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  1. I haven't seen Weekly Fight in years. Is this some online revival?
  2. Rumi's classic hair match. I was lucky enough to meet her at a few of the OGs snacks/bars. She had big charisma in person. I was happy to buy her drinks. This one makes me especially sad. She's younger than me. My health is going downhill too.
  3. Victor Quinones had a real life rep for that. I went out for dinner and drinks with him in Japan once. The conversation led to the fact that he wasn't smuggling drugs or guns or anything bad like that. He was making extra money by bringing underwear and coffee into Japan.
  4. Trenton Thunder minor league baseball stadium. (Actually FKA as Trenton Thunder, Trenton lost the team this year with the takeover of the minor leagues by MLB, Buffalo AAA team moved in this year because MLB Toronto took over the Buffalo stadium because of border crossing restrictions). They sell pork roll sandwiches at the concession stands!
  5. I'll take Yujiro over YOSHI-HASHI, Taichi, and Owens. Although it would be better without the four of them. As far as worst in NJPW, Tiger Mask is still around.
  6. Sounded like Girls on Pills to me. Would always sing along saying that.
  7. Looks like Karrion Kross wants to go there as Tool in the above post.
  8. Show World ha ha! learned about that when the PATH was on strike. I had to bus to Port Authority and walk from there to Penn Station to get from Hoboken to Rahway.
  9. 20 minute promos to start the show and main events that start with 9 minutes left in the show are things that caused me to stop watching Monday night wrestling 20years ago. I hope that this was a one time thing.
  10. They should have gotten at least 3 episodes from what came before the Battle Riot main event at the ECW Arena.
  11. It was hot and crowded when the ring broke. I went home (or to the bar or hotel, I'm not sure) and didn't see it. ECW started to become like the Yogi Berra saying, no one goes there anymore because its too crowded. I went to went to the Philly Sports Bar shows, the first TV taping at Cabrini College, and the first show at the Arena. Tod Gordon stopped my friends from tearing the sign on the outside of the ECW Arena down to take home. The sign had the date of the show on it, so we thought it was OK to take it. Todd said that they could change the date for the future. We all apologized to him. One of our group did some indy wrestling as Jersey Hurricane. He was actually the first person to bring a frying pan from the dollar store to ECW.
  12. Juicy people in the juicy house you son of a gun! Chris Jabroni Jarico.
  13. I expected the match to be a mess so I went home right before it started. Got home in time to see the UFC main. I think that I made a good choice. Hammer and Holliday have stepped it up in The Dynasty and are as good or better than with MJF. Hammer time baby!
  14. I'm still waiting for the ref that is pulled out of the ring at the count of 2 to call for the bell and say that he saw the shoulders down for 3 and the match is over. If I ran a promotion now, I would start with so many DQs and count outs just to establish that wrestling has rules.
  15. The Zona 23 junkyard is my favorite currently.
  16. I couldn't go to MSG before I turned 14 (1974). I saw a few shows in various armories and high schools in NJ before that. My first show was at the Elizabeth Armory and a lady was arrested for throwing a chair off of the balcony at Professor Tanaka, who was beating on Pedro. I went to one of the Knicks playoff games and the checking for vaccine documentation was weak. I held mine up and was waved through without it being checked.
  17. There must be a third time out there. It was like the Myogiru bump, but I didn't have Japanese TV that long ago. Sumo is a real brutal sport. Gaikokujin can't get past seeing fat guys with their asses showing.
  18. Hakuho mentioned concern for his knee in post match interview. That might explain avoiding a tachiai collision and just striking the last two days. Who did he beat with the elbow causing an immediate ass bump a couple years ago?
  19. Rina is good for some genki clubberin' in every match. Violento Jack is the best wrestler that no one talks about.
  20. It seems like Nosawa books himself to lose on the Tokyo Gurentai and Nosawa Boom Ba Ye shows all the time. If you're a senior citizen from Mexico or Japan, he will put you over and love it.
  21. All of the NHK channels just disappeared from my IPTV. Are there alternate ways to watch online?
  22. I totally forgot the team name of The Brothers of Destruction. The Valiant Brothers were a hot enough act to main event MSG in an era when nearly every month's main was the HW World title match.
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