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  1. What the shit is this fuck. Never seen three straight balks. Ok I know people on here are balk-defenders but these are some pretty normal looking pitches.
  2. When you are down 3 CBs and at least 1 S, beggars can't be choosers
  3. Next year I am going to convince you to give us two strikes because we are, in fact, very bad at this.
  4. I hope Phil went to bed and didn't watch the end.
  5. Can't believe I watched that whole game, I need a hobby.
  6. He needs to learn to put a towel over his head when he is crying like every other player does. Rookie mistake.
  7. Everyone sucked this year, I blame Phil.
  8. Wait why did I think Herbert was out. My brain is scrambled, I blame the Bills.
  9. Both people left picking a Herbert-less Chargers team (he was always questionable at best to play) is brave.
  10. Miami weather is a bitch but I'm just hoping all the 'injuries' were heat-related and it doesn't linger into the next game. Not overly concerned they lost, just worried about injuries.
  11. BUTT PUNT. Now I've seen it all.
  12. I would argue that if a hole is big enough that Moss gets 40 yards, Singletary would have gotten 60.
  13. Players in the Bills/Dolphins game are dropping like flies. 17 game season was such a great idea.
  14. I don't mind the running but I'd rather it not be Moss doing the running. I'm ready for the Moss experiment to end, he's a 'power back' that weighs less than Gabe Davis.
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