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  1. LA stopped him on his goal tonight, twice, and he was just like "nah, don't feel like allowing that". It's crazy.
  2. I don't know what the other club's numbers look like but that's a ballpark to work from in that timeframe.
  3. Yeah as long as it is an old key it's fine. It got delisted from the steam store over some DRM rights bullshit but as long as the key was purchasd before store removal it's 100% good. I guess I'll check out g2a since that's the best of the limited options.
  4. Is there any way to get hold of a Steam key for Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection anymore?
  5. I feel like the Jets revemping the coaching staff is long overdue.
  6. The all-time "fuck with achievment hunters because they deserve it" game is Tales of Maj'Eyal which has about 300 achievements that each only unlock on a specirfic difficulty so you'd have to 100% the game like 6 times to get them all, it's glorious. Stanley Parable was fine for a couple hours but let's be honest the only really memorable thing in the whole fucking game was the broom closet.
  7. Shetserkin should probably win the MVP but he's being a massive bitch there, hockey the same as it ever was.
  8. If they really want to get radical put shock collars on the players and when they step out of the batters box for no reason give them DA BUSINESS.
  9. Me when Jordan Romano is pitching:
  10. It's stunning to me the Mets only have 2 no-hitters ever, it's not like they're a relatively new team.
  11. It will absolutely come out at some point because given the amount of resources they've dumped into it, they at the very least need to reduce their losses I'm still legitimately curious about the game and there's a chance I play it
  12. Who names their kid Sauce? This has to be a Boy Named Sue thing right
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