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  1. You know what I didn’t take into account…the nine or so months he was injured. And I guess his suspension could potentially be added to the back end. So I’m probably making much ado about nothing and he’s got another year left before he could leave, if he so chose.
  2. To be fair, there was nothing about Cody either, other than his renegotiations were taking weirdly long and he threw in the barb one one promo about Tony not offering him the contract he wanted. (Sunday night) Dave: uhhh there’s something more to this story about Cody not signing yet (Monday morning) Cody and Brandi are officially no longer a part of aew. I personally doubt he’s leaving, but in any sport we’d be talking about upcoming free agents, and I haven’t seen a single person mention that we are less than two months away from an aew world champion being a free agent.
  3. Yeah he was the boogeyman and now the dynamic is totally different.
  4. Aew had an option year but Tony didn’t exercise it because Cody wanted out/they couldn’t agree on a new deal/whatever that story is. Edit: also I believe the story was they started working on a new deal which continued past the cut off date for picking up the option, so I guess at that point cody was a free agent. But if Tony wanted he could’ve just picked up the fourth year.
  5. @Cobra Commander that was the best crowd in weeks by far. On their feet just about the whole time, tons of chants and reactions throughout the matches. Awesome crowd.
  6. I got ringside for dynamite at the cow palace. Not even gonna bother with rampage. I’ll be wearing the Utami x Tana tshirt. For the people who will be going to the cow palace for the first time, I hope they haven’t yet gotten a taste of futuristic luxuries such as “air conditioning” and “food other than popcorn and nachos” because those things certainly don’t exist there. For tv audiences, I hope they like the way the inside of an 81 year old barn looks.
  7. I blame Cody for this cow palace nonsense. Ah well, I’ll be at dynamite and hopefully revolution gets announced on Saturday.
  8. If anyone was trying to go to full gear, but not get stuck with rampage tickets as well, they just reverted back to individual tickets so you no longer need to get combo tickets.
  9. “When I won the championship at WRESTLEMANIA” was so freakin perfect. Totally opposite use.
  10. They’re also announcing my long awaited Northern California show next week. Cheers!
  11. Yes, he said it in a promo on tv. That’s why I said in canon, I guess I could’ve worded it better. Overall I enjoyed the segment and it feels like a big ppv match so I like that. But they really need to sit down with everyone and say to please be careful not to bury the company, even if that isn’t the intention.
  12. He said in canon that hangman had never done anything, when he had been aew world champion and headlined multiple ppvs. Same deal, you’ve only been in aew you haven’t actually done anything.
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