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  1. I wonder if the Owl would fight for IP control of Impact names and gimmicks.
  2. WE GOT SCORP! Fuck yeah. That's gonna be a fun one. Nick came off as a sweet, kinda simple but intense guy who's been through a lot of shit. He's real lucky for his SO to stick around him for 20+. The Walt Whitman being in his backyard... oooof. I'd move. EDIT: The funniest part past Mox's line about the handkerchief was Gage, fan of the Whopper, getting taken to Frank and Musso's haha
  3. Promotion: HIGH RISK Location: Australia Screencaps: A Harris Brother, a dead Pitbull Yeah, that's def raincoat worthy
  4. I would be remiss to not post the new album that you should all really be listening to:
  5. MY FATAL WEAKNESS! AAAAAAAuuuuuuugggghhhhhh...
  6. Will do! The last Crown was great. I'm not a fan of some of their discography but once in awhile an album just jumps out and punches you and the mouth; this one certainly did so after hearing that I had to post the new one, though I still haven't heard it all the way through yet. EDIT: @Zakk_Sabbathafter listening to that Hamartia methinks you are really gonna like the new At the Gates Listen to this too, buddy just texted it to me You should dig it
  7. Shawn Michaels mumbling about watermelon and fried chicken. Hoo boy. Good old Memphis.
  8. Just a heads up, I have Dish and looking for the Michaels A&E Bio on Sunday, it's coming up with Booker T listed in its place on the guide. So that might be an issue for other people. I set it up to record anyway. EDIT: It amuses me a great deal that the Zelina Vega story is behind a Patreon paywall
  9. AEW x FMWE?! As they say, I'm all in. According to the subtitles, yes. I like how hesitant the crowd was to get into the 'USA' chant. (that was right when I decided to mute) And as far as running as an independent, at least he did say the two-party system was antiquated... but he'd probably just go Libertarian, of course.
  10. That and the ABSURD deadlift gutwrench that Miro gave him, lookin like he tossed a dummy they made out of clothes pinned together and filled with newspaper.
  11. "Wild Thing" coming on was hilarious, not only for the Onita reference and JR identifying the Troggs, but the FLUTE SOLO. Which was accurately subtitled in the closed captioning, "FLUTE SOLO" The match was fine, wish you could hear more of the striking but the crowd was real loud and maybe they just don't mic the ring well. Mox did get beat up with some chest bruising and the busted cheek. Cody started talking about 'murica so I muted. I had no real interest in the SCU match and then the one time I look up I see blood again?! And Daniels is just pouring. So I stuck around for the rest
  12. Ah, so all the expected suspects went in. And Maiden, of course, got turfed. I'm sure Eddie Trunk is apoplectic.
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