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  1. They fixed the price. $24.99. Wonder how many dozens got in early.
  2. Wow its showing up as 4.99 for me. I'm gonna order now in case they change it. If that's the price that's crazy reasonable. At least charge 10, a month of a streaming service. It's $25 on fite that has to be a mistake.
  3. At the same time, I go to work and I go shopping, so why can’t I go have fun. It’s all weird. But we’ve done everything we can to be good members of society.
  4. Of course this is anecdotal, but the new japan show in November required proof of vax, so when I got to the front of the line I had my live record queued up on my phone and the dude looked annoyed when I tried to show it to him and just waved me through. But it would be crazy for someone to buy a ticket and go anyway with the hope of that happening though.
  5. I’ve been to a few Indy shows where masks were required but a good 20% of people didn’t bother. I’m masked and boosted and felt ok until omicron hit, and I ended up not going to a show I already had tickets to bring my son too. When this wave dies down again I think I’ll be ok going. I’m damn sure gonna wear my mask, I don’t care if I’m only one of the 5% you see wearing them on tv. But where I live it’s gonna be a lot closer to 80% masked than 5% anyway. Also in my planning I’m not taking into account that we all just had it, so I really don’t think I need to worry too much. But I’ll be wearing a mask I don’t care what others think.
  6. That’s only a 4K capacity venue and it’s just about sold out.
  7. Debbie Malenko is unfortunately off tonight’s west coast pro show. I’m hoping by next month the peak is over and I’ll be comfortable going again.
  8. Terrible man. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a 12ft ladder in new japan again.
  9. So it looks like Shibata is fully cleared to wrestle then. They were hyping up what happens at all the upcoming shows, wk17, 18, 19. He’s back. Also new japan is back on cable tv in the USA, back on axs. Thursday at 10pm isn’t ideal, but at least they have a presence again.
  10. Also, on my cable at least, the switch from tnt to tbs isn’t automatic. Had to go in and manually set it to record.
  11. I haven’t read anything about Canada or the uk. Seems like we’re getting down to crunch time. Is anything listed on the TV guide yet? For me it’s already coming up on tnt, battle of the belts on the 8th from 8-9pm.
  12. That was when Meij was still in charge. He was booked on battle in the valley in San Jose less than 2 months ago, and he may have been the main event and that’s on fite ppv one week before he had an aew ppv match (that got switched to the same date so then he was pulled). So everything’s different now.
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