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  1. Where does he think he's going to go to get more playing time? I could see a token contract with the Cardinals if they were terrible, but they're going to be in a battle in the Central all year long. Anywhere else he's just a ticket-selling sideshow in a year where stadiums aren't being sold to 100% capacity anyway.
  2. edit: damnit beat to it by like 30 seconds. I mean ... I have absolutely hated watching him lumber around for the last decade, but I've kind of loved hating it.
  3. Been playing The Longing and it's a really interesting concept. You play a shade who is instructed to wake a sleeping king in 400 days and everything you do from then on it to make time speed up to make the 400 days pass faster. You're basically veeeeeery slowly exploring a cave system and everything it has inside of it. Right now I am about 21 days in and each realtime second is up to 9 seconds in the game. I couldn't see actively just sitting here playing this, but it's great for passing the day at work and checking in with every once in awhile.
  4. Modern day Babe Ruth & Mike Trout on one team ... Still .500. Fucking Angels.
  5. I find beating the unwanted resident with a net usually works eventually - and if not is at least therapeutic.
  6. Having to use the randomizer ingredient in 3 different ways killed than finale. Instead of being able to make one awesome finale dish each, they were each forced to just make a bunch of appetizers that really weren't that interesting.
  7. Got my 2nd shot on Monday and it kicked my ass the rest of the week. Tuesday was full on fever all day long, chills, muscles aches, nausea, headaches, etc. Wednesday the fever broke but still had everything else and by today I'm mostly feeling mostly back to normal. Am already booking tickets for every damn theme park they decide to reopen around here for 2 weeks from now.
  8. 50 spots added to the designer ... THANK YOU! I never know how people manage to do the crazy customized islands I see out there, we added a couple custom pathways and have been running up against the designer slot maximum ever since.
  9. I don't need something that makes it easier to be disappointed that Redd never shows up. You can apparently have more than 2, but then your destination becomes random when you go through any pipe.
  10. Ok I was skeptical about the Mario stuff, but the warp pipe is amazing. I put one in front my on Nooks and carry one with me all the time, plop it down whenever my inventory is full, sell, warp back and carry on exactly where I left off. Saves so much time & frustration.
  11. Note to self: next time at Phil's town, create a shirt out of my custom Panthers logo and give it to all of his villagers.
  12. I dunno - I have a boat parade going on in my 3rd level river now and it's pretty awesome.
  13. Woke up on a Friday morning looking forward to a nice three day weekend, and now I'm sitting here asking 'What have I done with my life?'. THANKS
  14. Bought a Ring Fit today at Target cause it's the first time I've seen it out in the wild. I had no clue that it's a full on fitness RPG that actually looks like a lot of fun. ... of course we'll see if I think the same thing tomorrow after it's made me do 100 squats to defeat a boss.
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