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  1. I actually agree the idea of Stadia is neat, but as a rural Canadian whose internet can best be described as "lol you pay WHAT for that?" it was never going to be a real option for me. Feels like still a generation too early for that tech to me, but someday game companies will circle back to it.
  2. I'm fully aware that a lot of my issues stem from chronic depression, and I self-medicate with food. It's just gotten more out of hand over the last couple years, I do need to reel it back in with the bags of chips and what not. Nobody needs to be eating as much of that shit as I do.
  3. Absolutely. Honestly, it's really a totally unique meteor in the video game sky. I played the NES version myself. Fuck, the XBOX remake is like 20 years old now, jesus christ
  4. Nearly broke down crying in the shower after trying on all my pants and realizing how few of them my stupid fat ass that won't stop eating can still actually get in. My life's pathetic, have a nice day.
  5. Can't wait for it to somehow have one quarter of the features of Sid Meier's Pirates which came out like 6000 years ago!
  6. So I bought and played some Trombone Champ and I honestly haven't laughed this hard in all of 2022. It's not the game we deserve, but it is the game we need. Is it worth like $15 bucks to make an ass out of myself and laugh? Sure, probably.
  7. The Creator Has a Master Plan must be one of the most buck wild pieces of music ever made.
  8. I will never forget someone I know calling Jimmy G "Italian Kirk Cousins" and honestly nothing over time has ever been proven more true
  9. I didn't even find the basic sorcery trainer that is literally in the starting area of the game until my second playthrough lmao I started a new character today and I'm instantly reminded how much I love the world design where you can just wander about, free of time pressure or a quest log, and do whatever seems worth doing. Also this is true of all Fromsoft games but especially this one, the more you play the more you realize the devs honestly do want you to succeed. There's always items and materials stashed about specicifically helpful for making sure you have what you need for the area, it's just a matter of finding them. The scale of this game means it rewards that exploration far more than any other game they've done. I still think in terms of pure combat that the Sekiro system might be their best game, but still... Elden Ring is probably the closest thing to my dream video game that has ever existed. I could come back to it once a year for the rest of my life and be cool with it. And I know for a fact there's still a ton of stuff I've never seen or done.
  10. Tamawashi becomes the oldest yusho winner ever. Gotta say he thoroughly deserved it, he was a rock all tournament. These chumps had nothing for him.
  11. Thinking about firing this up again and starting as a Prisoner, doing some fucking weird Arcane weapon build.
  12. Technically the game is out so that's YOUR FAULT
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