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  1. Rugby 7's is great, they should put this shit on TV more here.
  2. Most impressive performance I've seen so far was Flora Duffy absolutely demolishing the field in the women's triathlon. Just destroyed them.
  3. The crowds want to like Dark Order but at some point they need to win something. Given that there's no fucking way Hangman isn't getting a title match, at least they'll have that from the 5 v 5.
  4. The part where he started sweet talking A Metal Hook is what wrestling is all about.
  5. This show was awesome. And that crowd was nuclear. Hot in the right ways too, actual cheering and booing and not just wall to wall smark chants where they amuse themselves. Man that was fun. Really enjoyed the Moxley/Anderson opener, probably the most interesting Anderson match since he showed up. Then we got a fucking great Ricky Starks/Brian Cage match. Matt Hardy/Christian was good aside from a kind of wonky finish, probably the best Matt Hardy has looked in the ring in a while. The Sammy match was a fine modern not-quite-a-squash-but. The Penelope/Magic Girl match had some cool stuff too, and I am digging Penelope's Sindel-esque look. And the main event... I mean, Darby Allin's actually crazy. He's batshit. Most of the match felt like guys actually trying to hurt each other and not just "a wrestling match with a gimmick finish". Allin really has some of the best match structure in the company. Pretty much all the promo segments on this show were fine or better as well. Just a great 2 hours of fun wrestling nonsense.
  6. I think so because the Oilers absolutely do seem to think lack of Veteran Rings is the problem and not that "Mike Smith had a good year but played bad against Winnipeg, also the secondary scoring is Kailer Yamamoto by himself". Hopefully there's some scoring help coming, like I wouldn't hate trying Tatar as long as he doesn't have to play on the top line or something.
  7. I've been pretty wiped out the last few days so I'm not sure I'll have much to say after this show, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what fucked up spot Darby Alin comes up with involving a coffin.
  8. Keith hasn't been remotely good in literally years, he's statistically one of the worst players in the entire NHL, and he makes way too much money for what he'll be asked to do at this stage, so naturally we had to have him. And gave up both a pick and a prospect to do it. Wonderful stuff.
  9. I'm not a Djokovic fan (and honestly, this era of Djokovic/Nadal/and now to a lesser extent Federer winning everything in sight has gone on far too long), but he's absolutely head and shoulders above anyone else in the sport right now. The only thing that's going to stop him is an injury.
  10. It was amazing. Tobizaru rules, I don't care if he wins or loses, you get entertainment. EDIT: Oh God
  11. Somehow, and I don't know how, Saskatchewan managed to have a preseason workout today where no less than four players suffered achillies injuries on the same day. Even by football's standards that's buck wild.
  12. The best team won, can't argue with that.
  13. Oh yeah Omega asking Evil Uno a trivia question and then punting him right in the balls was the most enjoyable thing I've seen Omega do in weeks, that was amazing.
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