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  1. Thought that as well. Regardless of the intent, not picking the brain of WILLIAM REGAL is a major red flag.
  2. I want a 3 month Dragon/MJF feud for the title. MJF has broken free of the 4 pillars stuff and is clearly in that top tier of the card now. We talk about how young Garcia is, but it’s also wild how MJF has complete control of the crowd by age 26. He’s money and Tony knows it. One of the best things going in wrestling and absolutely going to speak that bidding war into existence.
  3. Awesome show all the way through. Dragon/Hangman 3 was just as great as the other two. Both promos were great. Love both of those guys. This show needs MJF. Some guy was yelling at Rick Knox to get control for like 5 straight minutes and I couldn’t love that any more. Danielson putting the belt on Garcia was a nice touch. Danny a made guy now.
  4. MJF’s “I am not expected to hit home runs, I’m expected to hit grand slams” line has never felt more accurate. The only way the crowd goes along with anything they try tonight is if Max steps up to the plate and swings.
  5. Tony needs to start telling all these wrestlers different stories and see what news breaks to find the rats! Seriously though these wrestling insider dudes act like everyone is talking. I’m sure we would all laugh if we knew the real sources for some of this shit. Like, what if these goofs are all talking to The Wingmen?
  6. He shook it out a million times between moves. At first I thought it was a legit injury, but I’m pretty sure he grabbed the wrong elbow at some point, quickly realized it, and went back to the other elbow so? ?
  7. Funniest thing to me is this board has a bunch of weird “that guy deserves a receipt backstage! I love the tough guys!” posts and then there appears to be a legit altercation and it’s between Punk and the Bucks which is about as far away from tough guy as you can get. What a twist.
  8. Again, no idea how much of this was legit or not and I don’t want to speculate. Overall it was an extremely uncomfortable experience watching the scrum all the way through, but then there was this 30 seconds of gold:
  9. Caught parts of the show in between fantasy football drafts. Still have to go back and watch the tag titles and Danielson/Jericho among other things, but really dug Eddie/Ishii, the goofy ladder match angle and the trios title match. Good to have Kenny back. Main event was solid, but they have a better match in them. Punk selling the elbow for 20 minutes after his own dive was an interesting choice. I was hooked the whole way and really had no idea who was going to win which is a rarity for this company. Have seen bits and pieces but I guess I have to go back and watch the scrum in full huh
  10. No idea on the work or shoot part of this because Punk seems genuinely pissed, but I would like to point out that Wardlow’s push went sideways partially because of the timing of the MJF “fire me” story. Not the first time they have set someone up to fail to get a worked shoot thing over
  11. Mox promo was good, Punk promo was good and the Ace promo was great! That being said this has been an extremely strange build to the PPV match. Punk loses, has self-doubt and finally overcomes is a 2 month idea not a 2 week idea. The promo worked because Punk is great on the mic, but the idea of swinging from “maybe i should quit again” to fired up babyface in 5 minutes shouldn’t work. Neither outcome seems like a good idea somehow? Punk winning does Mox no favors and Mox winning and Punk just moving on to something else is a dead end idea. The only way either outcome halfway works is if Mox wins and Punk actually does take some more time off to recover. The only way it REALLY works is if Punk is able to pull off the heel turn in Chicago. If that happens I will take it all back AND I will demand an apology from The Natural for liking all these anti-Punk posts!
  12. That is the most likely answer. And if so it’s very dumb. Punk came back two weeks ago. This wasn’t a months of build and damn he just couldn’t get the wheel working situation. If he wasn’t ready to go, whats the downside to Mox remaining interim champ for another few months? They could have built a legit PPV main event around the twelve top tier wrestlers they are underutilizing and ran with Punk/Mox when the time was right
  13. I’m in this shit for the matches and the long-term booking. One of those things is still happening I suppose. Hope to be eating my words soon, but Tony seems like he has lost the plot. Some legit bad injury luck leading to forbidden door I get it, but erratic booking is a nice way of putting it.
  14. From a story perspective I truly don’t understand what they are doing. We are getting both Punk and Omega doing back to soon gimmicks at the same time? If Punk isn’t actually ready to be back why bring him back at all? Save that title unification match in the back pocket for when it counts. What sense does it make to have a big question mark for the main event of your PPV 2 weeks out?
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