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  1. If wwe offers him a limited schedule with the ability to work japan and Mexico I think he’s more than satisfied. Him showing up on dynamite tonight would completely overshadow blood and guts, but I guess you want to make the loudest noise you possibly can. We’ll see I guess. Funny how this is exactly like last time. Word gets out his contract is expiring, he starts doing interviews where he says wwe storytelling sucks, lists all these matches he wants to have, then signs a new deal with wwe. Now people find out his contract is expiring, he starts doing interviews complaining about wwe storytel
  2. And it may only be on twitch, no date but it’s probably a long way out and things could change. Figured that’s some pretty big news though.
  3. Andrade vs Kenny Omega at Triplemania
  4. Andrade just challenged Kenny Omega for the AAA mega championship.
  5. She’s already doing redemption tweets when before it was deny, deny, deny. Think this ones in the bag.
  6. Before the dynamite match.
  7. The article states the PayPal stuff will be changed and various other improvements. If it’s on the up and up by June I’ll probably check it out for $20.
  8. http://www.thecubsfan.com/cmll/2021/04/30/federacion-wrestling-announces-debut-show-for-june-19th/
  9. Iirc they’re the ones that first broke Jim Ross and chris jericho were working with their agent about a new promotion. That was like November before the bte but at the Tokyo dome.
  10. I was watching part 1 of the Pillman doc and he’s wearing his aew polo shirt and coming off with so much credibility and authority. He’s an asset to them, and I agree with everyone’s criticisms. I cringe at least once a week.
  11. I really wish they could work out a deal where there would only be commercials between matches, but obviously they would if they could. Is there any sport besides auto racing that has breaks during the action? Perhaps golf but they have that presentation down well. The breaks in matches are really jarring to me and take me out of it. For years after I had given up on raw and smackdown I continued watching ppvs on the network, plus new japan etc, so the commercials were a really unpleasant development.
  12. Almost took out mom and him. Kids not having it.
  13. TK said going forward at least the ppvs on holiday weekends will be Sunday. So double or nothing and all out look like permanent Sunday shows. And he sort of implied the others may move there as well. Like many, I greatly prefer the Saturday shows.
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