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  1. The goodness in that is either Serpentico is a sandbagger or they were going for the illusion of heft. Like Iron Sheik deadlifting a chair to hit Sgt. Slaughter like it was as heavy as a car.
  2. TBH I had no idea he was released, even though I've seen Miz without him on TV recently in the rare event that I look up from my laptop to see whatever WWE programming is on my screen (muted usually).
  3. The Warning is the best album '70s era Judas Priest never made. I also have to rep my old Polish buddy Adaa for pronouncing it "Queensrich"
  4. I had no idea there was basically a sequel to the London/Danielson swarm promo. Do not drink while watching because it will fly right out your nose.
  5. Not reading the next two pages so I'm just gonna give my late-term (heh... fuck yes, Punk, rep it for the world) opinions without any read-through. - Takeshita vs. Hungmin was great until the no-selling and strike exchanges started. You got a better match in you, boys. Still, real fun. - Smo Joe is crazy over. Rey Fenix is crazy over. Wardlow is crazy over. EDDIE FUCKING KINGSTON is probably the most over person in Houston not named CM Punk... and yet the most heat was garnered by MJF, who is a lightning rod at this point. L'chaim! - The Jokers were both softballs but that's okay. Johnny Whatshisface didn't match up with Joe at all stylistically, but he tried. Maki Itoh did her thing. I shrug. - Lest said about the Serena promo the better, but she really really tried, and even brought up some shit that was probably really uncomfortable to her. She has my admiration for that. Good show!
  6. I have no idea what this show is about but it's probably the very familiar usage of terms like Slim or some other such adages to nickname larger people. A reversal of terminology, if you weeeeel.
  7. I saw the 5-year old's version of a helicopter (sorry Dean haha) but guess I didnt read close enough to see what it was in reference to.
  8. And yet the corporation settles whenever their dirty laundry might be exposed. That tracks.
  9. New Botchamania is out and they caught Taz saying out of the blue on Dark "In a side note unrelated to this match, I'm thinking about buying a submarine."
  10. That's an awesome little thread there. My favorite one is this:
  11. That's one I'd like to see a vibrant looking copy of. On TV and VHS it always looked too dim.
  12. I forgot to mention probably the best thing in that Mox/Ospreay match: Mox swatting him out of the sky like a bug with his elbow. Super rewind material, somebody should make a gif.
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