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  1. Finished the show. Eddie/Archer was great until Archer had talk to Sampson for real. Dragon/King will as good if not better than Dragon/ Dustin. The Cody match was intensely overbooked and the fan in the front being totally over that finish was hilarious.
  2. But Takaiwa never sold anything, so does it count?
  3. As I've pointed out here before, Nic Cage considers Vampire's Kiss to be his magnum opus. I've seen some of it on TV but didn't know it was really that good so I just kept channel surfing. BTW, if you shot a blank into your mouth it would probably kill you. From Wiki: David Warbeck injured one of the zombie actors on the set of The Beyond because Fulci forced him to fire the gun too close. I think it's still in the movie!
  4. Andrade/Pac was really really good until the end, which they fucked up so bad it completely turned me on the match. This unrealistic kickout crap has to stop.
  5. Thinking about it, maybe Suzuki wanted to make him look bad? He pulled every strike, for a guy with brutal strikes and a guy who will take any kind of punishment. It's glaring.
  6. This might vanish soon so get it while it's hot! Also... EDIT: God that is terrible. It might be worth watching just to see how bad it is.
  7. MRSA was the same shit that almost killed CM Punk, right? He got it from a staph infection?
  8. Something I haven't thought about until just now is: does Rust even get finished or released? The Crow barely did. (If you haven't seen the Cursed Films episode on it you really should, btw. Crushing but very respectful. Michael Berryman says some things that are incredibly touching and also some that are incredibly angry under the surface. And justifiably so.)
  9. I'm still amazed that my grandma was nonplussed by the tassel scene. Then again she was a riverboat gambler so I'm sure she'd seen a lot in her time.
  10. Yeah, complaining about a fanbase that typically brings noisemakers being overly obnoxious is pretty futile.
  11. Look him up. I'm at work now so I can't post it but there's a tremendous story about him from WWII. It really hit me considering my grandfather was a Marine vet who was on Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.
  12. Love how he did it well after it could have even possibly looked legal and was immediately like "What did I do wrong?"
  13. Shit, in other ones he said he started shooting up Oxys, and even OD'd Sandman with a shot. Heyman finally told him to stop and got him into rehab.
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