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  1. They really squeeze a lot into an hour. Those quick hit promos with Danielson and Cole were really well done.
  2. Chavo really needed to land a better shot for that finish to work, but hot damn that match was great other than that. When Andrade is on he is so much fun to watch. Shame about the finish because the rest of that match was electric. Even the post-match stuff didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Andrade is mad at Chavo for using the iPad, but not the guy with the taser? Weird. This 100% is leading to Flair with Andrade. I’m with Matt on that one. I think it’s the right move too because Andrade doesn’t have it on the mic. Even those of you who don’t like the idea will mark out with the rest of us when it leads to Andrade w/ Flair vs Darby w/ Sting.
  3. For every good JR moment there are like 15 bad ones. A definite lowlight since I started watching again. If I had my way both shows would probably just have an Excalibur/Taz/Jericho booth.
  4. Love it. The Elite/Danielson segment and the Dark Order match were the only things I really liked on this show. Cole bullying Tony was great. Was very hyped for the Black/Dustin match, but it didn’t deliver. Hope they get another crack at it somewhere down the line. The Hayter/Soho match was sloppy sloppy. Think y’all are jumping the gun on the Hayter praise a bit. Same goes for Hobbs/Martin although I’ll chock that one up to injury. MJF promo was fine if the face is storming the ring, but doesn’t work at all in a back and forth promo situation. Maybe a different face could have pulled it off, but Pillman doesn’t have the chops for that sort of thing.
  5. Yeah that quote scared me a little.
  6. Also, no more top rope Canadian destroyers plz. That slow motion replay made me cringe. Danielson is going to be amazing and I love him, but we all know he’s going to land on his head too much here in the next few months.
  7. Didn’t get to watch live, but saw the whole show late last night. Rewatched Punk/Darby this morning and enjoyed it more the 2nd time around. As good as anything else on the card in my opinion and that’s a big compliment from me because I loved the tag match and the main event. Punk had the most ridiculous face when he was applying the abdominal stretch. Loved it. Can’t wait for the inevitable down the line heel run where that’s all he does every match.
  8. Thought this was the best show they have put on since Punk’s debut The drunk fan moment was funny, but I also smirked at “Sting’s got this, right?” Black has found something here. Digging the methodical pace. It sticks out in this environment and oh boy do those moments of violence look real violent. Pretty much every segment of this show was solid. I even thought the commentary improved tremendously this week. Jericho does actually have a talent for it when he’s not screaming and Mark was much better than he has been. Count me in on loving those pre-main event promos.
  9. Loved the production crew feed during Punk’s entrance. There is a moment where they really nailed it. Camera is on Punk hugging a fan, cut to the crying fan and then cut back just in time for Punk diving in the crowd. When it happened all the video guys marked out for a little bit .
  10. Hi guys. It's been a long time since I have checked this board and maybe longer since I have watched much wrestling. About 3-4 months ago my old college roommate came and visited and just wouldn't shut the fuck up about AEW. Thanks for that, Jordan. I've been recording episodes and really diving back in since then, and then, what do you know, the rumors start flying almost immediately that my favorite wrestler ever is about to return (Two favorites really. Please wear that ridiculous black cape, Bryan). Last night had me feeling something I haven't felt in a long time. I go internet dark just before 9 PM central. Get off work at 10:30. FLY HOME. And there he is to kick off the show talking all this full-time, long-term talk! What a fucking moment that was. I love Chicago so much. Haven't been in that building since Rose's MVP year. Too long. Punk is back. Bulls are back (ehh maybe not but it will be fun!) Justin Fields! Chicago is back.
  11. I haven’t watched enough wrestling lately to conclusively say this, but.... Samoa Joe. The Samoa Joe who says I don’t give a fuck who you are I’ll sit here and commentate. The Samoa Joe who threatens to cripple security guards. That Samoa Joe might end up being the BEST babyface in the world. You heard it here first!
  12. Tsai has weighed in... predictably. https://twitter.com/SopanDeb/status/1181054196000395264?s=20 Since we are living in the weirdest timeline I can only assume this is somehow going to end with Daryl Morey: NY Knicks GM.
  13. I love this man so much. As a daily listener, I just knew it was a matter of time before he broke the dam on ESPN’s company-wide policy. Amazing. The man is an inspiration to me.
  14. If the Clippers and Lakers aren’t contenders who is? The dynasty is dead. It’s time we act accordingly. Clippers seem like obvious favorites, not sure how anyone could deny that one, but I expect the Lakers to be nearly as good. They will be rough around the edges, but AD and Lebron is still AD and Lebron. 5 people on the court... If I was a Lakers fan would I want more than the ‘17 pelicans? Yeah, sure, but they are going to win a ton of game regardless.
  15. The NBA is fucking wild man. As it stands now I’d predict a Lakers/Clips WCF. Jazz being the wildcard team that could break that up. Sixers and Bucks are going to walk to the ECF this year. Loved what the Pacers did though. I’d say they will be the best of that next tier by the end of the season. There is a clear power structure in both conferences and none of those teams have been to the finals as currently constructed. Kinda cool. Lakers,Clippers, Rockets, Jazz is a super good and fun top of the West
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