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  1. Bloody DVR didn't record Smackdown. Grrrrrr. I'll decide after I get to watch GOONTER/Shinsuke (and finally that damn Raw Ziggler match).
  2. Oh man, that's all I could think about. If he did that on purpose the kid deserves another belt. Parker Boudreaux AKA Lesnarcito has that amorphous Josh Barnett spare tire and his hair is almost Paul Varelans-esque in crappiness. I can see him pulling off an early UFC gimmick of big dumb guy that punches himself out.
  3. So there were already multiple piledriver finishes and the Champ says "hold my beer". Oooof-ta. EDIT: Note, that's not a complaint, just saying DAMN dude, he dead
  4. You forgot something Blind Illusion - The Sane Asylum (1988 • Full Album) - YouTube
  5. Just watched Bronson again after I found it was airing at like 3 AM one night on HBO and set it up to record. Tom Hardy is fucking nuts. Also, he said he wanted to gain weight for the role, ate nothing but fat and gained 14 pounds, but still looked like THAT?! Refn has apparently finally been busy with something: ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’: Nicolas Winding Refn Series Lands at Netflix | IndieWire
  6. I'm in a bad mood and thought the show blew. That said, Garcia turning into a little kid that wanted to go hide in the closet and cry after he got verbally laid into by Danielson was excellent. Note, it was just the look in his face and his eyes. You could just tell that frustrated jock fuck is an insecure child inside and he didn't know how to deal with it. Great, super subtle character work.
  7. This is actually my first time hearing Amon Amarth. Swedish Bolt Thrower, apparently. It's not bad but is totally unchallenging. You can tell the director was specifically hipped to Accept's "Midnight Mover" video by the band, only they told him to maybe not make people puke this time around. Serious caution: If you are easily motion sick you do not need to watch that.
  8. Best Buy used to have tons of off-brand wrestling stuff. They had a Japanese Hardcore Wrestling DVD that was just Big Japan with some ATROCIOUS announcing over it (it had the balls-out Honma/Abby Jr. ladder match). They even had a PWG 3-disc set that I snagged.
  9. That had to be the first one I bought. It really was the blasting cap for the whole DVD division. The thing sold like hotcakes -- and it deserved to. I must've watched it a dozen times.
  10. In the fabled days when indeed everyone got Telemundo and Univision and they would throw on random AAA and CMLL between telenovelas and Sabado Gigante episodes, I remember seeing Electroshock and the other sucksters like Chessman and Cibernetico. Are they still on the top of the bills over there? EDIT: I also wanna see the match that this photo came from (NSFW for blood)
  11. Had to be a rib considering Gordon was probably wearing sunglasses to cover up his hangover. And without doubt Idol, Raschke and Ernie had partaken in some of the kind bud the night before haha
  12. I remember watching Big Show/Flair at my grandma's house. The lighting for that show was really cool, I dug the darkness of the audience and focus on the ring.
  13. Went out to Bloomington-Normal, IL to see the Goddamn Gallows, Rebelmatic, and a band I'm friends with, Death Call last night. Venue is a nice little bar called Nightshop with an outdoor stage and a big-ass rendition of the London Calling cover on one of the walls. Death Call (Music | Death Call (bandcamp.com)) are my homies playing in a new project that is pretty much hardcore punk songs tuned low enough to be straight-up death/thrash metal. They even cover Impetigo which was a good idea considering the location as Impetigo were pretty much based out of the area. Props to Greg for doing vocals even though he had 10 (ten) teeth removed the day before. Visit your dentist, folks. Rebelmatic have apparently been deemed by HR of the Bad Brains as the big new black punk band and they're pretty damn good. Music is a melting pot. As NYC dudes there is clearly your Bad Brains and Cro-Mags in there, a surprising amount of Danzig in the vocals at times and some Big Boys funk. It's nowhere near as good as any of those bands individually but they have great stage presence and instrumental talent. At one point the drummer was just playing with his hands and the bass player also put down his guitar to breakdance (!). Singer was constantly getting crowd to chant stuff, including "Reb-el-ma-tic" as if we were at a wrestling card. Goddamn Gallows are self-described "gutterbilly" so you can imagine: tattooed heads and faces, Carhartt overalls, banjos and mandolin and stand-up bass, polka beats and punk rock. Solid stuff and lots of wild goofy faces pulled onstage. Fun show. Bloomington seeming to be made up entirely of one-way streets was my only complaint. EDIT: Forgot to mention that Death Call actually got paid a bill ($100) by the venue owner which is unheard of for probably any of the bands we've ever been in.
  14. Maybe it's just the (lack of) gear and the blonde hair, but that is a straight-up Sandman rail bump. (Not that kind of "rail" or "bump")
  15. It was the same here, these got me back into things but especially this one with the Liger and Sasuke matches, which led me to checking into all those pesky Japanese matches I read about but never got tapes of. I've still got my copy (and the Eddie one). Wonder what they're worth now...
  16. Speaking of organized crime figures, I was re-reading Five Families and Selwyn Raab wrote that John Gotti got his hair cut Every. Day.
  17. "Magic" sounds like it was ghostwritten by '80s King Crimson so that is weird. I'd put the record on but then I read this from the Ebert review: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII don't know if I'm quite up for that right now
  18. Planet Terror was on last night and I sat through the credits. Robert's Chef was credited as himself. He also wrote a bunch of the music, and the song over the credits is pretty baller. It's like an extended cut of the theme music with a lot of bonus Flamenco guitar work and shit.
  19. If they don't give DO something to do they might as well send 'em back to the indies. @Octopus hey now, I have absolutely no problem with a simple slice. You thinkin of the wrong dude over here. Excellent write-up, btw; that's how you do it!
  20. I am completely unfamiliar with this Cyrus. That's definitely not Don Callis.
  21. In the Flair's last match thread talking about music there instead
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