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  1. I guess he's the final Labour of Jericho then.
  2. When did freakin' CMLL end up getting the best camerawork and production in all of wrestling?!
  3. Inoki 60th Anniversary BluRay, featuring Uncut Version of Island Death Match, chosen by Inoki himself -- with commentary!
  4. That's nowhere that I can find online so... you know.
  5. Oh no. Oh no. I saw it now I have to say it. The new name is...
  6. My cholesterol is surprisingly low. Got plenty of fat though!
  7. Having something that gives you an immediate contendership is kinda WWE but I think if you won a tournament it would work. It's way better than Money in the Bank. And please, no round-robin style G1. I can't get my head around the points and the buys and all that shit.
  8. I did manage to cut myself with a pizza cutter one time, how I do not know.
  9. Or how about Teddy Hart walks out and is immediately arrested for murder, or at the very least assault and battery.
  10. Oh please god no. We don't need those two ending up stuck in a feud in Impact, or as Switchblade Conspiracy again.
  11. Bring in Brion Milonas and the Beer City Bruiser then? I always thought "Windham Rotunda" was a weird name, because those are two weird names and they're both last names as well; never liked people having two first names or two last names. Like, is his middle name his mother's maiden last name? You could pay me to go see WWE, sure. But unless you had a card with a WALTER vs. Timothy Thatcher main, Drew Gulak going broadway against somebody, a legit bloodfeast with somebody who could pull it off, brought back Lesnar to kill most of the roster, and Asuka vs. Shayna, then I wouldn't pay. Free bar included plus a limo to and from the venue.
  12. I didn't watch it, so did he really just sign the last name real big in all-caps block letters? It'd be real funny if they were like "make your mark" in old times and he just drew a stick hand doing the okay sign. Or a baseball hat.
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