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  1. The PSN database apparently has an unlisted entry for Fight Forever with a release date of February 2023, according to PlayStation Size on Twitter.
  2. If anyone wants to play duos in Rumbleverse, just add me on PlayStation and send an invite. I’m pretty sure I have most of you added already, tho.
  3. Imagine the balls of Andrade, Rush & Dragon Lee if they refuse to take a loss to the EVPs of the company. I don't think it'll happen, and I fully expect the finals to be The Elite versus The Best Friends (or Elite/Dark Order final, with Hangman being conflicted - and doubly so, since Omega is involved with the Bucks again and he hasn't had his piece of reconciliation with Omega and all that). I'm saying the Best Friends because it seems like TK is finally rewarding all of the OGs, what with people like Lucha Bros, Jurassic Express and PAC getting title runs.
  4. I love that KiLynn King is returning, and it plays into the Toni/Rosa story since KiLynn is a Mission Pro gal.
  5. Punk is back, thank god. I hope he didn’t rush it, though. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as he let on at ComicCon.
  6. Rumbleverse is out tomorrow on all platforms. I believe @Ryan has a friend working on the game. I’m excited, I’ve watched some open beta gameplay on YouTube already. This game is just begging for WWE and/or AEW skins.
  7. Guys. A fan told her it was getting revived when she was signing autographs.
  8. The line of thinking I've seen online is that the Stokely Hathaway story of him collecting a little roster of frustrated "non-WWE" guys is a cover for MJF building a stable. MJF and Stokely do have a history of working together in, I think, Beyond Wrestling. But I'd be fine if MJF fucked off to WWE.
  9. Anna Chlumsky in that, please.
  10. Rosario has walked back that claim about the Punisher show being revived, FWIW. The problem is people appropriating the logo for their own use, not the character itself. They've addressed this multiple times in the comics - I'm pretty sure even recently, Frank beat the shit out of a Proud Boy member (and he no longer uses the Punisher skull, for the moment anyway).
  11. according to Malakai Black on his TikTok (lol) - up until about 3 months ago, he was dealing with a back injury that he thought might cause him to retire. For basically the past year he’s been rehabbing it and doing treatments, but it sounds like a “dry needling” session fixed it and he’s better now, I guess? Might explain the start and stop stuff with Malakai/HoB related stories.
  12. That's weird, I thought it was said his excursion to America was for a year.
  13. This is why 6-10ft distance at meet and greets is acceptable, and probably should be mandatory. Not to mention the Christina Grimmie stuff that was already discussed.
  14. But he's not leaving until next year I'm pretty sure, he's just going back to do a DDT show.
  15. That’s what most Instagram influencers look like though… *cue the complaining that she doesn’t have hooker boots or whatever it was from earlier in the thread*
  16. Depending on how bad Hayter's nose is broken, it sure seems like they're building towards a fatal four way between Rosa, Toni, Britt and Jamie for the title.
  17. Eternals made me actually care about and like a character Angelina Jolie played, so purely for that I’ll give it a big ol’ W. This is also me complaining, again, about Rotten Tomatoes and how I absolutely don’t care what critics think. It’s got an almost 80% audience score, but nobody cares about that for some reason? Also, Iron Man 2 is awesome. That is all.
  18. Oddly enough, my DVR (Xfinity) tapes everything and anything with AEW in the title, like the BotB specials and Countdown shows.
  19. It’s coming out that Hayter might have broken her nose in the match with Thunder Rosa.
  20. Ol' Mancer isn't signed I'm pretty sure, unless I missed a "Mance Warner is All Elite" graphic.
  21. I do not. Let him go play with Papa H and Cody.
  22. around 600k and 0.25 in 18-49 but then the following week they got bumped to an earlier time slot due to the NBA.
  23. so assuming AEW isn’t involved in the scummy business practice of offering pre-orders with no announced release date (which is a stretch since there is no ethical consumption of capitalism) - maybe we get a release date at All Out? Before then? I just want a release date, really. And give me a collector’s edition, I’ll double dip I don’t care. Especially if Luther is in the game
  24. The mini game with the poker chips might be to determine what number you get in the Casino Battle Royale? Just spit balling here.
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