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  1. After Dynamite on Wednesday night, I finished reading "The Final Girl Support Group" by Grady Hendrix. It's a fun little murder mystery that pays obvious lip service to the horror/slasher film genre. It's reportedly being made into an HBO miniseries as well.
  2. The political nerd in me is waiting for August, and the release of Michael C. Bender's "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost" So, to tide myself over until then, I've started reading Philip Rucker's "A Very Stable Genius"
  3. Reading has gotten away from me in the last few months, but I'm trying to get back into it. It'll hopefully be a lot easier after next month when I don't have the PT weekend job anymore. At the moment, I'm reading the novelization of the 2002 film "Insomnia." I really like the film (although it doesn't hold a candle to the original Norwegian film it's based on), and one thing I've learned over the last year or so is that novelizations always seem to have little tidbits or things that you don't necesarilly pick up on when you see the film.
  4. Here’s who I was originally talking about. Also listed were Ivelise, who’s already been cut, and Daniels as a wrestler, which seems to also have happened. Pineapple Pete too, but I guess he’s been gone for a while. Joey Janela Sonny Kiss Bear Country Evans/Angelico Luther/Serpentico Billy Gunn Leva Bates JD Drake Peter Avalon
  5. Their roster is way bloated right now. But, Andrade is someone worth going after. I'm hoping that the new show in August will help out in that regard and let them spread the talent around a bit more. I said it on twitter a month or two ago, there are probably at least twenty people on the roster that could be cut tomorrow, and I'd wager that the vast majority of AEW fans wouldn't even bat an eyelash about it.
  6. My wife is officially back in school. She's been accepted to WNMU (Western New Mexico University) to take online classes to earn her Bachelor's in English Literature. She's still got the worry in the back of her mind, that the principal will give the library position to someone else who's already got the degrees. The principal talked her off the ledge by telling her that someone with a lot more schooling probably won't want the starting pay involved in it. I further pointed out that, it's such a great story for the principal to tell people. This woman started as a substitute, not knowing week to week if she'd even be working, and then became a teacher assistant. Then, while still working for the school, she went back to school herself and got a Bachelor's Degree to become a permanent staff member. What a great success story to tell people about how much the school wants it's staff to be more successful!
  7. It looks like I'll be bidding farewell to my part time weekend side gig come July. My wife is currently a teaching assistant, but has made it clear to the Principal that she'd like to be working in the LIbrary, which is a position that has needed filling for quite a while now. She had her meeting with the Principal on Tuesday, and she was told that they need to post the job opening and wait 30 days for people to apply. However (read between the lines here), it's up to the Principal who gets the job, and it's based on not just qualificatons but also who is clearly passionate about it, as well as who she feels is the right fit for the school. And this comes with a huge bump in pay. She'd already told my wife that she can expect a hefty raise, and when she put some numbers on the table, hefty is actually an understatement........
  8. I’ve never heard anything about his thoughts on that one. I know he loathed the film version of Patriot Games. And I recall him joking about being the author of novel that Phil Alden Robinson ignored when he talked about The Sum of All Fears.
  9. After I'd been looking forward to it for over a year, I watched Tom Clancy's Without Remorse on Amazon Prime tonight. As much as I enjoyed it as a standalone action film, I feel pretty comfortable saying that the late Mr. Clancy would have hated it with a passion. The film has the overall spirit of the novel as far as a revenge mission, and the usual twists and turns associated with Clancy's works (and the films that are loosely based on them).
  10. He was always the nicest dude, even when I first started posting on wrestling forums and didn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch, he'd always politely and respectfully set me straight. When I started posting here regularly again a couple of years ago, he PM'd me when he saw I'd moved from NY to NM, and we chatted a bit about how much different it really is out here. Rest easy, John.
  11. For real, I think the NWA Women's TItle is probably more prestigeous than the AEW one at this point. Since she won the title, aside from the PPV match with Thunder Rosa, has Shida had any notable matches? She sure as hell hasn't had any meaningful programs or feuds for the title. So far, here's what I'm thinking is the lineup for the 12/2 Dynamite Moxley vs Omega Triangulo de la Muerte vs. Kingston/Blade/Bunkhouse Butch Serena Deeb/Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker/Reba Darby/Cody/Dustin vs. Cage/Starks/Hobbs
  12. I've been saying it for a while now. Intentional or not, John Silver's goofball in contrast to ultra serious Brodie looks just like Raven and Stevie Richards. Silver's PPV match with Cassidy only made it more clear that he can definitley be somebody in the promotion. The other thing that bothers me about the Dark Order is when they bring out the masked dudes with only numbers, Excalibur basically shits on it. Justin Roberts introduces them at "5" or "10" and Excalibur is telling everyone that they're Alan Angels and Preston Vance.
  13. I'm thinking it'll be the same thing as the Mike Tyson deal. He'll make a one-off appearance, and it'll transition into Cody feuding with some other heel.
  14. I was completely expecting it, since they played the video last week, but I still marked out when THE BASTARD~! returned. Triangulo de la Muerte vs. King/Blade/Bunkhouse Butch makes perfect sense right now that the Allie storyline with looks like it's wrapped up and King is done with Mox. I kind of wish they'd gone the other way and had Pac return and the Lucha Bros turn on King, and let him cut babyface promos about Pentagon being his best friend.
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