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  1. I named our cat warrior at the time so that should tell you. It was around wrestlemania 4 I think when I really got into it. I remember asking my friends about nwa and I think I watched it when I saw it on tv, but I was definitely a wwf kid. I read the apter mags so I was fully aware of the world outside wwf though. I remember going to a house show in Portland Maine, must’ve been in 88. I also used to clip out the newspaper ads for house shows because they were like mini wrestling posters.
  2. Brand new 5k capacity venue at LA Coliseum. Looks cool. I bet with all the strong talent and them putting it on fite it will be less a collection of tag matches and more singles matches with a little bit of weight to them.
  3. I didn’t see her segment yet but I believe Shahid Khan owns the hotel.
  4. Honestly seems like more of a statement of what the priorities are. Smackdown > Ppv
  5. Like two years ago I tweeted Cody a photo of the tennis stadium in Indian Wells (Southern California). I should get a finders fee dammit (it’s gonna look great on tv and a tennis stadium is the perfect venue for wrestling. It’s like a sumo hall stadium.)
  6. It’s crazy, the field sits on a rolling tray that is outside on non game days because it’s needs full sunlight to grow, and then they just roll it in on game days. That also allows them to do stuff like Summerslam and major concerts without destroying the field like at Levi’s stadium. A tour of the stadium costs $60, supposedly summerslam tickets start at $25.
  7. Lol. Seriously wrestlers could teach basketball players when they're free falling after getting hit during a dunk. A one day pro wrestling camp for nba players, taking flat back bumps all day could honestly be a useful outside the box training session. Of course flopping incidents would increase 900%.
  8. Oh wow, I was expecting 100%. If that’s the case, expected 60k capacity would be 30-36k, in that case it will probably sell out. I was counting on easy tickets in the final week.
  9. Other California indies should be right behind. I doubt they’re running unless it’s at 100% capacity. Back at the start of the pandemic Markus Mac and Gabe Ramirez said it would be extremely long before they could run shows because limited capacity wouldn’t work financially for them. Guess we’re getting close to normal.
  10. I’ll echo a bunch and go for my more list: Thunder Rosa Santana & Ortiz Serena Deeb Will Hobbs Jungle Boy Tay Conti
  11. At this point I’m probably 60/40 on going. Got plenty of time to think about it and see what else pops up as well.
  12. First company to officially bite for summerslam weekend, right?
  13. That was gonna happen anywhere they did the show. The second double or nothing was only at about 9k before it was cancelled due to the pandemic.
  14. It is, but as Dave says wrestling has historically done poorly there. Wrestlemania 9 couldn’t sell out a 16k venue. People go there and watch shows, but I don’t see any non or minor wrestling fans spending one of their two evenings at summerslam. They’re going to have to rely on wrestling fans deciding to make that a destination vacation like they would for any mania. Vegas is attractive, we’ll see. I’m thinking now my 20k is probably too low, but I’m just not seeing tens of thousands of wrestling fans making the trip just for one show, even though it’s Vegas and things are getting back to normal and we’re all wanting to get back to our normal lives.
  15. Maybe it was wrestlemania week since it was two nights and Friday was smackdown? It was recent. They’re doing smackdown in Phoenix and a house show Sunday in Denver which seems weird, then raw in San Diego. It’s like they made no attempt to wrestlemania week it. Just because T-Mobile wasn’t available on Saturday? Seems weird to me, and I don’t think it will draw as well as they seem to think.
  16. There has to be some shows on Friday at least. Gcw had an august 21 date with no location announced, when it was assumed summerslam would be august 22. But the companies that ran mania week this year took a bath except for one or two like gcw I think. If this doesn’t have a super strong advance I don’t know if companies want to risk it. When I first heard stadium, Vegas, august I was like oh man this will be a huge coming out party. I have no idea why they’re only doing one night in Vegas, I really can’t see tens of thousands flying in for that. Hope I’m wrong though.
  17. They finally showed the commercial during the Belmont stakes preshow. Allegiant stadium is official for summerslam. When I heard nfl stadium I assumed it would be like wrestlemania week and got really excited. I don’t think they do more than 20k for this. Literally no one will be purchasing a ticket to see cardi b come out on stage twice and say something. Cena vs reigns is a big match but not something tens of thousands of fans are flying in for. We’ll see if any other companies try to piggyback, I’ll still consider going.
  18. Also confirmed that next week will also be a Friday night, and the 26th will be the final preemption. No word on the other remaining dynamite between next Friday and the 26th.
  19. Ha I had to work and have kept not registered it was a holiday.
  20. That is pretty crazy. Anything on monday besides nba playoffs? I know showbuzz is down, what rank were they that night?
  21. This is a really disappointing tweet that I replied to. With california set to reopen that must mean bay area indies will be returning soon and therefore that must mean they are thinking of booking him. Edit: Markus dm'd me right away and said he isn't getting booked and explained his reason for the tweet, which I get, although its a mistake. I deleted my reply to the tweet.
  22. Lowest rated is still the #1 show of the night. Everything is different now and it seems like with less overall viewers networks are willing to pay even more for stable proven draws (I know, ratings keep sliding downwards).
  23. Yesterday was a holiday so today was her first day in the office. Wish my dentist was this cool.
  24. Don't forget Dynamite is Friday again this week (and possibly the few after that but its unclear).
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