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  1. That's the rub though, even if that is the only reason then its probably reason enough (in regards to being able to transfer every year, I hated the rule where players had to 'sit out' a year, no one benefited from that). They need fans to watch to make money (the NCAA) and to make the NIL deals (players). Same reason every sport has long term contracts. Course, football is a beast, its not going anywhere but they still want stadiums full across the country and ratings up so I think its probably in everyone's best interest to figure out a system that gets players paid but also gives teams some form of assurance they won't have to re-do their offensive and defensive planning every season. To be clear, I don't have a solution. Its a mess. I think some of the things Saban said are true, even if he is coming from a place where he is just mad another coach got one-up on him. I am assuming we will have a year or two of awkwardness and confusion, and eventually someone more clever than me will figure out a system that benefits everyone. Or probably not since the NCAA isn't great at coming up with good ideas.
  2. I always get a bit scared when a new thing is like "WE WILL BE ON ABC! AND ESPN! (and FX)". Like what is the split here, no one watches FX so they better hope they are more on the "ABC and ESPN" side of it.
  3. One solution is to have the NILs as contracts, just go full pay for play. Pay them 3 mil a year for three years or something, then they can't transfer until the 'contract' is over (or they declare for the draft of course, that would be an "out"). Just go full NFL. I can understand the frustration of coaches and fans as its become the wild wild west, I am in favor of the players getting paid, they are adults working hard in a billion dollar industry. But some type of structure would be nice, that's all. Edit to respond to this: on paper I agree with you, but as a fan that would kinda suck. There is a reason (well a lot of reasons) that the major sports prefer multi-year contracts as it allows for teams to be cohesive and also fans like having a player to root for. College has always been a little looser with that since players have short careers in college anyway by definition, but there should be a way to get players paid, and also get some structure so every year there isn't massive turnover of the roster as everyone shuffles around.
  4. I learned from this thread that there are more people that strongly dislike Gargano than I knew about. I remember he annoyed some with the Ciampa matches (that he didn't book himself) but I always enjoyed him as a wrestler, I wouldn't mind him popping in as a regular but the roster is just so full right now I don't know where he'd slot in. Aside from Jericho/Mox/Kingston, the promos tonight were all rough (I'm including Regal, not because he is a bad promo but his story didn't really fit in with the quick zingers everyone else was doing and the crowd buzz decreased). I'm not sure if they were rushed, didn't have time to practice, or what but the talking parts didn't click for me for the most part. The matches being good made up for it though.
  5. Could be any number of things since Ryan Satin isn't exactly well liked (hell it could be something private that we don't know about) but I'd guess its related to him working a TV show that dealt with tricking low level criminals (and/or immigrants) into getting arrested and making a joke out of it. Which as you can probably figure didn't age well.
  6. My main issue right now is just that I already have most of the major Sony games of the last few years, and there isn't anything that pops off the page with the classic releases that excites me personally. I'll have the highest tier to start by default since I have Plus and Now, but once it expires I may just go back to the normal Plus tier as I already have NSO and GamePass anyway and nothing there is enough to get me to shell out $10+ a month for a third.
  7. Some people really really care about things like entrances (there was a big although brief issue with the new WWE due to something with customized entrances), but its really low on the list of things that concern me. Even the creation suite isn't something I personally care much about, although the basic CAW should be there or it would be a big step back for what fans expect these days. AEW committing so much time and money into a video game this early always felt like a bad idea and one that would likely end in sadness by either fans, them, or both. Its almost a no-win situation as its not going to be as in-depth as WWE so it has to really nail the "fun gameplay", but every mistake they make is going to be amplified by how high expectations are. And wrestling games are never perfect, especially 'first try' games. Hopefully they can pull it off.
  8. Elden Ring has now shipped 13.4 million copies and year-to-date is the top-selling game of 2022, ahead of both Pokemon and Horizon Forbidden West. Definitely not a niche game anymore, but they really delivered.
  9. Since I just beat it but don't consider myself actually good at Souls games (I don't invade or anything like that), I shall try to answer! The game is hard, but in many ways is more forgiving than past FromSoft games. You'll die a lot, but they included a ton more "respawn" points than post FromSoft games (especially early on) so even if you do you won't have to re-do much. They give you a horse, which makes getting around easier, and soon into the game it gives you the ability to 'summon' creatures to help you in your fight against bigger enemies so you will have assistance. There are also messages left on the ground by real players, like "ambush on left" or "watch up" or "strong foe ahead" that can provide little tips to keep you alive. That being said, I'd say the first few hours are the hardest in the game as you adjust to the style. Later there are so many ways to go that even if you hit a hard area, you can just go somewhere else, and some harder areas are completely optional anyway. Its not really similar to anything, I mean it is third person ARPG but the easy answer is "its like every FromSoft game!" which doesn't help if you haven't played them. The main difference is that its more "realistic" in that if you get hit two or three times you'll probably be dead. And no matter your strength you will get one-hit killed at some point and want to punch something. I mean you will have heals but its not a game you can just take some shots, give some shots, take some shots, etc. the goal is to not get hit at all and have a good retreat plan. But it does give multiple viable ways to play so if you like magic, like swords, like massive axes, etc whatever you are comfortable with there is a build that will work. As far as the mechanics, its both simple and takes some time to get really into the grove. I'm a FromSoft vet, even though I do not consider myself great at them. With Elden Ring it took me a couple hours but the longest learning curve was the horseback play. Its the first FromSoft game with a horse and they expect you (esp early on) to kill enemies while on the horse, but it took me awhile to get good at it. Since being knocked off the horse = bad. But I got there. But one nice thing is you can stay in the opening map area for awhile as there is A LOT to do early-game, so it gives a chance to get the mechanics down without the game forcing you to move too quickly. Its a game I can recommend but its a hard game to recommend in some ways as its definition of fun is different from say Assassin's Creed or Shadow of Mordor, two other games I really enjoy. But I do think its more approachable than past FromSoft games. I will say this though to anyone - don't feel guilty or bad looking up shit in guides. FromSoft games are notoriously ok with you missing major plot points or items. There are some items early on for example you will NEED for the game but they aren't on the map, they are just on a random stone or something and if you happen to not walk that way, you'll miss it. So if you ever feel stuck, or like you are missing something, or really need a Smithing Stone [6] and can't find one, just read a guide. I wouldn't recommend spoiling bosses or plot points but using a guide to find an item is a staple of FromSoft games and is acceptable
  10. I went ahead and beat the game tonight. I know there are several areas I haven't covered well (or at all...) and some bosses I skipped, but I am a firm believer in playing a game until its fun and when the fun is waning its time to go. So I just wrapped it up in a few hours and am calling it a day, even though I didn't encounter some of the more "popular" parts of the game. The final boss took me 13 tries, which isn't great but at least they put a Grace right next to the gate so no real time was lost. I don't know how I'd rate it, I need to think about it. It was fantastically designed and put together, and the story was vague enough that even if something didn't make perfect sense it didn't really matter. But a few of the areas were unnecessarily hard, some enemies I legit never beat as they weren't worth it, the side missions were unclear/easy to miss, and if it ended a few areas sooner I wouldn't have complained. Still fun though, I guess 8/10 but it did have that epic feel that I enjoy, an easy recommend for anyone into Souls games.
  11. Its wild to me that playing the opener on Thursday or on Thanksgiving doesn't count as a team's required "Thursday" game so the Bills play on Thursday THREE TIMES this season. Including two straight Thursdays! I'm too lazy to look it up to see if that has happened before but that has to be uh unusual.
  12. Probably the least surprising delay since... the last AAA title delay. I don't remember the last time a big open-world type mega game wasn't delayed at least six months from its initial given launch date. Probably Holiday 2023 at this point. Hope I live that long, Starfield is my kind of game.
  13. Could be everyone is right. If a Twitter account called "NFL Schedule Leaks" is to be believed (seems legit, right?), Bills will play vs. Ravens on Thanksgiving night.
  14. I'm still plugging along, four of the super bosses are down. This map is so big. I got the Mimic Tear which is nice. One advantage of open world is a few times I've run into a mini-boss that was too tough, so I just use a marker on the map to remind myself to come back later. Then I circle back after I've gained 20 levels or so. Currently have two bosses I can't beat (well, maybe I could after 30 tries but that's not fun), will try again in a bit. I know of two places I can still go, but my level is already quite high (I am level 113) so possible I'm just not very good at the game. Still, plugging along.
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