. Thinking of picking it up as a present to myself since I remember nothing about the story. I probably still have the Battlechest around somewhere, but the updated visuals look pretty good on the videos I've watched.
  13. Chris Stapleton is the artist to which I was referring. Not for me. If that's his idea of a good cover I probably don't need to hear any of his stuff.
  14. I heard a Metallica cover from one of the top name country artists and I had to "Nope" the fuck out of that one.
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