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  1. Finally got around to this and it may just be the most entertaining, awesome Dynamite I've ever seen. Everything hit. EVERYTHING. They even managed to repeat themselves with two Pier 6 brawls that had the same incitements as other segments but manage to make them both great, with the first one being the best one (Cody/Black felt like Sullivan/Benoit for real). FTR/Dante and Evans was like Midnights/R'n'Rs on steroids. This was a great piece of television. EDIT: Shit, I didn't mention Shawn Spears having the best match of the night against Darby Allin! THAT was GREAT.
  2. Oh god. Suzuki running roughshod over everyone and Danielson being the foe that vanquishes the onryo would be awesome.
  3. The funny part is it's Cornette's podcast. I'm watching Dynamite since I missed all but the main on Wednesday right now and I'm wondering how many "WOO"s we are gonna hear for chops after this.
  4. I'm really not a ghost story kinda guy but Burnt Offerings is awesome. That, The Changeling, and The Haunting (OG) are my go-tos. And I guess technically The Fog.
  5. The nice thing about the Dailymotion versions I've seen so far is they're all FITE rips.
  6. That was great. Ruby is fantastic seller but it looks like she's reigned it in a bit since then, still good stuff. The big DDT was awesome; she had hang-time on that thing. And what can you say about King? Unselfish as ever.
  7. Or just go World War 3 with it. Only add a fourth ring!
  8. It's pretty good. The cannibal one is a guilty pleasure too.
  9. All good choices minus The Wizard of Gore. That one is boooooooring. But that's H.G. Lewis for you. What I really should do this year is go through my DVR and knock off all the horrors I haven't watched yet. There's quite a few.
  10. Two hairdressers and more restaurant workers than you can shake a stick at here!
  11. People say Keith Lee's "fat" but aren't those abs I see?
  12. Hunter is smart, he knows Flair better than anybody (watch the ESPN doc) and saw this coming miles away. It sucks. I hate to see an old man put on the rack, knowing that he'll have lost his last remaining gigs while having a notorious problem with money, but there's got to be some atonement for this shit. And Tommy is a sweet guy who sadly is the biggest mark for the business that you'll ever see and will defend it beyond what's necessary. I still haven't watched the Jericho interview with the series creators but if they said the feeling behind this is one of grief then I agree.
  13. "The power of D.Z compels you..." This is especially funny since the link didn't work until I put it in a separate tab
  14. I feel bad for everyone having to work around Ospreay just because Japan doesn't give a shit. Gotta wonder how the locker room treats him.
  15. Ah. I should have (duh) just went back and looked at the list of people on the flight.
  16. Hmmm. I just watched the Angle video and he says Jericho was on the flight; how come they didn't have Jericho on the episode even though he's their voiceover guy?
  17. Productions is definitely one of the factions. Honestly I'd switch some of them with AEW's... how about some of that Forbidden Door shit with ROH, Tony? ROOSH and Dragon Lee vs. Lucha Brothers? EDIT: That has probably happened more times than I can count.
  18. Fuego del Sol next week: "You know what I had to do Tony? I swallowed these keys. You know how I got them back out? Yeah... but hey, I don't have to take the bus again."
  19. There's also the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs. I guess that's more a Fantastics/Fabulous Ones/Heavenly Bodies/etc. conversation though.
  20. Personally I think ROH was colder BEFORE the pandemic. Right now they have a women's division that's maybe (and this is me being fair to Impact) behind the Knockouts and WWE, their factions are strong, they still have cards to pull like Briscoes or Cheeseburger or Danhousen or an even slightly healthy Dalton Castle, the Pure division is something they're hammering hard there for the real weirdos... they just need to give up and let in a crowd. FFS. Without a crowd you don't have wrestling. I appreciate the caution (read: sanity) but it can only bring business down.
  21. So much for all the dead promotion talk EDIT: You know what, Vice really has seemed to hitch their trailer to the wrestling bandwagon. Court is pretty lucky AEW is hitting so well. And Dark Side.
  22. There were a lot of great lines tonight. I think everyone was trying to keep up with Punk. Taz on the plant: "There's no way he has a wife." Jericho on Britt: "IS IT A CRIIIME TO BE IN LUUUUV" Miro: "I like my God up above, and my wife down low." Plus the snarky snap about Adam Cole from Ruby before the Tony comment took it way too shooty when they'd already brought up Adam and WWE. Agreed, don't give the mutants something to chant, but hey it was funny. And the wrestling was perfectly fine, though the tag match was... ehhhhh. Butcher and Blade, cool as they look, just don't do it for me as a team, and I've been tired of Lucha Bros.
  23. Goddammit. Remember when I said I had HBO for a week and asked for recommends? NOBODY TOLD ME TO GO WATCH DEADWOOD. I never watched it when it was on for some reason.
  24. Re: Missy, I remember Dusty telling I think Foley "I didn't say this but I want the girl to go in the water" when they were wrestling near I believe a horse trough, so they dumped her in. That's probably the lightest form of harassment she got.
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