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  1. The Russian coaching staff might have better defense than the actual Russian team
  2. What the fuck is going on with Houston's pitching
  3. Maybe they could trade for Randy Arozarena
  4. Man, whoever wins Braves/Dodgers should absolutely waltz to the World Series title.
  5. The MLB makes about a million dollars in the time it takes me to write this post, so for fuck's sake take care of the minor leaguers you cheap old rich guys.
  6. That will be the call that gets us robo umps, for better or for worse (of course they'll find a way to fuck that up too).
  7. Looking forward to a man in a mysterious moustache named Clayshaw Kerton appearing and striking out 11, never to be seen again
  8. Kevin Cash is obviously a very skilled manager but I feel this is 2 years in a row he's out thought himself re: pitching in the postseason to no appreciable gain.
  9. Gruden was one of the Football Geniuses that needed adult supervision to wear a mask properly, plus I head that fucking meathead for years on TV, so it's not like any of this is news.
  10. Like, within his line of sight, or...?
  11. Barstool is insanely gross. Anyway:
  12. The Chiefs have a bunch of really great players but they also, as Tampa exposed badly last year, a lot of shit too. They aren't going to be the dynasty people thought they were.
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