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  1. Meanwhile the Colts are hoping that Phillip Rivers is already hedging on this retirement thing and apparently Rivers isn't completely dismissing it. But if he does come back it will be after he does his coaching high school.
  2. I can believe that Caster sends the rap to Tony Khan for verification and I can also believe that Tony Khan has no clue what the Duke Lacrosse reference was. At least the Simone Biles thing is so recent even the most wrestling bubble person gets this Like I have said if this is all about "getting heat" then the next time Caster tries this rap Pillman and Garrison should beat their ass before they hit the ring. Unfortunately from watching the 2 or 3 times they have been involved, it seems like Julia hart is the only one really upset at things. Hell the Blondes wasn't even paying attention to the rap from the looks of it.
  3. And even that on the ESPN 30 for 30 we saw how Ric was mostly a "cool dad" who wanted to live the fast life with his son.
  4. On better news it looks like 2.0 the former Ever-rise found getting to AEW easily as they are teaming with Daniel Garcia (great talent) against Kingston, Moxley, and Darby Allin on Dynamite
  5. Listen joking about Simone Biles is one thing in a hey look at me I am edgy kind of thing. The Julia Hart vagina joke is Uber creepy given her age but again it's wrestling. Making a Duke lacrosse rape joke? Like we are supposed to treat that as normal because the Duke lacrosse rape scandal never happened? Get the fuck out here. This shit will be fine on Dark but they aren't getting past youtube unless he settles down. And they still aired it the full thing which is baffling to me.
  6. The ultimate swerve would be CP Munk being a heel in the gimmick and then Colt Cabunny comes out and it is Punk in the gimmick. Because I am sure the relationship between Colt Cabana and CM can't get any worse
  7. Apparently rock climbing is an Olympic sport as well. Although it is called "Sports climbing"
  8. And people complain about no "hot moves" in Olympic wrestling. Get ready to see this tried at your local indie show
  9. I mean it isn't like Batman and Superman didn't do some shady stuff to stop the bad guys Although given the WWE I wouldn't be surprised if they want to make Charlotte the face here. They definitely had Rhea act heelish in that feud
  10. It is strange that the WWE is all about "budget cuts" and they just now released someone who hasn't seen TV is maybe 3 years enjoying motherhood. Either they were really worried about what Bray would think (and don't give a fuck now) or she was making peanuts
  11. Yeah but isn't Highspots way behind on the previous 2019 shows?
  12. I think Holliday is technically a face because he is feuding with an even bigger jerk in Gino Medina. Plus it is clear they are building something around Holliday and Alicia Atout People talking about Sendai Squad being shitting in the ring, someone needs to tell King Mo to just give it up. He has to be pricey to begin with. But he looks like he is part time training in pro wrestling given how horrible his cardio is and how he sloppily throws people. Thought he broke Lee Moriarity neck on his first spot
  13. I mean I can understand generally not caring about Black's contract status given how they were using them. But Adam Cole is still a main eventer in NXT and you ignored his contract? Although given how NXT stars are being treated on the main roster lately, maybe it isn't that surprising That being said I figure he would stay in WWE. I know his wife is in AEW but I would think he would be a small fish there. Especially if people like Punk and Bryan show up.
  14. I thought it was funny signing the contract like CENA. I mean maybe times have changed but are we allowed to not use cursive when signing shit
  15. Watching videos of the National Card show convention in Chicago on YouTube is not healthy when you are constantly looking at your checking account. The crowd is absolutely insane
  16. As long as it got rid of Butcher and Blade and Bunny from the Matt Hardy group then absolutely
  17. The people who think this release is expected only remembers Bray as the Fiend and not as well Bray But he was always made to look like nothing at WrestleMania and people stopped caring. But his FCW/NXT and first 2 or 3 years of Wyatt Family was damn good stuff
  18. Imagine Finn trying to redo himself in NXT for about 2 years only to go EXACTLY what he was before that.
  19. For card collectors out there I was hoping for Panini frankly but still
  20. If you thought the instant replay system in the NFL or NBA was shitty, watch Olympic soccer. It takes forever to decide anything and unlike the other league apparently replays to watch aren't allowed? US women have now had TWO game winning shots in extra time called back because of being offsides.
  21. It is weird in 2021 to see the idea of cards that don't have license of the actual organization. They have the recent players but the generic no label jersey look like it is the 1977 NFL set Although those cards of the current NFL rookies in the style of 1989 Pro Set card is really cool looking
  22. While I think the whole Dominos thing is crap and resulted from a bunch of Cornette cult members trying to appeal to him, it is time for AEW to calm down on the blood. Or at least make them more important. I mean I fully expect at least Cody to bleed against Malachi Black and wouldn't be surprised if Black does the same thing. Why because why not
  23. Seriously who the fuck are you trying to impress with this gimmick ?
  24. So apparently the Nationals not only wants to piss off their own fans but the ENTIRE NATIONAL LEAGUE Seriously both of them? Kyle Swarber to the Red Sox is confirmed
  25. Yeah the question now is whether Hand is the guy that made people miss Drew Storen or will he be Lucas Giolito who was complete garbage for the Nats and is now a really solid pitcher
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