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  1. I have Prime so that's fine with me, but its gonna confuse some people. That gives me a year to teach my dad how to stream Amazon.
  2. I own one and I like it a lot. For me the big perk is its portability (which the PS5 is not) since I bring it to work to play and it fits in my laptop bag. But I mostly use the XBox for GamePass and I use my PS5 for games I want to be as pretty as possible and that I may buy a physical edition of. I do need to get an expansion though as I am already having to remove games which isn't really ideal.
  3. I can't watch it Live. I only do the 1st Round, otherwise I catch up later. I guess the whole presentation works for some as it does get ratings but everything from the analysts to the silliness annoys the hell out of me. I am old.
  4. Well none of the draft fantasies came true so I am assuming GB is thinking Rodgers will get over it.
  5. I'm not sold on Mac yet, drafting a QB early can be a blessing or a curse and its too early to know which one he'll be. So I'm not mad at NE getting him, it could hamper them as much as help them depending on how it goes.
  6. Dalton is fuming somewhere, probably yelling at his agent. What a swerve.
  7. Surprised that both Fields and Mac weren't picked in the Top 10, I wonder if San Fran picking Lance threw a few teams off that may have wanted him.
  8. Dan Campbell seems literally insane so I wouldn't try to predict anything that goes through his head.
  9. See I told you guys Mac wouldn't go third. Full confidence, never doubted myself.
  10. Rippa deciding because he likes one New York team he has to defend them all, let us have our fun.
  11. The Panthers being so hell bent on getting rid of Bridgewater (they are still paying seven mil of his contract even after the trade) is interesting to me. They went out and signed him to a nice-sized contract just last offseason, his #1 weapon missed most of the season and he didn't play overly poorly (not great, but not a disaster), and they couldn't wait to replace him. I'd say there is something else afoot but by all accounts Bridgewater is a stand-up guy so its all just a bit weird.
  12. I know this is what NFL wants and I don't care - I'm super hyped for the first round of the draft (don't care about the rest). The idea that quarterbacks could go 1-2-3-4 (if ATL trades down) is fascinating, especially if another goes in Top 10. Its just a perfect storm of what the teams high up need, the league being such a passing league these days, and there being five QBs that a team can justify somehow drafting that early. Only once have four QBs been drafted in the top ten, the "famous" 2018 class, and only once before has a QB gone 1-2-3 (in 1999, only one was good). So its not just int
  13. I really hope Biomutant went silent for so long and was delayed for the right reasons as they claim (QA and bug fixing without crunch) and not because it was a dumpster fire that needed to be re-done, but it looks pretty and I'm looking forward to playing it in a few weeks.
  14. I would like to take back this take please, I am now convinced this is really happening and have started to accept it.
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