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  1. Kang pauses and then says they've crossed the threshold when Wanda reveals her first rune. It doesn't line up exactly like you said, but it's interesting for sure. I'm wondering if it syncs up when Kang says he knew what was going to happen up until 10 seconds ago vs. Agatha telling Wanda she doesn't know what she's done after she becomes the Scarlet Witch. Up until that point, Earth-199999 didn't have a Nexus being. I think it does matter, personally. Do I think scenes lining up like that are intentional? Probably not. But it's all connected, obviously. Falcon & Winter Solider will play into other shows too, like Armor Wars and Hawkeye I'd imagine (and eventually the movies). These shows aren't just going to be simple set pieces for us to get to know side characters better - that's one of the purposes, for sure, but it's not the only reason these D+ shows exist. They're not dumping movie budgets into streaming shows just so I can understand Loki's past trauma better to enrich previous films that he was in, or see Bucky close the door on the Winter Soldier - it's to set up something bigger. Okay, rant over
  2. Grand Slam: The Final Countdown!
  3. I’m just waiting for TK to name the Arthur Ashe Stadium show “Final Countdown” or some shit.
  4. Mark Sterling just got her an in-person meeting with Jon Kanak from Activist Artists Management! That was on Elevation though, to be fair. (imagine my surprise when I find out that he's a real person, that's a real management group, and they aren't lying about his title within the company) I still find it funny that Sterling says she wants to play Storm, when they're airing on a Warner station who, y'know, owns the "competition" to Marvel.
  5. They're gonna name the Arthur Ashe Dynamite show "The Final Countdown"!
  6. Interesting that they showed some cut footage of He Who Remains' talk with Loki and Sylvie. I wish they put in deleted scenes, etc. as extras for these shows like they do with the movies.
  7. We’ve been through this before, and I just don’t agree with you *at all* on that. Yeah, the crux of Kamala is her heart and personality, but to change her (pretty iconic, IMO) powers is just crazy to me. I don’t need to see Kamala blast lasers/energy out of her hands, I can watch Carol or Monica or Iron Man or War Machine or Wanda etc etc do that. I can take or leave the Inhumans origin. If it’s a compelling rewrite of her origin, I’m down for it, but the power set has to stay in my opinion. I’m sure we won’t agree on that, obviously, but it’s where I’m at and I’ll die on that hill.
  8. The leaks I've read about Ms. Marvel are worrying, but then again, they're leaks, so there's a high chance of them being fake. But there's also a chance they're legit, and... yikes, if so. I'm leaning towards "that's bullshit", but yeah. Easily my most anticipated show since they announced all of this D+ stuff. I fucking love Kamala Khan. Representation matters.
  9. apparently Mark Henry got Max Caster an outside gig at TMZ to become a (somewhat) regular and will be appearing on there doing freestyle raps roasting everything from Hollywood to sports to wrestling. TMZ is fuckin' trash but good for Caster, get that money son.
  10. So, Xbox has more apps than PS5 from what I can tell (Other than my phone, first place I’ve found that has the Discovery+ app), you can buy TV shows and movies in the store, Game Pass is pretty great from what I’ve seen, and most importantly - the Xbox Rewards thing is a cool idea that I don’t remember being a thing (but it probably was). Maybe I’ll take back the bad things I said about the Xbox now.
  11. Nah, not until Big Damo makes a surprise AEW debut against Cody!
  12. I don’t think WWE crowds will mind Goldberg winning the title as a closer to SummerSlam in the least bit. They’ll probably eat it up. And if they don’t, they’ve already shown they aren’t scared to pipe in crowd noise to get the reaction they want.
  13. Triple H would have a goddamned heart attack if Adam Cole was called up and immediately made a JTTS. He's gotta be the most pushed and somewhat protected guy in NXT history, right? That brand, or whatever, has put a lot of time and effort into Adam Cole. It really seems like ever since Finn Balor debuted on the main roster and then immediately got injured that they've been really hesitant on NXT (male main eventer) call-ups. Weird that they generally do okay with the female ones, though. Maybe it's because that division is so thin on either show. Which reminds me, now we're one step closer to seeing Toni Storm vs Sasha Banks eventually, when we could have gotten Toni Storm vs Bayley, GODDAMNIT.
  14. I mean, there's enough NXT fodder to go around for both Jinder and Drew.
  15. Here's hoping they call up Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa next. Jinder Mahal needs to destroy some jobbers if he's going to look good for this program with Drew McIntyre.
  16. I think they're about to pay off the fact that Cutler was a Dark Order creeper back in 2019 for a few shows. If I'm remembering right, didn't he (and Hangman) apply to join the Dark Order when it was just starting out? On Ethan Page's vlog, Alex Reynolds let it slip that the Dark Order is filming a "movie", so this is probably that.
  17. I wasn't aware it was a narrative before the pandemic, but hey, go off fam, whatever you want to believe.
  18. I don't know if I agree with they've gotten fans excited about the product. I think it's more that fans are just hot for anything right now. Plus they piped in crowd noise on Smackdown, and there's reports online already that they're doing the same in the arena at Money in the Bank right now. I think they miss the Thunderdome and not having the fans shit all over their plans for storylines or characters.
  19. Damn, I was going to give you a Megumi Kudo FMW match, but I wasn't sure if you were okay with people falling into barbwire boards and stuff (there was nothing super gross - I just love Kudo, she was the first joshi wrestler I discovered on those old Tokyo Pop VHS tapes of FMW). Anyway! I hope everyone doesn't mind my play-by-play style with some thoughts/opinions thrown in. If anyone reads my reviews, that is. On to it...
  20. Kind of seemed like a reset for them tonight, with them facing Fulton & Shera. The latter two are heels currently, yeah?
  21. If it was intentional, they made it look pretty convincingly "we fucked up". Very abrupt fade to credits with D'Lo & Striker still talking, even when it went to the black screen. I'll give them credit - I'm very interested in what happens now, especially since they teased Bound For Glory being a joint show between Impact, AEW, AAA and New Japan. But, sadly, I don't get AXS in my cable plan - and I'll be at work anyway. But I'm definitely paying closer attention to Impact as of right now. So Switchblade is a heel, since FinnJuice are faces in Impact? Does that mean he put up the sign and the civil war is finally over? What's going on???
  22. Callihan/Omega was REALLY good, I thought. In another life, Omega would make a good deathmatch wrestler I think. That ending, though. Had me all hyped up, we've waited to see this for awhile (well, some of us) and then... fade to credits when it wasn't supposed to happen. Never change, Impact.
  23. My Xbox already shipped and it'll be here Tuesday, so is there anything I absolutely need to try? Preferably Xbox exclusives or stuff that's on Game Pass. I'm already getting itchy looking at the 360 games they have, some of those take me back to when I was a teenager. I already know I'm going to try Code Vein since it's on there, and it's not something I'd want to outright buy for the PS5. I don't know how I'm going to manage having two current-gen consoles and deciding which platform to play something on. Obviously if it's Game Pass Day 1, I'll go for that, but yeah. Probably still lean towards PS5 since it's more powerful than the Series S.
  24. Eh, the two you're likely referring to will make perfectly fine midcard fodder. Not like they're going to get pushed to the moon. If they didn't put the World title on Cardona or Myers, they aren't gonna do anything close to that with the two male debuts tonight. But the two women surprises so far have been great. EDIT: And now there's another debut right after the debut in the Women's title match. Fantastic stuff.
  25. I was 11 when I went to Superbrawl Revenge, and I distinctly remember asking my Dad if we could go to the merch stand during Ernest Miller vs Lance Storm. Maybe it was because I had just sat through a lot of matches, maybe it was because the previous match was Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell against a member of KroniK... but maybe it was because Ernest Miller sucked. The bright side is I got a little plush doll of the Big Bad Booty Daddy. The downside is that nobody in the arena that night cared about the show, because... well, one, it was WCW and tickets were dirt cheap anyway (they eventually moved everyone closer to the ring because they didn't sell a lot of tickets), but also it's Tennessee and this is NASCAR country and that happened to be the day that Dale Earnhardt died.
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