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  1. Fired up the Pluto Machine and this was in the middle well towards the end of the Matt Cardona-Moose segment. I liked the Mid-Cardona jab Moose took at Matt idk what to make of the IC Title reign being a day jab as Impact or more so TNA has a history of mentioning a wrestlers pass in WWE any chance they could get. Eric Young can cut a hell of a promo. He’s a versatile performer he can do deranged cult leader just as well as he can do bumbling fool. The Former Aiden English had a confrontation backstage with Chris Sabin the week before, and now they are having a match! Deonna Porrazo joins the commentary booth she’s aligned with Aiden English. I thought Aiden English had a neck injury that prevented him from wrestling. Oh well I was wrong. The match? It was good, they had a wrestling match. English got in a lot of offense. A friend called me while Sabin was kinda making a comeback so I wasn’t able to pay my full attention on that. Mickie James and Deonna got into on the floor, Deonna had been talking about Mickie on commentary their in a feud it made sense. Sabin won with a cradle shock. Jonah Vs Jai Videl was short but sweet showcased Jonah as a monster. Videl has some fight in him. Jonah wins after a big splash. Jonah has badass theme too. Big monster aiming at Josh Alexander Josh’s newest challenge on his road back to Moose and the world title I dug it. My dad called me while Macklin and Trey Miguel where brawling around backstage. It looked in tense kinda like a circus fire. What’s with everyone is calling me as I’m watching Pluto TV in the middle of the day? IPWF is coming back! “A loving lampoon on a bygone era” if you weel. So Bryan Myers is doing a Mentor gimmick? He has two goofballs as protégés. He has his work cut out for him. W Morrisey and Moose have a meeting before their tag match later in the night. I don’t think they are on the same page. Call me crazy but I’m thinking tempers may flare later tonight. Savanah Evans Vs Rachael Ellering, This was set up later in the night in a backstage segment all the women want to be apart of the first ever Knockouts Ultimate X Match so this match come out of that. Match was good. Almost like a lady hoss fight as they seemed to being laying it in. Ellering had her work cut out for her as Ms Evans is a force to be reckoned with. Ellering valiant effort pays off as she defeats Savanah Evans. Fun little tv match. Tenille Dashwood is back (I don’t know where she went) and her mind melted when she heard there was over girls from Australia in Impact. They do the classic misdirect you think Tenille is gonna have a problem with the IIspiration but turns out they are fast friends. They got us! Next up, Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs Cody Deaner and Joe Doering. As Willie made his entrance out I realized that him Jonah and The IInspiration have all left the company. This show aired 5 months ago. The turn around in Impact is pretty crazy. The Violent by design stable is pretty bad ass, EY found two misfits that will do his bidding. They make an effective tag team. Willie plays the Ricky Morton, Swann gets the tag cleans house crowd gets behind him and it all she wrote. Deanna hits a 450 splash or whatever it is a 630? Fuck it. For the 3. VBD beat the winning team down until Heath and Rhino make the save. Pluto cuts jump cuts to the backstage segment in progress with Larry D abs Rohit (isn’t Rohit gone too?) Johnny Swinger and Hernandaddy. Larry and Rohit are wrestling on the next weeks program. The Main Event was pretty sweet. It starts off with chaos and outside dives then we go to commercial we come back and they’ve slowed it down and the heel team is in control. Eddie fights as hard as he can gets the hot tag and Cardona comes him. Him and Moose mix it up and Cardona gets the win for his team. Then after the match Morissey boots Moose in the face. I knew they were gonna implode.
  2. Pluto Machine … I came in as Kiara Hogan made her entrance for her match against Taya Valkyrie. Match was good. If I had a criticism it’s that the match was more of a device to get Tessa Blanchard over, who was on commentary than it was to the two women n the ring over. They must have split screened the commentary table and the action in the ring 3 times maybe 4. Match was more about Tessa arguing with Josh Matthews and Don Callus agreeing with her Every word then anything else.
  3. Powered up The Pluto Machine as Honor No More we’re making their entrance for the 8 Man Tag against The Bullet Club. I liked the match. So are Bullet Club Faces in Impact? Chris Bey is good that dude deserves to be in BC Proper. If he hasn’t turned New Japan yet he should. I like the Honor No More stable, the people they picked up from ROH are great additions to this roster. Eddie as the turncoat works too. Karl getting googoo eyes for Maria made me laugh great call back to the New Japan stuff then he eats a topè suicida from Taven. That was cool. Steve Macklens promo was cool. I think they see big things for him. Him and Sabin will have a cool match I know that. I don’t know who Macklen is actually but they made him look badass in this and I know Chris Sabin kicks ass. Watching the IIndpurations backstage promo I’m sad they both left the business. These girls are great. I’ll miss em. Taya is back! And she’s coming for Deonna’s Reina de Reina Championship. The Ace Austin-Mike Bailey Vs Trey Miguel and Laredo Kid fucking ruled. I’ve seen that Bailey kid once before against Jake Something on a BTI. The kids good so are the other 3. Really fun match they jumped all over the place. Impact is really good with these backstage cinematic vignettes. I think it’s cuz they play them straight and there’s no commentary over it. They just let it be. I got a good chuckle out of classical music playing as Vinny jump starts PCO to life. You know while we are talking about him PCO bares a striking resemblance to that X guy I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something up between those to guys you ever see them in the same room together? I get what @HarryArchieGusis saying about how the last segment makes Impact look uncool. The closing segment being a Heel Champion having his lawyer read an apology he was forced to give is a troupe but Moose and Josh have been feuding since atleast Bound For Glory in October if not earlier, he stole the title that Josh just won right out from under the guy with his wife and son there. Moose cut a good promo I thought. Josh shows up pissed off and suplexes security guards onto the ramp. Then the two guys beat each other up in the ring to end the go home for the PPV. Josh did a C4 Spike on Moose off the apron through a table. I thought the spot was cool. I will give Alexander this, I noticed when they aired the slow motion replay of the table spot Alexander sold the move too, like the move had collateral damage but it was worth it as Moose took the brunt of it. Little nuanced shit I noticed RVD and Sabu would sell after hitting certain moves on their opponents too, it’s a small but effective thing.
  4. I was flipping through Pluto as I do on occasion and The Lashley-Moose match was just starting. I dug this match a lot. It was slow to start but picked up. As I was watching this I was thinking for two guys not known for their technical prowess or for being ring generals they really had a hell of a match. They turned Lashley face in this as he was bickering with Dan Lambert and KM over not wanting to cheat during the match. I guess they wanted to make Lashley a face right before he left for the WWE. It only makes sense, part of the reason why Lashley was resigned (same with McIntyre) was his work on Impact. There was a ladder visible in the background when they were brawling on the outside I couldn’t help to notice it, never fails you can dress TNA up under a new name but it’s still gonna TNA. Moose’s Powerbomb counter with Lashley mid air was sick as fuck. Moose picks up the win. Using Lashley’s bickering to his advantage. Dan Lambert took a spear through a table after that match. It looked gnarly. Lashley vs Moose wasn’t they main event was it? Cuz Pluto went to a break after the match Aired the Steiner Math Promo then Slammiversary 2011 aired. Ended up watching Slammiversary as I had never seen this show before. I wasn’t watching TNA in 2011. I also wrote up I review on it as DreamBroken is the only one who seems to read these and I don’t think he’d give a shit. Impact posted this in full on their YouTube page 9 years ago so if anybody wants to watch it who hasn’t who wants to rewatch it here it is: TNA World Tag Team Champions Gun Money (James Storm and Alex Shelley)Vs British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus) - Solid opener. Big tag match fan and this was a perfect tag match. Crowd was into this match. The Impact Zone gets a bum rap for being dead abs they could be dead sometimes but they got excited for the shot they liked and they liked this shit. Storm and Shelley make a really good team. They win with a smooth ass double move and retained the tag titles Roode was in a sling on commentary great on commentary invested in match. This lead to Roode turning on Storm later in the year? It would make alot of sense James did have a lot of Chemistry with Bobby Roodes replacement Alex Shelley. I could see how it could lead to Jealousy on Rooses Part. Scott Steiner Vs Matt Morgan - Crazy Steiner promo. Christy Hemme announces Steiner as a graduate of The University of Michigan in Detroit. UM is in Ann Arbor. Tenay and Taz have fun with that. Pretty by the numbers Steiner, he yells at the ref, throws some suplexes, chokes Morgan on the middle rope. Steiner was on offense a lot. Crowd was pro Morgan. Morgan starts hitting offense Crowd likes that. Parts of match I thought dragged but Morgan Electric Chair Steiner rolls into pin that was cool looking. Morgan wins with the Carbon Footprint. TNA X Division Champion Abyss Vs Brian Kendrick Vs Kazarian - Oh good Bischoff and Hogan wanna destroy the X Division. So Abyss Is X Division Champion. I think cuz the idea is no d of the smaller guys could beat the much larger Abyss. Abyss is calling it his Extreme Championship so I expect this to get “Extreme”. Kazarian had hair down to his shoulders. Abyss enters to a bootleg Outshined. I liked how the match is laid out, some of the execution not so much. Kaz fares well against Abyss with fast paced offense, then it’s Kendrick’s turn then they team up and get the better of Abyss for awhile then Abyss takes over and the match starts to drag. Kendrick starts to get the offense edge over Abyss but ultimately eats a choke slam. Kaz hits Movez on Abyss. We get a double team again. Double pin. Abyss kicks out. Abyss takes a powder. Kaz and Brian have a mini match against each fun while lasted. Abyss snatched Kendrick out of the ring. Pins Kaz. Match was not extreme why add that sound bite if the match was not going to be extreme in the least bit? Crimson vs Samoa Joe - Crimson runs into the ring and they start beating the shit out of each other as the crowd chants “Joe is gonna kill you”. Joe slows it down and starts working on the knee of crimson. Crimson in the midst of an undefeated streak and Joe is known for having The TNA Winning Streak so I think that’s why they are fighting each other. Like I said after that I risk explosion in the first minute or so Joe slows it down way down. He continues to work over the Knee. There’s one guy audible who keeps chanting Joe is gonna kill you. Crimson hits a spear on Joe there’s an audible boo from the crowd. Joe was in control most the match but Crimson fought back hit a sit out power bomb and got the 3. After the match Joe and Crimson shake hands. With how this all ends a year from now what was the point of the Crimson streak ending the way it ended? What where they possibly building him towards? Mickie James Vs Angelina Love - Ok I got a few questions about that promo between JB Winter and Angelina? What is the first question, the second am I the only one who got weird vibes from this? There were overtones of a sexual relationship or hopes of one atleast from Winter between the two? Abs what was with that catatonic stance from Anegelina then she just snapped out of it at the end? Match starts off slow Angelina is wrestling pretty methodically but Wimter is helping her keep the advantage. Mickie is pretty much fighting 1 on 2. Mickie makes her comeback Angelina gets her leg on the rope with help from Winter. The Angelina-Wintee angle is the story of the match. It’s the bulk of it. Mickie had DDT set up Winter tries to get in knocks her off the ring apron Northern Lights Botched Jumping DDT still gets Mickie the 3. After the match Winter whips And chocked Mickie with the belt from around her waist. Shortest match on the card. Morgan Vs Ateiner was longer. Match underdelivered and it was the Winter-Angelina angle. Bully Ray Vs AJ Styles - I really liked Bully’s promo before the match. He’s intense and he’s ready to kick AJ’s ass, for whom Bully claims isn’t a man. There is also a video package explaining this feud. Bully sent AJ through a table ala Mea Young, AJ left on a stretcher, returned at Lockdown and this is the big blow off I think. I liked this. It was fucking wild. This is a Last Man Standing Match. First one to get up before the count of ten wins. They beat each other up. They bled buckets. Bully Ray got mileage out of those steel steps. AJ did a running dive off the ramp onto Bully the floor. AJ Styles is crazy as hell he had some height up on that scaffolding when he elbow dropped Bully threw a table. I didn’t like the finish with Bully tossing AJ through the staging. I think AJ should have won this. Hindsight’s 20/20 but after the poorly booked 2010 AJ endured a win over the guy that sent him to the hospital and calling him a pussy essentially would had help getting some of that stink off him. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting Vs Mr Anderson - Why was Anderson being a Jerk to JB? I love the microphone gimmick. I don’t know if I line chip on his shoulder Ken Anderson but idk it’s what got him over in TNA right? I didn’t really watch TNA at this time. Joker Sting sneaks up from behind and this starts on the stage. Sting has some sick ass gear on red singlet black scorpions. They brawl in the crowd. The crowd is excited for this. Was 2012 Sting Joker Sting or was that over by that point or had it transformed into another Sting? I ask cuz if he wasn’t Joker Sting then this is my first time seeing Joker Sting and I like it. Sting seems revitalized rejuvenated. Once the match settles down and gets into the ring it is a pretty decent wrestling match. Then Bischoff comes out cuz he doesn’t want Sting to be Champion or something. We went this long without Bischoff tonight. Anderson wins after a clear low blow in front of the ref followed by the DDT. He’s new champ. I liked this until Bischoff came out. Jeff Jarrett Vs Kurt Angle - Winner becomes Number One Contender for the World Title and you get Kurt Angles Gold Medals! This match was Built up the entire show. After the first match they show footage from earlier in the day of Angle and Jarrett entering Impact Zone both looking focused and determined. After the Jeff Jarrett cuts impassioned promo backstage with JB about taking everything from Kurt and the last thing he has to take is Kurt’s Medals. Karen fuels the flames via satellite. Big fight feel for this match, JB did boxing style intros. And it should have been given such great importance this is a big feud in TNA’s history shit Slammiversary is the second biggest show in TNA. Leave it to TNA to have their SummerSlam before their Wrestlemania in the calendar year. But I digress this is a personal feud that spilled off into real life with Karen divorcing Kurt and marrying Jeff. The dude had been going on since Bound For Glory the following year that’s an entity in TNA time. Slow and methodical start but Jarrett is a slow and methodical wrestler. Once Angle warms up match gets good. He can’t keep Jarrett in an ankle lock Jeff rolls through. He rolled through leading Kurt to shoulder tackles the ref leading to a Jeff hitting a low blow and a guitar shot. Kurt kicks out there’s some hope left in humanity. Jarrett yells out what the fuck. Crowd loves when Angle is in offensive control. Jeff gets in the ankle lock as the crowd chants for angle. Kurt counters out and gets in an ankle lock of his own wrapping Jeff’s leg up and Jarrett Taps. Kurt Wins and is Number One Contender and keeps his medals! This wasn’t a bad wrestling show.
  5. Caught the main event on Pluto. It ruled. Suzuki Is one of my favorite wrestlers he’s just a tough old bastard more so looking for a fight than he is a win and Alexander brought him a fight. They wrestled in the ring to start, then they went outside of the ring and started beating the shit outta each other. Suzuki did a running boot straight to the face of Alexander resulting in Alexander rolling down the ramp. I liked that spot. They end up in the ring and start wrestling again and that’s when shit really starts getting good. Minoru turns up the heat and so does Alexander. They told the story of Alexander having to reach deeper and be tougher and keep fighting if he was to stand a chance against Suzuki. And Alexander did just they he rolled out of holds he countered a piledriver into a back body drop and I agree with Dean that C4 strike is Gnarly as hell. Oh and Wrestle House 2 starts “next week”
  6. I got tickets to this. Flying into Vegas for it. I was at the first Double or Nothing in 2019. I’m pumped as fuck for this.
  7. I’d love to see Hook kill Yoshi-Hashi or Honma or Chase Owens.
  8. Not gonna lie I’m a little disappointed that they are going to the Midwest after the Ontario Show. I was hoping they’d come up to the Pacific Northwest this June but at last it is not the case. Maybe they will work their way back west after the Detroit Show.
  9. I posted this in the Scott Hall thread so I thought i'd post it here too. Get some more eyes on it. A podcast I enjoy a lot, Days of Thunder released a special tribute episode dedicated to the aforementioned Scott Hall, normally they review episodes of Thunder. Their slogan is "A WCW Thunder podcast that you didn't ask for but we did anyway".
  10. Dude it's a good time, they review Thunder well they watch the fall of WCW through the lens of Thunder. It's Thunder and PPV's its a fun listen. also here's a 6 man match from AWA that involved Scott
  11. One of my favorite podcasts Days of Thunder just released a special tribute episode to Scott
  12. This one is rough. I don’t know how to put it into words. I grew up watching Scott on TV from WCW to WWE to TNA and everywhere in between. It took me years to realize how good Scott really was as his personal issues were interfering with his professional performance when I first saw him. It was when ESPN Classics started airing the old AWA show, and I saw a young almost unrecognizable Scott Hall teaming up with Curt Hennig that I started to see it. Then you watch the Razor Ramon run and you realize why the guy was considered one of the best ever. Dude got it. He knew how to work. He was also unselfish, understood his position and was more than happy to put people over hell at the height of the nWo’s run he put over Chris Jericho and Hector Garza. I’m happy Scott got clean and was able to rebuild his reputation over the last 8 or so years. This is a loss the man was a wealth of knowledge go on YouTube and watch shoot clips the man is teaching lessons he got it and he wasn’t afraid to share it.
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