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  1. Just me and the wife and the boy but I'm going big because 1. Fatness 2. I want several days if leftovers Doing a small turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, brocolli rice casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce from a can, dinner rolls, and some pumpkin pie for dessert.
  2. So I’ve decided to start a vlog detailing my battle with obesity. If you’d like give it a watch and feel free to share it if you wanna do me a solid. Thanks! A Quarter Ton of Fun
  3. From things said in the various podcasts I would assume Conrad is rich. Not Khan family rich of course but rich enough. Also Taker is supposedly good friends with Prichard so there’s a chance he’s giving Conrad the family discount.
  4. Don’t we always think it’s a work when we hear someone wants to leave? It never is.
  5. I saw two guys get into a shoving match over a Nintendo Wii years back but it didn’t go any further than a few shoves and calling each other cocksuckers.
  6. So far I mostly love this. It’s essentially more Fallout 4 and also I can play online with my sister and kill Super Mutants! The bugs are bad though and I can see why they would turn someone less enthusiastic about the game off. Last night I was close to finishing a mission (Firebreather training in the mines) and died while wearing power armor. Couldn’t respawn anywhere. Had to restart the game. Then on my next try at that mission I get to the final wave of enemies and the game shuts down. Have to go back in again and do it all over. That’s frustrating and I could easily see it
  7. I’m really confused seeing the tepid response to Joe/AJ. I thought it was probably a MOTY contender for WWE. Everyone else seems to think it was bland to bad.
  8. Still no wins but tonight I got 3 straight second place finishes in squad games. I had avoided squads for a long time because I felt I was too bad and didn’t want to be an albatross. I’ve improved enough that I don’t feel that way and have actually found myself as the best player on my squad more than once. I think I enjoy the squad stuff more than solos now. Oh oh also the golf carts are super fucking fun and add a lot to the game.
  9. I’d say there is absolutely no chance Takeover is moved because of this.
  10. My thoughts are with you Ryan. I'm very frustrated with my Dad. After my Mom died a year and a half ago my sister and I became his caregivers. He has heart failure, COPD, cellulitis, and a host of other health issues. Because his health is so poor we are responsible for a lot. We do all his shopping, cooking, laundry, house work etc. Also because my Mom handled the finances and such he is terrible at keeping track of his bank account, paying bills etc. So we took all that on too. Plus I transport him to all his doctor appointments (about 3 a week) which given his weight and lack of
  11. I’m on mobile and having an issue of photos being enormous now. Related to this change?
  12. Main event was good, nowhere near as good as their first go round though. Hell In A Cell Summerslam weekend? The botch hurt the title match but at least it wasn’t the finish. The crowd would have really shit on them if it had ended right then. Good show but probably the worst Takeover in quite some time.
  13. Keep at it. I’m not a big gamer either so when I first started I was dreadful. I’ve moved up to just plain bad. I think in a few months I could make it to mediocre. Then the world is my oyster.
  14. Uncle Dave says Omega is a bigger draw than Cena so I’m sure it’s would do big business.
  15. The teams of 20 mode is so fucking fun. Got into and epic 4 way tower battle earlier that went on and on. Finally my team got down to three of us versus one remaining player. I found him hiding in a semi truck and dove in to attack with my shotgun. He had put remote explosives all around the entrance but before he could set them off I got a head shot for the win. Such a fun mode.
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