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  1. I dug the whole presentation of Moxley vs Nagata. The pre match split screen, the camera following Nagata and to the ring from the backstage area all felt like the lead up to a big MMA fight. I hope they keep doing that going forward. I really hope Moxley keeps Wild Thing as his theme in AEW it was a cool ascetic. The match was really good, a ten minute stiff fest, the beat the heel outta each other and Moxley got busted open hardway, can't beat that. I didn't want to Like Cody's Promo but I liked Cody's promo. Him vs Ogogo is gonna be good I think. The set up with Ogogo punching Cody in
  2. He should have won that match. No TNA either but didn't he keep TNA out of one his books too?
  3. They didn't mention the Triple H feud nor the Wrestlemania Match.
  4. Maybe? Scott Norton just retweeted me with a quote so it evens out.
  5. Did Ryback randomly block anyone else on Twitter today?
  6. Well maybe we’ll see that match against Blue Panther at some point now
  7. To add to that what if, Godfather had stated on Photoshoot he was in talks to join the nWo his direct quote was: That’s an interesting thought, if Godfather had been in the nWo, would Taker have gone back to WCW and would the biker gimmick come into fruition two years before it did. Another interesting thought Is had Ole not told Taler he would never draw is dime which fueled the fire for Taker in the WWF, he was dead set on probing Ole wrong and probably helped the bound between Vince and Taker as Vince was the one to take the chance on him, would Taker have had the chip on his should
  8. Id throw Kevin Greene in there.
  9. I’m checking it out tomorrow when it’s archived. AIW is a get promotion they went from being a super indie bringing in outside “name” talent to producing homegrown talent through there school along with small having a group of “names” like Matthew Justice Mance Warner Eddie Kingston Hornswoggle Tom Lawlor etc.
  10. Kaplan vs Matthew Justice was rowdy as fuck. Josh Bishop vs Mance Warner was wild as well. AIW is one of the better indies out.
  11. I have confidence that Blood and Guts will get over a million viewers.
  12. Monsoon Classic is back Jack! With the way styles change over a decade or two I think Craig Pittman would have been bigger now than he was back when he was active. The tough fucker with a martial arts who got in the game late has became more common in the last couple of years.
  13. Schiavone said that Nick Cocomo reminded him of a cross between Bruiser Brody and Billy Jack Hayes so I’m still the only one who sees Hercules Hernandez
  14. I watched The Sound of Metal the night before the Oscars and to me it’s an allegory for the current pandemic as everything was ripped away from him before he was ready for it and he had to adjust to his new way of life no matter how hard he fought it eventually he had to come to terms with it and he found peace in his acceptance.
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