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  1. Everyone doing good, proud of you kiddos.
  2. There is a lot of confusion about the ten second runoff rule, partly because the commentators don't understand it/explain it either. Basically, there is a run off only if the call is reversed and the correct ruling would not have stopped the clock if the 'wrong' call did stop the clock. Like, if a team scores a TD and the clock stops, and they decide the runner was short, it would be a ten second run off as famously happened once before. In this case, there was no scenario there would have been a run off since the clock was already running anyway so it didn't apply. If there was no challenge, they would have had plenty of time to get their kicking team out there as it as spiked with one second left, so the fuss over that spot seems to be much ado about nothing. It shouldn't have been challenged at all, it was a clear catch, so the end result either way would have been at attempted FG.
  3. On a sadder note, once the bye weeks really kick into gear its going to be hard to decide which shitty backup RB to drop. I can always drop Watson but I'd like to hang on until the trade deadline in case he goes to Miami or something weird. But going to have to make some tough choices.
  4. Its never a question of someone being good or not, otherwise Rippa would have been kicked out a decade ago, but forgetting to swap out a player two of the first six weeks is the kind of thing we try to avoid in the pay league. In a non-pay league I think its no biggie, nothing really at stake, but in a pay league I don't think its asking too much to ask people to remember to swap out players that are out.
  5. Its not that I (and most people) can't afford it, but with video game services, people are always going to compare it to what else is available. XBox Gold and PS Plus are similar in price, but they add multiple games per month, including (usually) at least one recent game. Also their online services are generally seen as more robust anyway. Its like when Netflix raises their prices a dollar, its not that its breaking the bank but people then go "WELL HULU IS ONLY _____" and chaos ensues.
  6. Nintendo will forever refuse to do things like this correctly, for reasons the world will never understand. That's too expensive, really, unless they plan on doing monthly updates which... they haven't been doing even though the games they could add is a massively long list. So you'd want to assume "for $50 a year, they will add games more often!" but there is no reason based on their history that they will do that. That being said, I'll still buy it but I am going in expecting little to nothing going forward.
  7. Finding a 12th person for the DVDVR FFL League that actually pays attention to their line-up is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I'm bringing in a non-forum member next year, I have a friend IRL that I know will stay active because I'll annoy the hell out of him if he doesn't. And I can be super annoying.
  8. Gonzo only said that to see if Tabe was paying attention, I guess Hester is going to be the hotly debated nominee this year. I can see the argument either way. I will say his TD return record will never be touched, not just because he scored a lot, but the way that offense has changed (less punts) and kickoffs has changed (less chance of returns) makes it almost impossible.
  9. I love Far Cry but my backlog is such that I am going to wait for the price drop I know is coming very quickly as happens with all Far Cry games. I just don't really understand the reviewers that complain that it doesn't change the formula enough. Its a Far Cry game, you know exactly what you are getting. I'm sure its not everyone's cup of tea, but playing Far Cry and expecting something that isn't Far Cry is going to lead to disappointment. If the series has been nothing else, its been rather consistent in its general gameplay.
  10. Definitely puts the NFL in a pickle. Obviously an inappropriate and racist thing to say, but how far will they go when it happened ten years ago in a private email, when Gruden wasn't a NFL employee? Can't punish the Raiders since he wasn't on the team then. You can't just ignore something like that like they probably would have ten years ago, but I am not sure if there is any precedence in the NFL for fining someone for something they did/said when they weren't in the league.
  11. Poor Geno. I thought he looked pretty good for someone suddenly thrown into a meaningful game for the first time in forever. Even if the WR didn't slip, it still may not have been a great throw but it may have been at least contested. He actually was moving the ball much better than I was expecting him to, I thought Seattle was hosed as soon as I saw him coming in.
  12. Don't think there would have been any great options left by the time you logged off. Our league drafted 22 RBs in the first four rounds, pickings were pretty slim after that. I think separating your shoulder with that Josh Allen reach may have been your biggest flaw, and that is coming from a Bills fan Not swapping out injured players is your #2 flaw.
  13. The fact they didn't turn off the replies to that tweet means they are completely oblivious or they underestimate how angry people are.
  14. Urban Meyer's unlikability is hard to really put a finger on as a lot of coaches are nuts and/or morally questionable. My only guess is that not only did he create a few "toxic environments" over the years, but coupled with the fact he twice used health reasons as an excuse to escape without really taking any accountability only to pop up somewhere else a couple years later. Also, I think people kinda root against college super coaches when they go to the NFL, which is silly but its such a common theme (usually true) that the college to NFL transition is difficult and people enjoy dumpster fires. Myself included.
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