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  1. Good, it's on Amazon Prime. I'll start watching it now that I finished Top Boy.
  2. Wherein Heavy Metal bleeds like a stuck pig.
  3. Tanahashi, in his ongoing career retrospective interview, talks nice about him. He might be the only one.
  4. I'm surprised he didn't cut a promo outside to them. Incidentally, one time my friend JR Preston cut a promo to the local news about a guy who was breaking into cars I wish I could find the video. He stared right at the camera and said "you can't run, you can't hide, we will find you" etc.
  5. Him getting beat up by old Kanemoto would be an amazing exercise too, if you can call it that (and if you could get someone to hire Kanemoto).
  6. How did Beefcake end up Hogan's (in Bret Hart's words) manservant? Did they just get together and Terry was like "we got the same last name, duuude! You carry my bags, you got a job for life!"
  7. I really liked Ahmed as a kid too. Always thought his finisher was really cool, not knowing that he'd taken it from another wrestler that was gonna make a pretty big impact on me years down the road...
  8. Two different and highly NSFW trailers for The Sadness (Taiwan) This is gonna be fuuuuuuuucked uuuuuuuuuuup.
  9. It was good (finally) seeing Taya in the ring again too.
  10. Am I tripping or was that Hideki Suzuki? And yeah the match was good. Marred by the commercial break, but hey. Johnny Wrestling and Austin Theory in animated form:
  11. That's the only time you're ever gonna see "Vin Diesel" and "Fellini" in the same story
  12. Bateman was wearing a Carpathian Forest patch on the ass of his pants so that was cool. The three-way had a German Suplex-off with all three guys taking turns. Yikes. I think the strike exchange model has finally jumped the shark way past where it already had.
  13. That was about being as entertaining as humanly possible. Everybody has a ton of signature moves and they bust out all of them just about, and are stiff as possible while doing it. Plus it's NJPW vs. HUSTLE in Korakuen so the crowd is losing it the whole time. If you need a mood-booster today, watch this.
  14. Is this where Sabu lost his shit backstage or just got fired for tearing up the set? Can't remember the story. Also, how good is that video file?! It doesn't even look to be taken off a WWE DVD and it is *pristine*.
  15. If anything, the Asuka/Nikki interactions are gonna be gold.
  16. I think if Ricochet vs. Vikingo happened in AEW people's heads would explode.
  17. At first I thought the blood drop in the 'K' was a noose. Maybe it should have been? I mean they aren't exactly going for subtlety there.
  18. You're going way early, I forgot all about Murder She Wrote. We're also forgetting about Forever Knight coming on after.
  19. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/404220/post-apocalyptic-wyrmwood-apocalypse-will-seek-buyers-at-cannes/
  20. Of course, because it was the lead-in to Raw! EDIT: No wait, was that Renegade instead? This is post-Silk Stalkings era.
  21. They showed up after the fact and didn't break up the show? Good, fuck 'em! Stupid pigs, don't even know a wrestling card when they see one...
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