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  1. I scrolled credits on Starfield tonight. There is more I can do post game but my backlog for recent games is stupid (Sea of Stars, Madden, MK1, and Lies of P are waiting for me) so I'm going to call it a day. I'll replay it in a couple years when its all patched up and maybe has some DLC, kinda like how I plan on replaying Cyberpunk within the next six months. I don't think my hours played is accurate as I dunno if it counted when I had it paused but I probably put 60 to 70 hours into it if I had to make up a number. I did a lot, but I left a lot on the table. I did all the faction quests, every "real" side mission I came across (rescuing people and shit, not fetch quests or surveying). Ended the game at level 43 I think, never had any serious issues with combat. Had a couple cool guns. Found four snow globes (I suck at finding little things lying around), got most the powers. Had a good time. I did not do anything with outposts, only completed one companion quest, didn't do any long fetch quests, never built a ship 'from scratch', scanned next to nothing, and didn't land on any planets unless someone told me to. A lot of that was intentional - I do plan on replaying it so I decided to make my character a certain way and focused on combat and persuasion, while knowingly leaving some meat on the bone for my next playthrough. Overall it was fun. I have some quibbles - companions are dumb in combat, excessive time wasted with "inventory management," I didn't think they made the powers good enough to matter in relation to the hassle of getting them (I never used an "essence"), and I'm still kinda pissed off my home reset due to a bug and I lost a lot of shit. But I really enjoyed the combat, I thought all four factions were great sub storylines, and the main mission didn't feel like an afterthought. For playing it at release, a solid B+ effort by Bethesda, and probably an "A" once they fix up a few things. And I'll probably play it on PC next time so I can use some mods to improve the quality of life.
  2. I got a trespassing bug but it was partially my fault. I was doing a stealth mission where I was actually trespassing, and realized it would be easier without my companion. So I told her to go back to the ship when I was already in the building. So I finished the mission and kept walking around Neon, and was still getting the message. Finally my companion made it out of the trespassing building and re-joined me out and about, but the message didn't stop even when I flew to a new planet. Luckily, in this case it was an easy fix, just quitting the game and re-starting made the message go away. And it was kinda my own fault for sending away my companion mid-trespassing, that's definitely the kind of thing that would confuse a bethesda game.
  3. I won't say anything overly spoiler-y so I can warn people so they don't hit a bug I just did. Based off reddit, I'm not the only one hit by it. I got a nice New Atlantis home, and figured I'd make that my "real" home. Got it decorated, put up a few one of a kind items, very home-y. Luckily, didn't store my resources there. Then I did the main mission titled "High Price to Pay". Did that mission and some other things, came back to my home a few hours later and the front door was locked again. My key still worked of course but the place was completely cleaned out. Unique items, research stations, everything gone. Checked my ship inventory and tried to see if they stored it somewhere else, but no dice. Just lost everything, don't care enough to reload a five hour old save, just going on with the game. I won't go into the theory as to why it happens as I don't want to say too much, I'll just say if you get to that mission and have a home in New Atlantis, you may want to move everything to your ship before starting it. Because I'm sad now. A very Bethesda experience.
  4. The funny part is the drive before they did a two point conversion so either he was making a dumb excuse off the top of his head or he had a brain fart mid game.
  5. We need a FG Surrender Index, they went from being near the goal line and needing a TD, to not having the ball and... still needing a TD.
  6. I feel like this has to be seen, as I just finally saw it myself. I know they said after the game that the crowd noise made it so Cousins couldn't hear the play being called but just spike the ball! Give yourself time to talk it over and they'd still have had time to run three plays, there were 30 seconds left! Insane. I don't know why that person had two audios going, it was the only tweet I could find with the entire sequence.
  7. Am I the only person that never remembers he has powers? I swear I've used them maybe twice in the last 20 hours of gameplay. I even have one I kinda like and would be useful, my brain just never thinks about it. Its like I am in FPS mode and can only focus on shooting people, not using magic. It also feels a little forced into the game, at least at the point I am at in the main story. I'm not mad about it, it just feels like something tacked on that my character didn't need to be a badass.
  8. Congrats to Acuna for 40/40, also locked up that NL MVP (I don't think it was seriously in doubt but he put a nail in the coffin over the last two weeks).
  9. I get what you are saying, but I think if AEW seems someone at a certain level (or potential to be at that level) come free they have to sign them. I think with the right opening storyline that Ali is "upper mid-card" ready, with 2.5 TV shows they should be able to find a spot for him. Plus they may soon be losing wrestlers, I am sure some contacts come due the end of this year/early next year so it helps to already have the next wrestler ready to step in. But that's why I said only Ali. I don't see a spot for them to sign three, four wrestlers all at once. Would be a bit much.
  10. The only wrestler I'd immediately go get if I was AEW is Mustafa Ali. I think he could be a mistake like Swerve, in that he is a talented wrestler that WWE had no interest in using correctly. All the others I'd probably let simmer, while Benjamin and Dolph could give some value I don't know if it would move the needle and I can't say definitely that they'd make AEW more fun to watch. But definitely Ali. Riddle has the in-ring ability but he just has too many red flags in his personal life, I don't think they'd take the risk.
  11. I don't think the NFL should go full NCAA with the ejection rules but I'm glad he got ejected for that one.
  12. I want to make a joke about someone picking the Giants but I have to wait first to see if the 49ers actually win.
  13. Man-sized INT by Milano although Jacobs probably could have tried harder.
  14. I think it was only once near the goal line he tried to jump over someone and I really don't have an issue with that, I don't want him completely neutered. But the "throw it deep into double coverage for no reason" shit had to stop, they aren't throwing deep at all today probably by design. Only deep-ish pass was on a free play. Just really safe throws under 20 yards, giving what the defense gives him.
  15. Josh Allen is 18/21 for two TDs and no INTS in the first half. Maybe he really got the message this time to tone down on the Hero Ball and get in the flow of the game. We'll find out as the season progresses.
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