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  1. Sorry everyone, I tried my best to get Enrique Torres in the HOF, in case you didn't get a chance to read this. And he wound up going down this year from 42% to 28%....ugh. https://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestling/making-observer-hof-case-50s-and-60s-star-enrique-torres-321731
  2. Principe Aereo ,a 26 year old Mexican wrestler died of a heart attack during a match last night From PWInsider Principe Aereo (real name Luis Ángel Salazar) at the age of 26 years old after he suffered an apparent heart attack in the ring while performing for Mexa Wrestling tonight at Arena San Juan Pantitlan in Mexico City. Aereo collapsed after taking two chops to the chest and waiting for his opponent to rebound off the ropes for their next spot, falling to the mat. Within a minute of him collapsing, he was being strapped to a back board by EMTs and rushed to the back for me
  3. British wrestler Ryan Smile age 30 has lost his battle with depression
  4. Race fought Hogan twice in 1979 in Alabama for the title. And then twice for the NWA Title in October 1983 10/8 St Louis Hogan wins by DQ 10/13 Kansas City - Double Count Out
  5. This is from March, don't think it was posted. Wrestling GO! "March of the Wrestlers, Night One" New South Wales, Australia Robbie Eagles vs Kai Drake
  6. December 28, 1984 WWF World Tag Team Title Match, Madison Square Garden
  7. Just posted it in the matches thread for you
  8. Walt McDonald also known as Big Slam Vader and Crybaby Waldo, wrestled mostly in the NJ and PA area, also passed away at the age of 54
  9. Do you know of any other Enrique Torres matches that are available?
  10. These are the only matches known to still exist from the great West Coast star, Enrique Torres Enrique Torres vs Vic Christy 12/28/50, Long Beach, California And Enrique Torres vs Pat McGill 8/13/51 Hollywood Legion Stadium, Los Angeles
  11. That's not the ECW Arena or the correct date. It was taped on February 14 in Webster Hall, Massachusetts. And it's Gran Hamada, Gran Naniwa & Sasuke vs Togo, Taka & Terry Boy
  12. No date on this one. Buffalo NY, probably 1961 or 1962 Ilio DiPaolo & Sandy Scott vs. The Kalmikoffs (Ivan Kalmikoff & Karol Kalmikoff)
  13. JULY 4, 1984 Fort Worth Convention Center. Voted the #1 Match of the Year in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards
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