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  1. That was was funnier than the one I posted before. The chop that Kobashi throws sounds ghastly, like someone throwing a pork butt on a cement floor.
  2. If anyone can, errrr, C&P that sucker... pm me
  3. Yeah I have no problem with this either. It's probably better than what I had in mind really, though I'd still like to separate psychology from physical skill (endurance/stamina/speed/vertical leap/strength/movez knowledge/etc.). So maybe six tools? EDIT: Ha! Six tools, six chess pieces.
  4. How I've read the Terry book so many times and don't remember that is beyond me.
  5. That video is clearly for after you've talked to Sampson
  6. Wow, Dory Sr. does NOT sound like a Texan.
  7. I can't really think of any others I can recall seeing out of makeup, tbh
  8. Max is looking at things in two dimensions here. There is a fourth component to consider and that's psychology, which should be considered seperately from in-ring physical ability. There are some people like f.e. Punk (not trying to bang on him, this just came to mind the other day) who I would give a 10 for psychology and a 4 for physical ability. And we all have dozens of examples of workers with great physical ability and no storytelling talent whatsoever. Wrestling isn't checkers, it's chess.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaOTJO4WicA&ab_channel=RecordsoftheWrestlingWorld Here is the Abdullah the Butcher disco jam recorded in Japan with him yelling random stuff and screaming. It's incredible.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge1hqB-2RkA&ab_channel=Foywonder TASTE THE FORK~!
  11. ...and here's another giant picture, only for an upcoming selection that should be rather good
  12. It needed more blood too, period. Abby didn't even seem to blade which is perhaps the most absurd thing I've ever written. Kitao is earlier on the card and DEAN writes that he's the worst wrestler ever haha
  13. Hey hey! Check out who played Dracula on Broadway from '77 to '80!
  14. Him waving at the crowd like the Queen while they throw bottles? Sure! But he still has to get out of the vehicle and be hit with light tubes. It's either that, or no deal.
  15. And see, I was thinking when all the refs and medical came to check on MJF after the apron DVD "aren't they not supposed to fake or play up serious injuries anymore?"
  16. Rhea out of makeup throws me every time. Looks like a totally different person.
  17. Wait, so Gulak really isn't getting fired? But his name wasn't on the NXT roster page a couple weeks ago!!!
  18. OF COURSE Riddle isn't going anywhere. His behavior probably just got him in tighter with Vince.
  19. Ziggler 100% needs to be rolling around in glass at GCW shows, if he doesn't go to Impact.
  20. I wanna know what Elias' name is gonna be now. Whoever posts the best one gets a frozen turkey air-mailed to their place of residence.
  21. Damn, thought Elias would be one of the eternal hires. He can probably drag that gimmick anywhere and keep physically stable though, so good on him.
  22. For a second there I thought you were talking about the WWE Network (I'm multitasking over here) and that gave me a good chuckle
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